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22 posts from July 2007

No Cute Cat Pics HereJuly 31, 2007

This shit is for the birds, people. I'm not familiar with many surgeries, thank goodness, but I *am* familiar with tonsillectomies. I mean, who pluralizes that? I know how to pluralize it. As this is my second, I know that they're not kidding when they warn that the pain will GET WORSE for the first four to seven days.

It just ain't right, but it's so. As Lala pointed out to my complaining ass last night, EVERYTHING I need to do is affected. Breathing hurts due to the holes in my throat. Swallowing is awful. Eating is almost impossible. Talking is agony, AND I sound stupid. Can't sleep for choking, and I feel too bad to even wash my hair.

And here's this huge ugly wound, constantly moving, in a dark, bacteria-filled, dirty place, and it has to just fight its way through infection to health. Me and my throat, we're tired. I know I'll feel better soon, in a matter of days, probably.

But it's been five days, and I'm more miserable now than I was then. Ain't no drugs good enough for this, sadly.

Digit is the best drug for me even though at the moment he's making me CRAZY trying to bump his cone-head up on top of my lap while I type. See? I'm even annoyed at him today. Bah, bah, bah.

And apparently I kvetch like a sheep.

July 30, 2007


Digit does NOT like Clara anymore than he ever did.


Handsome as Anthony Bourdain, and twice as dangerous.

Catch That Tail! July 29, 2007

Digit eating, growling softly to keep Willie at bay.

And from another angle, the table looks like this:


But oh my god, if you get up and personal at the tail level, this is what's going on:


WAYLON HELD DOWN DIGIT'S TAIL for like four minutes. Digit still twitches the end of the tail when he's pissed off, so I know he has use of it, but is the feeling diminished? It must be! To allow THAT! And why did Waylon just sit there for so long? Not playing with it, like he does ALL other tails, just companionably holding it.



Yes, my face is a bit puffy, but how much do I love sleeping with my little man?

Whomp! July 28, 2007


Hahahahaha. This one makes me laugh. I captured in this shot the first (and so far, strangely, only) kitten smackdown. That's Willie, being cowed, trapped by fear, and Waylon, who was momentarily startled and then forgot to be afraid again.

(I know there are people horrified by the fact that we allow cats on our table (not while eating, obviously) but oh, well. There are more cats than us, and we pick our battles.)

**The above was pre-blogged. This part is live, because I still want to talk to you. Isn't it weird, this blog-thing, that I'm just sitting here in bed, and I think you will want to know how it's going? Because some of you really do? I do think that's the sweetest, nicest thing, and I love you all for it.

(Codeine syrup gives me the love, darlings. It really does. I keep calling Lala into the room just so I can gaze at her and tell her how much I adore her. I don't think she minds, though.)

So I'll just tell you my set-up real quick, because I'm SO happy with it. I'm tucked up into bed, with our yellow/red/orange quilt on it that our friends Rachel and Kira, the pocket vegans, made us for our wedding. To my right, on my bedside table, I have seven new books, one for every mood I might be in. I was reading Animal, Vegetable, Miracle by Barbara Kingsolver, but I had to stop, because the food descriptions were too wonderful, and I can't eat anything yet that has any shape at all. Tapioca, no lie, feels too sharp as yet. Stupid pointy tapioca.

So instead I'm reading The Good, Good Pig by Sy Montgomery, to soothe my pastoral-memoir fetish. Lovely writing so far. I also have Harry Potter, just sitting there, looking at me, but I honestly don't feel strong enough yet to hold it up to read it. Maybe a few more days and I will.

I also have a bed-tray that holds this here laptop and my cell phone. I have four netflix DVDs sitting near me -- two more disks of Freaks and Geeks (I love the series so much I've dragged out watching them for years now, wanting to save the goodness), the first Nip/Tuck DVD (have heard good things) and 1940s House, which I missed on TV.

I have a boyfriend pillow -- that sitting-up pillow with little armrests. I have to say, it's handy. I'm not allowed to lie prone for THREE DAYS. That's one more day of sitting up, even when sleeping, and the pillow really helps.

So I sit up against my boyfriend pillow, the laptop on its tray in front of me, knitting a sock, picking up my cell phone now and then to text Lala if she's in the other room to tell her how great she is. Then she'll text back, or send me an email, which feels really weird and funny, but saves my voice.

The voice, by the way, is coming back in. Hurts like an emeffer, but I can talk some. I am probably talking too much, actually, but like I said, codeine gives me the love, and I want to talk about it. Safer and more painless to do it here, so I LOVE YOU! Did you know that? And I think you have really pretty eyes.

Oh, and I almost forgot to mention the BEST PART.


This guy has been at my side most of the time. His cone does get in the way a bit, but mostly we snuggle just fine, and we both feel better when snorgling. (Which is way better than choking, by the way -- I'm still choking a bit when I sleep, but I managed to get some good hours last night, which has made all the difference in the world.)

Plus, there are kittens running around, and Harriet being cute, and Miss Idaho being jumpy, and Clara being VERY VERY BAD (let's not even start, but who knew that border collies liked bananas AND yogurt?), and sisters stopping by and making you a banana/peanut-butter shake -- it's all good. If I didn't hurt so much, this would be a very fine vacation indeed.

I Probably Feel Like ThisJuly 27, 2007

This is actually how Willie lies around sometimes. He likes his limbs to dangle.

And here is me. Surgery went well, after waiting until SEVEN THIRTY PEE EM. Dude, I was completely over feeling hungry/thristy by then, I tell you what. But they were soooo nice to me, and my anesthetician and I discussed martinis, and then he gave a GREAT one in my veins, a nice, relatively slow-acting one (none of that 10-9-OUT stuff), so much so that I remember telling the crowded room how much I loved karaoke, and would they like a little Crazy, Patsy-Cline-style? Oh yes? You would? I belted out three lines, started on the fourth to the sounds of "Nice!" and hysterical laughter and then I was out, and then suddenly in recovery where my nurse was so sweet I wanted to kiss her. I had my very own nurse, not shared with anyone -- everyone in recovery did. That's luxury, I must say. Kaiser's doing me right.

Came home and tried to sleep, but at 4:45am I decided to go back into ER -- couldn't sleep because my breathing was so obstructed by swelling that every time I fell asleep, I would choke myself awake, and the advice nurse said I should be seen. They gave me some steriods (yech) to help with the swelling, and I was home again by 10am.

The pain is bad. Nothing to do about that. The meds are adequate for 2 of the 4 hours, and then the next 2, while I'm waiting for the next dose, are no fun at all.

There. That is your update. I will try to stay offline and just let the pictures do the talking, but you all are right THERE and I can talk to you, and it doesn't hurt at all to type.....


Well, hi. July 26, 2007

SO GRUMPY. Found out yesterday (they only tell you the day before) that instead of a morning surgery, I'm having an evening surgery today, so I don't go in until 3pm. Why does that make me grumpy? Because I CAN'T EAT or, and in one hour, I have to stop drinking. Bah. It is much better to do this kind of thing butt-ass early in the morning, when you're going to be grumpy anyway. You know?

So I did it the best way I could figure -- went out for a big ole sushi dinner last night, stayed up late, snacking, and then woke up at 7am to eat a piece of toast. Then I went and sat on the porch in my robe and ate the last of the Creme Brulee ice cream. Because I know that ice cream thing is a LIE, people. Preemptive ice-cream strategy, yes. Can't hurt, says I.

Then I went back to bed and read a while and fell back asleep. Actually managed to doze till almost twelve, so I missed those awake-hungry hours. (I'm one of those who has to have breakfast and a mid-morning snack or my blood sugar drops and I'm miserable.)

And now kittens are eating and Digit has et (and is crawling up the chair to see me now, in fact). Oh, he's doing so well. Poor thing has to wear the collar for another whole WEEK -- the doc wanted him to fully, fully heal from the surgery -- with his malnutrition he was having a hard time with that. Every once in a while I take his collar off and let him suck on my clothing, which is SO WONDERFUL, and I mean that, it does my heart good if not my soggy tee-shirts, and then slap it back on as soon as he goes after stitches or staples.


And now I'm signing off, with plans of preblogging photos for y'all in coming days.

Thank for your good thoughts (also putting the condo on the market today -- I do nothing by half -- will you think good thoughts about that, too? Nothing like a lot of stress all at once!), and maybe I'll blog under the influence of good strong drugs soon!

Hey HufflepuffJuly 25, 2007

Have you finished the new Harry Potter yet? I have to admit that while I have it, I haven't started it yet. The (second) tonsillectomy is tomorrow (sigh) and I'm saving the book for when I feel better. However, going out on Friday night (the night the books went on sale at midnight) to see a ten o'clock show by my sister Christy and her friend Becky in their band Knockturn Alley, was SO AWESOME.

First of all, it was at this bookshop in the City which had a little outdoor area, seen here. I thought, great! They'll set up, grown-ups and kids will wander through and listen a bit and then move on. That'll be neat.

But no. The audience sat and stayed. It was like these kids had been trained to listen to appreciate a band. They were transfixed, and you could just SEE them getting excited when the gals sang about things they knew about (Slitherin, horcruxes, Madame Pomfrey). They were nine years old and their parents were taking them out at all hours to hear music about their favorite book. In their costumes, their faces were glowing.


I liked these two witches, and they LOVED the band. Even requested an encore of one of the songs already sung at the end. Who but a kid would do that?


There were autograph seekers:


and witches asking for advice:


If you haven't been, go listen to a few of the songs. I swear, Hey Hufflepuff makes me tear up. And Horcruxes NEVER leaves your brain. I guess that makes sense.

And now, me, I'm outta here. I'll preblog a bunch of picture-days, how's that? So even while I'm not around, recovering, you'll have something to amuse you. MWAH!

Lace on the CheapJuly 23, 2007

I've been loving this sweater -- it's just right for throwing over a tee-shirt, wearing with jeans or a skirt.....



Yarn, GET THIS, is Peaches'n'Cream cotton. I think it cost about nine or ten dollars to make. Yowza!

Pattern, my own. I used the Barbara Walker's Horseshoe pattern and knitted it from the bottom up, with raglan seams. I swatched, measured how wide each repeat was, measured a favorite sweater and knit it to that. I finished it off with a row of single crochet all the way around, and made up some funky crocet edging for the front. I planned on adding buttons, but I like the hairclip closure..... (No, I didn't write up the pattern, but I know you can do it. Pick a motif you like, knit bottom up, join the sleeves that you made first, decrease in raglan till it reaches your neck and cast off. Really. Play around.)

The neckline was an experiment, but I like how it turned out:


And from the back:


Our camera has this function where you can program it to take 10 rapid-fire pictures. This feature lends itself to hilarity, especially when you go back through them and realize that your wife was standing behind you NOT MOVING, looking exactly like this, for ten shots, and you didn't know it.


Yep. Good times.

(Cat news: We removed Dig's pain patch, very sad. But he's been in the main part of the house now, and he seems to be doing very well. HE DOES NOT LIKE KITTENS. But he tolerates them, which is more than I expected, really.)

Whee! July 20, 2007

I love a good earthquake. The one this morning was a PERFECT earthquake, a nice 4.2 centered right near our house. (Look at that "Location Quality = Excellent." Why yes, Oakland is excellent, thank you.)

I love it when the earthquake starts, and your brain spins for a second, feeling it, waiting. Is this it? Is this the big one? And when you don't go flying across the room, when you just have to put your hand against the wall to steady yourself, you realize that this is just one you get to ride out and enjoy. And then after the two seconds you've spent figuring this all out, you only have about three seconds left to enjoy, but usually I get a whole lot of enjoyment out of that.

(Flashback - I remember living on Saipan and lying on the beach, and watching the sand actually ripple up to us and past, as the little temblors passed through.)

But today's quake wasn't that great, though, because I was in the only place I really don't want to be for an earthquake (besides the obvious, under a great glass skylight on the top floor of an unreinforced ten-story brick building with a jet-fuel line buried underneath the foundation) -- I was in the shower. And I was soaping. After I realized the great thump wasn't the kittens flying off the refrigerator, and I figured out that it was an earthquake, in that that second before I knew it WASN'T the Big One, I pictured myself having to pick through rubble (light, easily repaired fluffy rubble) to get outside where I would be NAKED, me and the neighbor next door who also gets ready at 4:30 in the morning (our bathroom lights glow in friendship although we never speak), and we'd be all NAKED as everyone else ran out wearing robes. Yeah, no thanks. Plus, I had conditioner in my hair, and then it would have run into my eyes, and when it dried it would have been greasy and I would have had to suffer through a disaster with thick, greasy hair and it would have all been horrible.

So I'm glad it was only a 4.2. And oh, brother, the news is playing it up. I'm at work and we're watching the LIVE BREAKING COVERAGE and seriously, at this moment, they're walking thruogh a drugstore where some THINGS FELL ON THE GROUND. A few sticks of deodorant, OHMYGOD. There was some glass broken in Montclair! Oh, there was the funniest video shot in a convenience store where a delivery guys walks in, and walks almost all the way out and then pauses. THAT'S IT! They played it over and over and over, until I finally realized that some candy bars fall to the floor at the point where he pauses. CANDY BARS FALLING! RUN!!!

At least HE wasn't in the shower.

BonyAssJuly 19, 2007

Did I mention that fateful night when Digit came home, I thought he had a major head injury before I realized it was just the bone formation in his head? He was soooo skinny......


Lala has noted that even his ass is somewhat less bony now!


Knockturn Alley Knitout! FRIDAYJuly 18, 2007

I almost forgot to remind you Bay Area Knitters! Come out and knit with us as we watch my sister's band Knockturn Alley perform their original Harry Potter songs on Friday night! The book goes on sale at midnight, and they'll be performing at 10pm, at Bookshop West Portal.

Seriously, I saw their dress rehearsal and they are so GREAT. You will love the songs, I promise. (If you can't come, you can hear some HERE. "Hey, Hufflepuff" WILL get stuck in your head.) And then get yer copy of the book! Yeah!

Hello, y'all.

Digit is great! So much better! Yelling for food ALL the time, and happy with his pain-patch which he's still wearing. So, yay. It still hits me sometimes (okay, every day) that this is the guy I lost. The one I said goodbye to. The one I mourned. And he's really here. It's still the very most wonderful thing.

And while I would LOVE to show you pics of my newly completed lacy cotton cardie, but I can't find the cord that connects the camera to the computer. Lala? Any ideas?

But I can show you this cuteness:


Now, Harriet only really tolerates the kittens anyway, so the fact that she rested her head on Willie, even for a few minutes, was mindblowingly cute.

(All pet-blog, all the time.)

I don't even HAVE much other news. I am moving forward with the tonsillectomy (my second in five years, I always have to mention that). I am extremely displeased, and that is an understatement. Depressed and bummed is more like it. I know going into it how painful it will be and that makes me dread it more. No one can lie to me about ice cream and popsicles. I know better. But last week I had a throat infection flare up for no reason, and it lasted for a week, and I was pretty miserable and unhappy, so I know it's the right thing to do.

But that so doesn't mean I'm looking forward to it. Bah.

It rained on my way to work this morning! Warm, weird rain, that made me happy and want to knit. I'm starting to design a sweater for Lala, and while I have two motifs chosen, I can't seem to find a third that I like, and I'm struggling. Maybe I just need to knit socks some more.

Yes, that's it. I'm at work, and so far it's quiet (there's a new supervisor on shift who doesn't like the radio or TV on in the background -- I thought I would like the silence but the HUM of it seems so loud). No one is really talking, and the phones are blessedly quiet, so I'm going to sit in this rather uncomfortable chair and knit, and look forward to my homemade mac'n'cheese with broccoli that I brought for lunch.

Digit Eats! July 15, 2007

Digit is doing so well! He's only been home a day, but he's eating! And this time I hope he'll keep eating. He has a pain patch on his leg, which I think is really helping, although he's such a little junkie with it on. Last night I went in to sit with him, and he kind of wobbled his over onto my lap and then gave me a nose kiss. The funny part of that is that DIGIT DOES NOT KISS. You can grab his mug and force his nose to touch yours, and he will growl. It was the equivalent of being at the bar with your curmudgeonly jerkface friend who never opens up about anything, ever, but then he gets drunks and puts his arms around you and slurs, "I lorve you, baybee, I never tell youse, I know, but yer the best thing EVAR and I LOVE you, you know that, man?"

So we like the pain patch.

And here, Lala took this for me (and you!) while I was at work yesterday.


Hooray! July 13, 2007

For your daily WonderCat update: Digit's surgery went great. He woke up very quickly after it, and ate all his dinner last night! They removed several very large bladder stones, and did a quick exploratory look around inside, and didn't find anything else to worry about! Dude. I am SO relieved.

He ate half his breakfast this morning, and the tech says he's resting comfortably. I get to take him home tomorrow (well, Lala will, since I'll be at work, very sad).

I can't wait to have that man HOME for GOOD. He hasn't actually met the kittens yet, and I'm looking forward to him being strong enough to do so. Waylon did race into the recovery room once and came face to face with a grumpy looking being with a huge collar around his neck, and the wee cat didn't know what to do. That was on one of Digit's really bad days, so Digit did nothing, didn't react at ALL. The kitten, however, backed up, his body language clearly saying, what the F*CK is THAT?

It will be amusing, to say the least.

Me, I'm okay. Haven't kicked the throat thing yet, but I will, yo. I'm tough, like my cat-man.

Catching UpJuly 12, 2007

Meanwhile, as Digit goes in for surgery (thumpety-thump goes my heart), I will catch you up on all the things I've MEANT to tell you about but haven't, for one reason or another.

First, my girl Kira, manager of ArtFibers, has opened her own line. Go, check, it's good stuff. She has true talent, and she can cook Indian food like no one else.

Second, if you're still feeling altruistic, I encourage you to support Jen in her 3-Day Walk -- she was having trouble reaching her goal, and I know it was hard for me when I did it five or six years ago, but it was one of the BEST things I've ever done. You can pledge for her HERE and you can read No-Blog Rachel's description of her walk, just this last weekend, here and here, if you're not sure what it's like.

Third, proof that I knit.


It's going to be a lace sweater. If it fits. Let's hope. I'm making it up as I go along, and I'm not the best for that, really. Short sleeves, based on Babs Walker's Horseshoe pattern, using gold old cotton (Peaches'n'Cream, I think).

Fourth, I think that's all. I hope you have a lovely day. Yep.

DigitagogoJuly 11, 2007

We went to see him yesterday afternoon -- oh, what a difference an IV makes. He looked SOOOO different from just hours before. Plus, he was getting good pain meds, so he felt well enough to yell at us (hooray!) but his voice sounded funny. Like if a stoner gets mad at you, "Heyyy!...Huh? What?" He was hydrated again, and he had been eating, and they took his e-collar off and removed his stitches, so he was grooming himself.

I think that's a great sign, meself. I'll visit him later today and tell him you all are still rooting for him.....

*Just heard from the doc -- Digit's doing even better now, still eating, and they're going to do the big surgery tomorrow. Yay! Scary, but yay!

Today I'm not feeling so well myself, sore throat is back, called in sick for a training day, and I think I'm just going to sit on the couch and drink tea. One of the first symptoms of the tonsillitis (which I'm going to beat, btw -- I'm supposed to have my tonsils out again in two weeks, but I'm really trying to fix myself holistically so I can avoid it) is exhaustion, which is weird, since it's just my throat. But I will heed this and go lie down some more. Me and Digit, beating the crud. Yep.

And kittens help.


While the Cat's AwayJuly 10, 2007

To those of you who care about the writing or care about the knitting, I apologize. Apparently this is a cat blog for now, and that's just the way it is. So there.

I love that stupid cat. Had you noticed?

Took him to the vet this morning -- and they kept him there for a few days. I HATE that, but I also know that he's in the best place. They're putting him back on the IV for fluids and pain medicine -- hopefully if he's hydrated and in less pain he'll quit straining on the box and start eating again (he's lost another whole pound, down to 7.1 -- good god, that cat got up to 19 pounds once, a long, long time ago when he was depressed and trapped inside). And if he starts eating again, he can have his surgery on Thursday.


    Anorexic Digit, looking for his cell so he can call his agent

But for now his hospital room at home (the front porch) is sadly empty and I miss him and I feel awful for leaving him there again.

You know what is a very, very, very nice part? The fact that I drove away crying a little bit, but ONLY over Digit, and I have no worries, none at all, about financing this. I am taking the advice of many people -- holding on to the money (in a kind of paypal escrow) until Digit is all good and better, and only THEN donating the rest. But you'll be the first to know when I'm donating, and how much. I can't WAIT for that day. Because if I'm donating whatever overage there might be from your lovely generosity, then Digit is sound and healthy and in good spirits.

Or dead. That does cross my mind, that he might not make it, after all this, after his epic trek home. (Did I tell you about his claws? His massive, always curled under no matter how much I clipped them, claws? And how now they're tiny little straight spikes from being worn down from walking for four months?) And honestly, I can't bear to think about it, so I'm putting it out of my mind once again. That cat HAS to make it. Forget my brief forays into Buddhist study, THIS GUY IS GONNA LIVE FOREVER. And me saying it, yeah, that'll make it so. Right?


Cat blog. See? And I'm not apologizing.Oh, wait, I already did. Well, all right.

For those of you who prefer people and dogs and knitting and all things that aren't cats, I will briefly tell you about Bolinas. On Saturday, the Whoreshoes had a gig at Smileys. Oh, Smileys Saloon on the beach. Red Silvia came with her posse and my friend Nate took plenty of pictures with her camera. It strikes me now that she was a trooper for lending it to him.

I celebrated my birthday there, because I like to spin out my birthday as long as people will let me, and I even made a guest appearance! I sang "Once Again 'Round That Dance Floor" by kd lang, and people seemed to enjoy it. Of course, there was bourbon involved (not me, them), so who knows?


And I FORGOT THE FIRST LINE. I hadn't been practicing because my throat had been hurting all week and I assumed we weren't going to do it. But on Saturday, I suddenly felt better, and we decided to move ahead. I sang the song over and over to myself in my head. I was only having trouble with remembering the second verse and moving into the break. The first line, WHICH IS THE TITLE, no, it never crossed my mind that it COULD be forgotten.

I sang a little phonetic "do wee deee oh flow yeah" thing that sounded like the right song dubbed in the wrong language, and then I got it back and didn't have another problem. The cute part was that Lala was standing right next to me, and sang the rest of the song softly so that had I forgotten again, she would have cued me. It was very sweet.

And there were cupcakes. Hooray!


July 9, 2007

It is true love when you feed your cat his wet food with your bare hands because that's the only way he'll eat it. Sigh. He's not feeling too well again today, not eating or drinking as much as we'd like. It's probably back to the vet tomorrow. We were hoping that he'd be strong enough for his bladder stone surgery on Thursday, but he won't be if he keeps eating like this...... Of course, the reason he's not eating or drinking is that to get rid of such things HURTS. He's always in the box, swaying quietly and stubbornly as nothing happens. My poor boy.

And me, I'm off to work today, working for a friend on my day off. I'd much rather be at home, with him, making him eat against all his better instincts. (I hold it right under his nose, and it's as if he licks the food against his will. Pretty cute, actually.)

And The Winners AreJuly 7, 2007

All right. Here we go.

I'm so nervous!

I put all you darlings who donated into a spreadsheet. Every ten bucks got you a chance. I'm running a random number sequencer to figure out that.....

[drum roll]

Scout of Scout's Swag won the Rowan Bomber!

Becca F. from Berkeley won the Artfibers Alpaca!

Sara A. from Grand Rapids won the Philosopher's Wool Kilim Jacket!

You all made such a difference. Digit thanks you (although he's not feeling so well today, poor little dude), and I thank you, will all my heart.

SparksJuly 5, 2007

Oh, I had the best Fourth of July. It was the first I've ever spent by myself -- because my birthday is the next day, I usually try to make a party out of seeing the fireworks, and there is always something Going On.

But last night I had worked all day, and working fire dispatch on fourth of July is a chore. I worked a couple of several-alarm vegetation fires that just about killed me (new computer system, we're all struggling). So by the time I got home, I was too tired to trek into the City where Lala had a show, and everyone seemed to be doing something far away, and I didn't want to drive, so I settled on the couch and ate crab cakes that I found in the freezer, made a Tom Collins, and watched Sex and the City reruns. It was awesome, actually. Just what I needed to relax.

Then the booms started. And got bigger. I live in an area of East Oakland where, although even sparklers are illegal, people still have fireworks as big as any in an officially sanctioned city show, you know, the HUGE ones, and as night dropped, and the sky started to light up, I got more and more anxious to see fireworks.

But I still didn't really want to go anywhere. So I went up the hill that I can see from the living room window. I sat on on the side of the road, and oh my god, it was amazing. It was clear last night, the only Fourth I can ever remember being like that in the Bay Area, EVER, and I could see the San Mateo Bridge, most of Oakland, all of Alameda, right over the Bay to San Francisco, and all the way around to Mount Tam.

The Oakland floor below me was SO GORGEOUS. Wherever I turned my eyes, at least three or four huge fireworks were exploding in my line of sight, and scores more flashed to the left and right, filling my peripheral vision. It sounded like what I imagine war would sound like, the hills echoing and filling with the booms and blasts. It was devastatingly thrilling, but only a few people were pulled over on the hill with me. One young family held up their baby and pointed, "Que bonita! Mira! Mira!" Then they left, and an older woman pulled up with her granddaughter and we all stood marvelling at this, the best show in the Bay Area. It was warm, and clear, and bright, and LOUD, and wonderful.

Know what else is wonderful?

My cat. Digit is getting better and better. I found him yesterday with his e-collar off. Yes, he does have thumbs, but that's ridiculous. We were lucky and he hadn't yet ripped out his drain or any stitches. While I was struggling to get it back on him, he got pissy and started growling and hissing. He struck out at me with his many claws a few times, and I growled and snapped back. I was mightily irritated until I realized that HE'S BACK! My jerkface cat is just that again, a jerkface. And if he's acting like an ass and scratching me, he's feeling SO MUCH BETTER. Yay! Hooray for my little jerkface! (Who purrs often and cuddles and belies his jerkiness, but we won't tell.)

Wanna see?


Big Paws Frankenbutt


Scritch! He has two eyes! Ole Winky no longer.


And Erika did this for me:


HA! Hahahahaha.

Sweater drawing will be held on Saturday! I am using the time between then and now to put all you darlings into the database that Fund-Raising-Fool Claudia sent me. I don't know what I'd do without it..... So stay tuned!

Last NightJuly 2, 2007

As I was falling asleep, I said to Lala for the eleventy-millionth time, "I'm so glad Digit is home." She said, "Well, he wouldn't miss your birthday."

My birthday is Thursday, and it's still the best present ever. (However, I did get my present from Lala yesterday, a Raleigh Coaster which is SO RAD -- I shall show you later this week -- just took it out for my first ride this morning.) (Lala says I should make sure to tell you that this wasn't bought with Digit money. But hello, you know that.)

But I know what you're here for. Say hello to my little man.


He is so SKINNY! And I know he doesn't look that good, but the best part is that he doesn't look dead at ALL. And more alive by the minute. He has a HUGE appetite, eating three cans of food a day. And me, I spend all my time giving him FIVE medicines, including one that is 3/4 of a pill (?) and one, get this, that I have to chop into quarters and then crush one of those quarters and mix it into a water slurry and give it to him by mouth with a syringe. We have a good time at Chez Hehu, yes we do.

And this is the view from the living room, looking at him in his chair, looking out into the front yard.


I left the wheel out there in case he gets bored. He's already spun straw into gold (oh, wait, that was YOU), so he's just restin' now.

Now I'm going to use my day to clean the house (Clara learned how to open the trash can this week, so it needs it in a very real way) and then take the dogs to the beach. Then I will kiss my birthday cat again. And again. And one for you, too. MWAH.