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Knockturn Alley Knitout! FRIDAYJuly 18, 2007

I almost forgot to remind you Bay Area Knitters! Come out and knit with us as we watch my sister's band Knockturn Alley perform their original Harry Potter songs on Friday night! The book goes on sale at midnight, and they'll be performing at 10pm, at Bookshop West Portal.

Seriously, I saw their dress rehearsal and they are so GREAT. You will love the songs, I promise. (If you can't come, you can hear some HERE. "Hey, Hufflepuff" WILL get stuck in your head.) And then get yer copy of the book! Yeah!


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Oooh! Fun!

I'll be thinking of you, and all your fun!

That is so flippin cute! Wish I could join you; I'll be packing for our road trip to Portland (woot!) xoxo

I may just have to join you. I will be on my way out of town to begin my move East, and if I havent already left earlier that day I am planning to pick up the audio book for the drive. Damn, that would be a fun way to blow out of town...

DUDE. I just checked out the myspace page. So awesome!

I totally plan on coming--I even mentioned it on my blog!

I'm so excited!

I just added them as a friend! AND I love Hey Hufflepuff!

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