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No Cute Cat Pics HereJuly 31, 2007

This shit is for the birds, people. I'm not familiar with many surgeries, thank goodness, but I *am* familiar with tonsillectomies. I mean, who pluralizes that? I know how to pluralize it. As this is my second, I know that they're not kidding when they warn that the pain will GET WORSE for the first four to seven days.

It just ain't right, but it's so. As Lala pointed out to my complaining ass last night, EVERYTHING I need to do is affected. Breathing hurts due to the holes in my throat. Swallowing is awful. Eating is almost impossible. Talking is agony, AND I sound stupid. Can't sleep for choking, and I feel too bad to even wash my hair.

And here's this huge ugly wound, constantly moving, in a dark, bacteria-filled, dirty place, and it has to just fight its way through infection to health. Me and my throat, we're tired. I know I'll feel better soon, in a matter of days, probably.

But it's been five days, and I'm more miserable now than I was then. Ain't no drugs good enough for this, sadly.

Digit is the best drug for me even though at the moment he's making me CRAZY trying to bump his cone-head up on top of my lap while I type. See? I'm even annoyed at him today. Bah, bah, bah.

And apparently I kvetch like a sheep.


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You will feel better this coming winter. Then you can enjoy snuggling with Digit. You will be able to laugh in the face of cold germs, when people around you are falling, due to kids going back to school and bringing their germs home.

I was young when I had mine removed, (fortunately for the only time), but I know I have been healthier without them. (My skin tone changed after having them taken out.) Before I could even have them removed, at age 8, I had to be on antibiotics for 6 months to kill as many germs as possible. You know the routine...it will be over. Keep thinking that!

Hugs. Get better soon.

Day 8 is usually the turn around day. Which probably sounds like forever right now but it will be just in time for the weekend. Come on up to Canada -- we're having a long one!

That sounds just awful. I've been thinking of you and I'm sending best wishes for a speedy recovery. Your sentence describing the wound in a dark place that must fight through this infection and be healed is so vivid that the first thing I thought of while reading it was the White House. Yes, it's probably because I snap up your blog updates along with Talking Points Memo every day. But the metaphor works- we need a second bushectomy, and this time it better stick. And yours better, too. Thanks for all the animal pictures, too. Such a sweet little menagerie.

Five days of feeling horrible is a long fucking time, drugs or no drugs!

Actually, if you have the energy to feel fed up with hurting and kvetching, you're probably almost at the turning point. Not that you want to hear this right now, of course. Feel free to send out sarcastic vibes in return. [g] Maybe think up some good Yiddish curses. Like, "May you fall into the outhouse just before the arrival of 12 Cossacks who've eaten prune stew!" Put some real oomph into the kvetching, y'know?

Hope you get over that hump soon! {{{{}}}}

Oh, my poor poor knitting queen - I am so sorry to hear you are so "owie" - time to take mental vacations - go to Venice and some nice yarn stores....

I am wishing you the very very best -

After reading of your suffering,
I'm glad thta I was born without tonsils.
Hope both you and Digit feel better soon.

Sorry to hear about your pain. You have my sympathy. It'll get better soon! Good thoughts for you from Alaska!

Hi, I've been following your blog sincle last winter and never posted before. Just wanted to wish you well (as well as Lala, Digit & the rest of the crew!) and send healing thoughts your way. Now if only the vicadin could head your way too :-)


Has anyone suggested a nice cold protein shake? They make chocolate ones that taste only a little like sawdust (email me if you want a blender recipe). I mean, protein makes stuff heal faster. Couldn't hurt any more than it does, right?

So, so sorry for the pain... I've found that it's only when I have truly accepted that I will be miserable forever that it starts to get better. Perhaps Digit is trying to distract you from the pain?

Hmm. Sounds like this time they didn't bother to lie to you. I know you hate the very notion, but a shower will probably actually help a little if you can drag yourself to it. Hope you're feeling a bit better by the time you read this.

(I get my gross surgery this year, but it's a one-off. No chance of *that* growing back.)

Yuck. I never thought of it the way you describe it.
I had mine out at nine and I can only imagine the pain you feel going through this twice. As an adult!
And yet...there is wellness on the other side and you will feel so good that you will hardly be able to believe you're really better. Hang in there!

I know it doesn't really help but keep repeating to yourself (in your head now, not out loud) "this will be over". Sometimes it was the only thing that got me through my last surgery.

I'm so sorry you're so miserable! I can't imagine this surgery as an adult. Makes my throat ache just to think about what you're going through. Maybe Lala will wash your hair for you. My hubby does that for me when I've had surgery...it's quite a treat, really. :)

I'm so sorry that you're going through this again. How rotten! I'll be sending some soothing vibes your way these next couple of days. Glad you have you Diggg back to keep you company while you get well. What a great gift :)

At least you and digit can be gimps together. Hope he gets his cone removed soon. Liberte yogurt is very scrumptious and creamy - maybe you can eat that while you are still on the soft foods. It's very fatty which is what makes it good of course.

Get better soon - and be careful with those crazy antibiotics! Hope you are not taking cipro - it's nasty- it gave me tendonitis.

Yuck. I'm sorry you feel so awful. When I had my surgery, I just took my pain meds and slept/dozed through most of it - but it sounds like you can't even do that, because it hurts to swallow and you choke when you sleep. :( I'm glad Digit and Lala are taking good care of you, and I hope you feel much, much better really, really soon!

Poor you! It's not fun. You can grizzle as much as you like; that's what we're here for. (Do you know 'grizzle? It's what my mother in NZ used to say.)

oh poop. i hope you heal super speedy lightening-fast-like.

You're bringing up horrible memories here. When I had mine removed. They had so many mix-ups, it wasn't funny.

In the hospital, where I was scheduled for a 6 or 7 am surgery (don't recall well, but it was really early), they accidentally wiped my name off the scheduling board and only realized I was still there when I had my husband and mom complain because I was cranky, hungry and very anxious about people putting me under to slit my throat (a little). It was probably around 11:30 am when they finally wheeled me in.

Then, the doctor scheduled me for a follow-up exactly 7 days after my surgery. I was in so much pain I vomited the entire 1 hour car ride there. All this only to find out he habitually takes that day of the week off. Some office screw up. I was so angry, I forced them to get me in with one of his associates. The guy was pretty gracious about it, but he did mention he never asks to see people 7 days after a surgery because they're such a mess at that point.

Hang in there.

dude. i'm sorry. i had mine taken out when i was 5 and although i remember having them taken out i don't remember being in that much discomfort. i wonder if it's worse for adults.

anyway, you have my good thoughts for a thorough and healthy healing. and then lala can bring you ice cream!

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