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Last NightJuly 2, 2007

As I was falling asleep, I said to Lala for the eleventy-millionth time, "I'm so glad Digit is home." She said, "Well, he wouldn't miss your birthday."

My birthday is Thursday, and it's still the best present ever. (However, I did get my present from Lala yesterday, a Raleigh Coaster which is SO RAD -- I shall show you later this week -- just took it out for my first ride this morning.) (Lala says I should make sure to tell you that this wasn't bought with Digit money. But hello, you know that.)

But I know what you're here for. Say hello to my little man.


He is so SKINNY! And I know he doesn't look that good, but the best part is that he doesn't look dead at ALL. And more alive by the minute. He has a HUGE appetite, eating three cans of food a day. And me, I spend all my time giving him FIVE medicines, including one that is 3/4 of a pill (?) and one, get this, that I have to chop into quarters and then crush one of those quarters and mix it into a water slurry and give it to him by mouth with a syringe. We have a good time at Chez Hehu, yes we do.

And this is the view from the living room, looking at him in his chair, looking out into the front yard.


I left the wheel out there in case he gets bored. He's already spun straw into gold (oh, wait, that was YOU), so he's just restin' now.

Now I'm going to use my day to clean the house (Clara learned how to open the trash can this week, so it needs it in a very real way) and then take the dogs to the beach. Then I will kiss my birthday cat again. And again. And one for you, too. MWAH.


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A Raleigh Coaster! So cool! AND Digit doing better! You're right, it is the best birthday present ever.


OMG, you and Digit make me cry over and over again. I'm a preacher, and I just know there's a sermon in your story somewhere. I'll pass it along whenever I find it. Deep birthday blessings on all y'all.

You could not have any better birthday present than Digit home again.
Denise and the SIX-PACK + 1

ooh, totally the best birthday pressie ever. and Clara learning how to open the trash can: HA. Anne Marie's dog just learned how to unlock her back door.

Our animals are sorta stupid smart sometimes, aren't they?

mwah to you too.

ok - just so you know - not only have i shed numerous happy (previously sad) tears for you and Digit, but now so has my husband (softy)and at least 3 of my co-workers!

it's so so so good to see him home!

Happy, happy happy birthday. So glad Digit is home, and recovering. And so glad that knitters once again rock, and are able to help someone truly deserving. Haven't been able to make my contribution yet, but payday is soon, and I'm putting my money in the kitty! Pun intended! Happy day Rachel, enjoy your boy.

Digit is looking out that window saying "Ain't now way in HELL I am ever going out there again - no WAY NAH UN!!"

What a gift!!! I am so happy for you! Enjoy the house cleaning. She doesn't eat the garbage, does she? Our puppy got nicknamed "garbage gut" by our vet for that very reason. We had to give a pissed off Maltese pepto-bismol with a syringe until we child safety locked the trash under the sink. Fun! Oh well, it's always worth it. Happy 4th and early Happy b-day!

Digit still looks entirely pissed at having his picture taken. That's gotta be good.

Has he met the kittens yet?

My border collie, Sydney, loves to get into the trash when she can (usually when I'm not paying attention). Lately, she has found the paper recycling bin amusing.

Yay, Digit!!

Happy early birthday! I agree--Digit back has got to be the Best. Birthday. Present. EVER.

Oh he looks great ...wow what a difference in just a few days....his poor little eye is still closed poor baby ...but my goodness what a difference already....Digit is great!

3 cheers for Digit
Hip Hip Hooray!
Hip Hip Hooray!
Hip Hip Hooray!
Yeah Digit!

(ok yeah I know I'm a dork but oh well I meant it)

Happy Birthday!!! I don't usually congratulate early (because that's bad luck) but you seem to be pretty lucky these days! I'm so happy your kitty came back.

I get behind in blog reading and Digit comes home! I'm so happy to see the little man has made his way home. I hope he's all better soon.

Yep, made me cry again. So glad to see Digit back where he belongs. And that IS the best possible birthday present!

Happy birthday, darlin'. I'm saying it now, because I'm going to be distracted on Thursday. :)

I'm new to your blog, sent here via Stumbling Over Chaos, and I just wanted to say I am SO HAPPY FOR YOU, so happy that your beloved Digit has returned and is on the mend. I cannot imagine the pain you've gone through in recent months. Welcome home, Digit!

Well, Digit sure knows how to give a memorable birthday giftie, lol. He looks fantastic and I am so glad to hear he has an appetite, always a good sign of feeling better!!! Go Digit Go!!

what a great birthday gift. we had to do the same with one of our kitties and the multitudes of meds. worth it in every way!

I have to tell you I am so happy that Digit is back - I read your story every couple of days because it makes me feel so good. And happy early birthday - I just bought my daughter a Raleigh coaster today and she loves it!

He looks like he's busy planning his revenge for having to wear THE CONE.

It's the return of the cuteness amplifier!
Thanks for keeping us all updated and sharing pics of your sweet guy!
Much love to all of you! *mwah*

Yay Digit! What a wonderful birthday present. I can tell he has that cat attitude about wearing the cone, so that's a good sign.

3 cans of food a day? Oh, that is *so* good! Wonderful, Digit! I love the malevolent glare. ;) "I love you, but if you *ever* do this to me again--" And yeah, he's still looking whacked, but already better; and he can soak up the sun out there, very good. Happy, happy birthday indeed. Thanks for giving him kisses from us, too.

It's great to see Digit at home.

Happy Birthday!

Dude, I had to Google Raleigh Coaster - no clue! Very cute! Happy early birthday. The Diger-i-doo is the best present ever tho.

I join with the rest of the blog world in weeping with happiness that Digit found his way home. It looks like he is doing great on his road to recovery and I can only imagine the relief and love he feels to finally be back home with you after such a long journey! Yay Digit!

I have told several people who don't know you from a hole in the ground (yes, there are still ten people in the world who don't know you) all about Digit and they're all amazed and stuff.

And I am amazed, as I am every year, that you share a birthday with Her Surreal Highness, my almost-perfect-but-horribly-argumentative daughter.

Happy birthday in advance, baby.

AWW! Welcome home Digit!

I am so glad he's doing so well! He looks SO much better than that first photo you showed us! And 3 cans of food a day? That's no joke! :)

Happy Birthday from a fellow Cancerian!!! (Mine is Wednesday!)

Yay for Digit! He's got to be the best Birthday present you could ever get. :)

Be glad of the crushed pills in syringe. Just squirt in his cheek pouch and all done. Giving a pill is such a pain. Even my vet struggles. The trick is to get it past the hump in his tongue. Rubbing butter on his nose helps, too, (just as soon as the pill's placed)because he'll lick it off instinctively and swallow. One of those pill-shooting jobbies helps a lot. Pill-giving is a two-woman job! You two, adorable couple that you are, should have no trouble. I hope Digit's not as smart as my old dog, who'd hide pills in her cheek and spit them out discreetly later on.

Will his eye ever open again? It looks to be a little bit opener then before. (opener, I like that word)
He looks good though!!!!
love heals all things.

Hey!!!! You're a spinner too?!? Sweet!!! Enough exclamation points for you? Heh.

Happy Birthday my new friend. Tell La, "cool pressie."

Ooooo forgot to say that your little man looks better already. It must be being at home with you that is doing most of it. I just want to hold him!

And, also, Lala, sorry, I said La instead of Lala. Lalalalalalalala.

I cannot believe that the week or so I get behind on reading my blogs THIS happens! I am SO SO SO happy for you! I gasped when I read it! Then I turned to the sleepy-voiced husband and said, "You know Rachael? With the two little black kittens who lost her cat Digit to the coyote? He's BACK!" And my Minnesotan-of-German-descent, stoic husband gave me an actual visible reaction with eyes getting big and a surprised expression and everything! That's huge! He's a big old cat lover, though.

Seriously, I cried over that cat, and I cried for you, and now I feel like _I_ just got my lost kitty back! I'm so happy! Thanks for sharing the wonderful news!

Mr. Digit is looking so much better. He looks just as happy to be home as you are to have him there. Happy Birthday and enjoy the bike too.

awww, look at him on the couch!!!
i'm so glad he is finally at home. he does look skinny but definitely looks like he is on the mend! and at 3 cans of food a day, he'll be back at his old weight in no time! :o) xoxo!
and props to you on keeping up the medicine regiment and keeping the cone on! you are such a good mom!!!

Ole Winky. We love Digit. Mwah for Digit.

Oh! And, Happy Birthday! Ima gonna be at my parents for a week (in Texas) and don't know if I'll be getting internet access.

I love this saga. We share a birthday,but I'm pretty sure my present isn't going to be as nice as yours! Congratulations on the pill regimen. I had to give my cat antibiotics twice daily for 5 days and it was very difficult. Especially once she started feeling better. Keep it up!

Well, I'd hardly recognize him except for that glint of cranky Digitiness in his good eye! ;)

So glad that Digit is on the road to recovery. He has certainly recovered that feline attitude of "je ne sais quoi."

Digit, you look seriously ticked off with that collar. Can't say as I blame you, even if it is there to protect your nether regions from your tongue. Hang in there. You will soon be back to running the house.

Carissima Rachael,

Buon compleanno! Tanti auguri! Although you're not in Venice celebrating your birthday, I hope you, Lala, Digit and the crew have a special day.

Happy birthday, darlin'! Have a wonderful day.

I am so happy your Digit made it home to you. That is incredible. I made a donation just because. I wish him good health.

He is looking so good though for a cat that has been through so much. I hope you have a fabulous birthday today. :)

Happy Birthday girly!

Happy, Happy Birthday!!! Hope you have a wonderful day!

Happy birthday, Rachael!! And Digit is looking good, considering. His story has touched all of us. *Wiping away a discreet tear at work.*

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