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July 18, 2007

Hello, y'all.

Digit is great! So much better! Yelling for food ALL the time, and happy with his pain-patch which he's still wearing. So, yay. It still hits me sometimes (okay, every day) that this is the guy I lost. The one I said goodbye to. The one I mourned. And he's really here. It's still the very most wonderful thing.

And while I would LOVE to show you pics of my newly completed lacy cotton cardie, but I can't find the cord that connects the camera to the computer. Lala? Any ideas?

But I can show you this cuteness:


Now, Harriet only really tolerates the kittens anyway, so the fact that she rested her head on Willie, even for a few minutes, was mindblowingly cute.

(All pet-blog, all the time.)

I don't even HAVE much other news. I am moving forward with the tonsillectomy (my second in five years, I always have to mention that). I am extremely displeased, and that is an understatement. Depressed and bummed is more like it. I know going into it how painful it will be and that makes me dread it more. No one can lie to me about ice cream and popsicles. I know better. But last week I had a throat infection flare up for no reason, and it lasted for a week, and I was pretty miserable and unhappy, so I know it's the right thing to do.

But that so doesn't mean I'm looking forward to it. Bah.

It rained on my way to work this morning! Warm, weird rain, that made me happy and want to knit. I'm starting to design a sweater for Lala, and while I have two motifs chosen, I can't seem to find a third that I like, and I'm struggling. Maybe I just need to knit socks some more.

Yes, that's it. I'm at work, and so far it's quiet (there's a new supervisor on shift who doesn't like the radio or TV on in the background -- I thought I would like the silence but the HUM of it seems so loud). No one is really talking, and the phones are blessedly quiet, so I'm going to sit in this rather uncomfortable chair and knit, and look forward to my homemade mac'n'cheese with broccoli that I brought for lunch.


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My first thought was, don't worry, four months from now you'll find your camera cord meowing at the back door for you. Hee, hee!

I love Ryan's comment!
It's great to hear Digit is doing so well.
The picture is darling.

Bummer about the tonsils.

What blows my mind about Digit's return is that it was "impossible". He was, as far as you knew, gone forever. We all wish someone would return from beyond... and he did! That's what's so mind-blowing about it. I'm so thrilled for you, and every positive report of his continuing progress fills me with joy.

About Harriet: is she resting her head on Willie... or holding him down? LOL!

Ryan's an imp...I focused on the mac and cheese in your entry - hmm.

Sorry about the tonsils. I've never heard of them returning so you are indeed the chosen one. Be strong and ask for stronger drugs for the recovery. Might as well be stoned.

Aw, maaaaan, you get to knit at work?? No fair! But I am truly happy for you about Digit. And yes, you are doing the right thing by going ahead with your surgery.

Why is it that Dispatch chairs are so uncomfortable, when by definition, people spend their whole shift in them?

(I used to dispatch, and no matter what brand we tried, they were uncomfortable.) I always kept NPR on in the background when I dispatched because the monitors and computers and equipment humming noises made me crazy.

F*ck popcicles and ice cream. Think DRUGS. Better living through chemicals baby.

Sorry you need to go through it again.

LOL - I can't give anyone grief about pet blogging. And it's so wonderful and mindblowing about Digit, so hey. Can they do anything to prevent those tonsils from growing back??

That is one looong-legged schmitten! Absolutely adorable. I'm glad Digit is returning to his old self.

Sorry you have to go through the tonsillectomy again.

It's raining in the South Bay too, and totally freaking me out. Because it's JULY, for the love of Bob.

Maybe there are no calls because everyone's just standing wherever they are, staring at the skies, wondering what's going to fall from them next.

That's pretty much what I'm doing, anyway.

all pet blog all the time suits me! It's cute when the pets that don't usually get along actually do get along for a second or 2! Personally, I think they only pretend to not like each other when we are around. Just so they can get more attention for themselves without sharing...

Now I'm thinking, Digit came back, your tonsils came back... Am I seeing a pattern here?

hey maybe you can talk to you doctor about a human version of the pain patch :D

I'm with Rho... You and Digit can be blissed out on pain patches together! Make them give you the good drugs.

Digit yelling for food - now *that* sounds absolutely fantastic! And yegawds, it looks like Willie has grown fast. Even if it is the sprawled position giving that impression. [g]

I umpteenth the thought - good drugs good, screw the ice cream. Tell Digit to send good purrs for you, he'll surely know how you're feeling about an op! {{{{{{}}}}}}

ok first...way cute picture :-)

...and i am so glad to see the digit news :-) ...i keep checking to see if there is an update...lol

looking forward to seeing pics of your cardi..

lastly i hope that you will feel well soon...and will think good vibes your way.

I'm still in awe of Digit. It's so not fair that you are having a second tonsillectomy. At least you and Digit can hang out together.

I'm so happy to read about Digit's return and recovery! Anyone know any pet psychics in the Bay Area?

Your kittens are getting so big! They're like those gangly teenage Harry Potter boys now- all long limbs and perturbed facial expressions. At least that's how I'm reading Willie's expression in the picture- I love little black cats. I'm glad your menagerie are all happy and healthy- way to go, Harriet, for growing to accept the interlopers. Digit is still my hero.

Boo on tonsils growing back. Hopefully this will be the VERY LAST TIME! Yay on Digit. Yay, yay, yay on Digit. Like the others, I keep checking back for updates on Digit and, now, you with your sore throat woes. Take care of yourself. Drugs, dammit, drugs! Just remember, this too shall pass.

Sorry about the tonsils. My consultant actually suggested trying to eat crisps (US chips) and cornflakes afterward to toughen up my throat. Bastard! Still, it's better than the constant sicklyness of tonsilitis.

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