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Lace on the CheapJuly 23, 2007

I've been loving this sweater -- it's just right for throwing over a tee-shirt, wearing with jeans or a skirt.....



Yarn, GET THIS, is Peaches'n'Cream cotton. I think it cost about nine or ten dollars to make. Yowza!

Pattern, my own. I used the Barbara Walker's Horseshoe pattern and knitted it from the bottom up, with raglan seams. I swatched, measured how wide each repeat was, measured a favorite sweater and knit it to that. I finished it off with a row of single crochet all the way around, and made up some funky crocet edging for the front. I planned on adding buttons, but I like the hairclip closure..... (No, I didn't write up the pattern, but I know you can do it. Pick a motif you like, knit bottom up, join the sleeves that you made first, decrease in raglan till it reaches your neck and cast off. Really. Play around.)

The neckline was an experiment, but I like how it turned out:


And from the back:


Our camera has this function where you can program it to take 10 rapid-fire pictures. This feature lends itself to hilarity, especially when you go back through them and realize that your wife was standing behind you NOT MOVING, looking exactly like this, for ten shots, and you didn't know it.


Yep. Good times.

(Cat news: We removed Dig's pain patch, very sad. But he's been in the main part of the house now, and he seems to be doing very well. HE DOES NOT LIKE KITTENS. But he tolerates them, which is more than I expected, really.)


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That's a great sweater! I'm totally copying you...but maybe with another lace pattern. I still haven't recovered from horseshoe overload from the Wool Peddler's shawl.

When I first brought home my young man cat to meet my old man cat he very clearly DID NOT LIKE the kitten. However, three or four years later they are the best of friends and spend much of their time hurtling around the house playing their own special "I'm going to eat your head" game.

Very glad to hear that Digit is doing well, I stumbled across his story while blogsurfing (like channel surfing...) and had to keep coming back to hear more.

I have gotten to be a real fan of Peaches'n'Cream and Sugar'n'Cream cotton. I really like the idea of creating your own but I would prefer to start top-down. I am SO not good with gauge and all that so I would have to get some gauge goin' before I could figure it out!

I just love the closure you used. It works really well with the pattern of the lace. Very girly, very chic.

Heh. Spouses. Gotta love 'em.

Good news on Digit. Keep the updates coming!

That is fabulous! And you gotta love knitting-on-the-cheap.

Glad Digit is doing better, too!

And this is why I take all my blog pictures when I'm home alone.

Nice sweater, lady. So creative, you.

What an excellent sweater! Hee hee - go Lala!

Go Digit! Does he have the collar off, yet? What do Waylon and Willie think of HIM?

Great sweater, and you can't beat the price. LOL at Lala.

Glad to hear that Digit is still doing well. I'm sure he's glad to be in the main part of the house again.

Good on Digit for tolerating Kittens - I have a hard enough time tolerating my own child some days.

Lovely lace sweater! I could have used one (almost) just like it this morning, in my own chosen lace pattern of course.

Brilliant sweater pattern! Is Digit doing ok with out the pain patch? Is he still eatting better every day?

You, Lala, and the sweater are all ADORABLE.

Lala's expression totally cracks me up.

The lace sweater is gorgeous! I want one. Can you be talked, wheedled, bribed or otherwise persuaded to write the pattern for lame-ass, I mean less intrepid, knitters like moi?

Aren't you the creative and cleaver one?

Cute. Just **so** cute.

This post and your last one have had my very favorite blog pictures of late included in them. Thoughtful of you. ;)

The shaved butt of Digit, with the sheer Lala-ness of the sneaky Lala shot... good stuff. Made me smile on both counts.

You, no doubt, are aware, but I am fairly certain that La can hold that expression for a long time- longer than a ten-fire photo shoot. Perhaps longer than it will take for Digit's butt hair to regenerate. You could clock her. (Keep track of her time, not punch her, silly!)


Oh! If Digit misses his pain meds too much, I know where he can get some of the killer green stuff, man. I can get him a lemon or a cigar shaped "cat nip toy," (code for good good meds for cats,) that will knock him on his cute, stubbly ass. You just let me know. ;)

I seem to interpret the idea of, "comment," loosely. Sorry for the epic, er, short story above. I type like I talk...lucky you. =)


Y'know, it's people like you that are probably gonna get me into lace, kicking and screaming, one of these years. Like, when I'm 55. (Only 3 more years. Maybe sooner, you lace people are evil.) First Stephanie sockBorgs me, then I see pix of Alison Hyde's shawl book, which I'm gonna buy even though I don't.knit.lace. Now your gorgeous top... Argh!

Lala? ROFLMAOWTIME! Digit? You just keep on going, big boy. Remember, kittens are toys. ;)

WONDERFUL SWEATER! Let me know if you ever do this as a workshop!! Improvising lace cardigans - sounds like fun. You are the knit-fingered queen -

Gorgeous sweater!

And um, when you took the pain patch offa Digit, did you put it on Lala? That would explain a few things ...


So lovely, Rachael! Very capital-P Pretty. :)
It's intereting to read your writing about earthquakes, they're completely outside of my experience, and I have no idea how I'd handle one!

So glad to hear about Mr. D and how well he's doing. The sweater is haWt! Congrats! *waves to Lala*

Very nice! Good on you for making it up on the fly.

harhar - you should post the entire series of pix with Lala in the background! betcha it's hilarious :)

Very cute sweater you clever girl!

Glad Digit's moving off the meds. He'll get over the cranky (maybe).

Peaches n Creme is love! :-D I actually have an etsy shop where I sell hand dyed cotton yarn. :-) I love cotton, but with a wool allergy I dont have much choice.

I love the pictures, BTW.

Gorgeous sweater!

I think tolerating the kittens is good - I'm sure Digit must still be cranky with recovering and what-all, so if he's being civil, that's great! It can only get better as he gets better, right?

Wow! Your sweater is so lovely it ALMOST makes me want to take up lace knitting. ;^)
Didn't feel that earthquake in the least here in the San Jose area. Ah well. Next time it'll probably be us.

Loving the sweater - Yippee Digit - you will learn to love the kittens and I love the picture with Lala in the back it made me giggle :D

yowza that is gorgeous! love it! love cheap cotton goodness! will try your formula. you are a genius you know that don't you? teehee for lala..crack me up! and yay for digiman...hey it's ok...his own endorphins kick in when you're giving him ear and chin scritching..you wouldn't want a strung out opioid addicted idgit would you? he's getting well and in a few months he'll be his old salty self again. glad for you n' the fam :)

That is gorgeous. I am jealous since I lack ability to create things like that on a whim. Rub off on me!

WOW..I'm drooling..being a newbie knitter I'm amazed that someone can just pick a stitch and make a sweater without a pattern. I've been looking for that style sweater all over the internet and the stitch you used makes this one the best. But without a pattern or guide I'll have to just look at yours. BEAUTIFUL job as always.
Hope your little guy is up and at em soon.

CUTE! and the sweater's not bad either! ;D

Hurray for Digit!

Awesome top! Someday I will be brave enough to design something myself. Glad to hear Digit's doing so well!!

I swear you channel EZ. You just pick up the needles and yarn and go! (or I guess a-go-go). It's beautiful.

Lala is hilarious in that photo. You two always seem to be having so much fun and look so happy.

Write it up! Write it up! I, for one, would buy it, and I bet tons of other ppl would, too. Some of us are too lazy to sit down and figure it out on our own.

This is the greatest use of Peaches and Cream this side of dishcloths! I love it. Mind if I link to it?

This is a cute sweater. Nice job. I have been lurking awhile but the sweater brought me out. I hope you feel better soon.

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