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Hey HufflepuffJuly 25, 2007

Have you finished the new Harry Potter yet? I have to admit that while I have it, I haven't started it yet. The (second) tonsillectomy is tomorrow (sigh) and I'm saving the book for when I feel better. However, going out on Friday night (the night the books went on sale at midnight) to see a ten o'clock show by my sister Christy and her friend Becky in their band Knockturn Alley, was SO AWESOME.

First of all, it was at this bookshop in the City which had a little outdoor area, seen here. I thought, great! They'll set up, grown-ups and kids will wander through and listen a bit and then move on. That'll be neat.

But no. The audience sat and stayed. It was like these kids had been trained to listen to appreciate a band. They were transfixed, and you could just SEE them getting excited when the gals sang about things they knew about (Slitherin, horcruxes, Madame Pomfrey). They were nine years old and their parents were taking them out at all hours to hear music about their favorite book. In their costumes, their faces were glowing.


I liked these two witches, and they LOVED the band. Even requested an encore of one of the songs already sung at the end. Who but a kid would do that?


There were autograph seekers:


and witches asking for advice:


If you haven't been, go listen to a few of the songs. I swear, Hey Hufflepuff makes me tear up. And Horcruxes NEVER leaves your brain. I guess that makes sense.

And now, me, I'm outta here. I'll preblog a bunch of picture-days, how's that? So even while I'm not around, recovering, you'll have something to amuse you. MWAH!


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Will be thinking about you tomorrow. xo

Good luck with the surgery, take good care of yourself (and enjoy your reading!)

I am so happy to see all this clamour over a so-called kids book. I might even pick myself up a copy. My grandkids have already devoured it.

Hope you are feeling better soon. I remember feeding my little guy lots of popsicles after his tonsillectomy many years ago. Kind of a bit of a silve lining. :-)

First and most importantly, good luck with the re-removal, and take good care of yourself afterwards (and make sure Lala spoils you!).

Secondly, I only *just* got the pun in Knockturn Alley. I got Diagon Alley from the start, but somehow didn't realize Knockturn Alley was a pun too. Assumed it was just a funny name. I feel dumb.

(Don't look now, but you have some tinned meat in your comments.)

Good luck tomorrow! Remember, make them give you the good drugs.

Can we have some more Digit pictures, please?

And then Typepad didn't want to post my comment because it thought I was the offending processed Hormel product! Apparently using its real name (like Voldemort) means you must be a sympathizer...

Finished it and am really jonesing for other people to finish it so I can talk about it.

Good luck tomorrow!

Looks like a hoot!

Good luck with the surgery...

I'll be thinking of you, especially tomorrow. XO's from oHIo!

good lucky.. speedy recovery and all that ((hugs))

Hope that all goes well for you tomorrow. I am having hip surgery next Thursday and bought plenty of yarn to work on during my recovery, plus plan to get some knitting magazines this weekend. It's all about being good to me....
I will keep you in my prayers and think good thoughts for Lala as well.

Good luck tomorrow! I'll be down for a quick trip later next week--hope to see you (tonsil-less again)!

Hugs for tomorrow sweetie. I hope it goes well and the f-ckers learn their lesson this time.

Congrats to sis and band, and good luck with the tonsils. May the little buggers never come back! Hmm. That's it, send Digit after 'em. They'll be terrified. (On second thought, that sounds rather disturbing, but I'm weird, so hey... [g])

Looks like a lot of fun! Good luck with the tonsillectomy. Hope everything goes smoothly.

Best, best, BEST wishes on the tonsillectomy! Feel better soon :)

I had so much fun listening to those songs when you linked them the other day. Good luck with the surgery!

Good luck tomorrow. Enjoy the book, but only when you are ok to get a bit choked up. (My tonsils stayed gone the first time, and my throat still had issues with my reading of the book.)

How is Digit?

Hey, thanks for the publicity, man! I really appreciate it and the cool feedback and stuff! You rock!!!! GOOOOOOOOOOD luck on the tonsillectomy, man! My thoughts are with you!

Good luck with everything, and I hope you feel better soon.

Good luck with the surgery and best wishes for a speedy recovery!

Good luck with the next few days. Hope it isn't as bad as you expect.

Good luck! I think you should read the book while you're recovering, it will prevent you needing pain medication. Well, maybe. the book is REALLY GOOD.

Good luck with the tonsils, and may they stay gone this time! If you get the audio book you can knit while you "read" it.

Good luck tomorrow! I will send some good recovery vibes your way. Maybe you should give Digit another pain patch so he will snuggle you through your recovery.

I have to admit to being the last holdout -- never read any of the books. I think I saw one of the movies but couldn't tell you what it was about (there was a dragon), but I'm glad you had such fun.

I'll be thinking about you as you recover from the (second!) tonsillectomy. (You always ~were~ an overachiever, but there's no need to try for three.)

I am thinking of you and thinking all sorts of healy thoughts. I had a tonsillectomy 51 years ago and still remember how awful it was. So sorry you had to do it all twice.

I'm thinking good thoughts for you and hope that the surgery/recovery isn't dreadful. Cuddle up with Digit and rest, I hope those tonsils stay gone!

You are in my thoughts and prayers today. I wish you a very speedy recovery.

Thanks for the story and pix from the Harry Potter party! It looked like fun. Best wishes for a speedy recovery! May the ice cream work this time.

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