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While the Cat's AwayJuly 10, 2007

To those of you who care about the writing or care about the knitting, I apologize. Apparently this is a cat blog for now, and that's just the way it is. So there.

I love that stupid cat. Had you noticed?

Took him to the vet this morning -- and they kept him there for a few days. I HATE that, but I also know that he's in the best place. They're putting him back on the IV for fluids and pain medicine -- hopefully if he's hydrated and in less pain he'll quit straining on the box and start eating again (he's lost another whole pound, down to 7.1 -- good god, that cat got up to 19 pounds once, a long, long time ago when he was depressed and trapped inside). And if he starts eating again, he can have his surgery on Thursday.


    Anorexic Digit, looking for his cell so he can call his agent

But for now his hospital room at home (the front porch) is sadly empty and I miss him and I feel awful for leaving him there again.

You know what is a very, very, very nice part? The fact that I drove away crying a little bit, but ONLY over Digit, and I have no worries, none at all, about financing this. I am taking the advice of many people -- holding on to the money (in a kind of paypal escrow) until Digit is all good and better, and only THEN donating the rest. But you'll be the first to know when I'm donating, and how much. I can't WAIT for that day. Because if I'm donating whatever overage there might be from your lovely generosity, then Digit is sound and healthy and in good spirits.

Or dead. That does cross my mind, that he might not make it, after all this, after his epic trek home. (Did I tell you about his claws? His massive, always curled under no matter how much I clipped them, claws? And how now they're tiny little straight spikes from being worn down from walking for four months?) And honestly, I can't bear to think about it, so I'm putting it out of my mind once again. That cat HAS to make it. Forget my brief forays into Buddhist study, THIS GUY IS GONNA LIVE FOREVER. And me saying it, yeah, that'll make it so. Right?


Cat blog. See? And I'm not apologizing.Oh, wait, I already did. Well, all right.

For those of you who prefer people and dogs and knitting and all things that aren't cats, I will briefly tell you about Bolinas. On Saturday, the Whoreshoes had a gig at Smileys. Oh, Smileys Saloon on the beach. Red Silvia came with her posse and my friend Nate took plenty of pictures with her camera. It strikes me now that she was a trooper for lending it to him.

I celebrated my birthday there, because I like to spin out my birthday as long as people will let me, and I even made a guest appearance! I sang "Once Again 'Round That Dance Floor" by kd lang, and people seemed to enjoy it. Of course, there was bourbon involved (not me, them), so who knows?


And I FORGOT THE FIRST LINE. I hadn't been practicing because my throat had been hurting all week and I assumed we weren't going to do it. But on Saturday, I suddenly felt better, and we decided to move ahead. I sang the song over and over to myself in my head. I was only having trouble with remembering the second verse and moving into the break. The first line, WHICH IS THE TITLE, no, it never crossed my mind that it COULD be forgotten.

I sang a little phonetic "do wee deee oh flow yeah" thing that sounded like the right song dubbed in the wrong language, and then I got it back and didn't have another problem. The cute part was that Lala was standing right next to me, and sang the rest of the song softly so that had I forgotten again, she would have cued me. It was very sweet.

And there were cupcakes. Hooray!



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Someone on KPFA mentioned The Whoreshoes Sunday! I wish I could remember the details, but I think another band was mentioning a show coming up. Or something. Glad to hear Digit is still on the up and up.

Digit is in good hands. If he were going to give up, he would have done it already. He's a FIGHTER and wants to stay with you in this world. I have NO doubt at all that he will have his surgery, fully recover, and be his ornery self in no time.
We're pulling for him!
Denise and the Six-Pack + 1

I would be distressed if there weren't frequent updates on Digit.

Rachel, it's normal for animals and people who are very sick to have relapses. And it is perfectly rational and sane for you to insist to the universe that he will come through all this well and outlive you. Anyone who tells you differently is off their rocker.
I'm still praying for him here in Montana. Good wishes abound.

Digit is not allowed to die. That's all there is to it. I know he hates it, but I'm glad he's back at the vet. (Can't they slip a little nutrition in that there IV too? I know, nothing worse than an armchair vet...)

Mooky was weighed at the vet a couple of weeks ago, and he's just under 18 pounds -- it's really hard to imagine his massive frame holding only 7 or 8 pounds! Digit will be OK, but it will take time. We never know how long we'll have our cats (and even if it's 20 years, it's not enough), but the important thing is: Digit's back! He came back! And he came back in time to get better. And this better keep being a damn cat blog for as long as it takes!

Sending Chaotic Digit Healing Vibes(tm)! Hey, far be it from me to cast stones about a cat blog... ;)

There are so many people rooting for Digit that I think there would be uproar if you didn't post about him! I think about him all the time - I've told his (and your) story to several people and everyone's been so moved. Go Digit!

You should check with your vet to see if they allow visitors. A few years ago when my kitty was very sick I went in every afternoon and sat with her and petted her for about an hour. I think it made her feel better. At the very least, it made me feel better. We're praying for Digit here in NC.

Go, Digit, Go! We luvs the catblog, so give us the updates. seriously.

And also, I LURVE that picture of the Whoreshoes + you singing - so awesome. You all look HOTT, lady.

We're all anxious about Digit too. Besides, I have no room to complain about the lack of knitting on a knitting blog. :) Digit is obviously not a cat that gives up easily. Staying at the vet's is probably the best place for him right now. I like the idea of checking to see if you can visit though. I'm pulling for him to be healthy enough to have his surgery on Thursday.

All I can say is he's "alive-er" now than he would be if he hadn't made it home when he did. We're thinking about you and your baby!

Cat blog is fine. One of my favorite blogs is Crazy Aunt Purl.

BTW, cute shoes with the little T-strap. Where did you get them?

Manolo's Shoe blog is one of my faves too.

Knitting can wait. Digit cannot. I can see where they shaved his little leg :(

Digit spent all that time finding his way home. Somehow, I think he has the will to live, and that can make all the difference.

Please post as much as you can, as often as you can, about the little guy. Right now, he is probably the most popular cat on the planet, and he has a cheering section that would put a football team to shame.

Kitty's gonna live! Fer sure.

I like, no, make that love, cats!


Yeah, I'm with the other commentors: keep the Digit updates a-comin'! Cain't wait to see the little guy at 19 pounds again!

Sending more prayers, healing, positive vibes, whatever it takes. Digit is a trooper!

Hang in there, Digit ol' boy... your ma needs ya.

I have all my digits crossed for Digit, and knitting needles too. Thanks for keeping us updated on his progress! I just donated to his fund, but I'm in the area, so if there's anything more you need, just say the word.

i don't mind your blog being a cat blog....yours is one of the first ones i check everyday to see how digit is doing ...when there isn't an update i get worried lol....

do you visit Stumbling over Chaos? i love her kitties too...and i have never met them or her lol....

lots of lovies for digit! (and for you and lala)

Bring on the Digit blog! Sometimes important things take over our lives. I'll be crossing my digits that he is well enough for surgery on Thursday.

Dang! We thought about going to that show too. I'll go off to a corner to pout now.

I am sending good thoughts and much love to you and Digit.

We ALL love Digit and want him better, so cat blogpost are de riguer (or however that's spelled) for you missy!

The show was FUN! As per usual, so everyone should go see those gals...Your song was awesome, I can't believe you just pulled that one out of your a** and hadn't practiced day an night. First line be damned, no one noticed. Kisses!

7.1 pounds of fight and wisdom. Have no fear.

I'm a dog person for sure (at least I understand them better than I do cats) but I'm rooting just as hard as anyone for Digit's return to good health. I'm hoping he's like my kitty Miguel - who's skinny and cranky and 18 years old but just keeps on ticking. And doing everyting he can to work my last nerve. You keep talking about Digit - knitting can wait!

Sorry I missed the Whoreshoes! I was kinda busy walking.

Oh, I love Lala !!

She makes me happy !!

Your blog can be about whatever you want it to be about. I love hearing about Digit, anyways. Freaking amazing.

It occurred to me in the shower today (I do my best thinking there) that you may want to contact an accountant to see if you have to hold some of that Digit money aside to pay taxes on it, or file a specific kind of paperwork on it or something.

I agree with everyone saying that if you DIDN'T post about Digit, we'd be worried. haha. Hope he feels better soon.

Dammit, you're making me cry again. Don't apologize for writing about Digit...you're focusing on him now and that's how it should be. He's got to pull through. There's no question about it.

I check your blog every day to see how Digit is doing so please keep updating us. Sending our best wishes for a speedy Digit recovery!

I'll say a little prayer to a universal God, the kitty gods, and my mama to get Digit back to you safe and healthy.

Just keep visualizing him healthy and 19 pounds again, and he'll get there! I'm pulling for him! Digit is a cool cat, and it's obvious you love him profoundly. Be well, Digit!

Dude. We're all about the Digit-man until we know he's out of the woods. And we believe he will be. Look and what it took for him to come home to you, and he's still fighting. That's your boy. He's not going to leave you without a damn good fight, sweetling.

And obviously, neither is your Lala, even in song. That makes me happier than I can express.

It's perfectly okay for this to be a cat blog. I wonder about Digit everyday when I check my blogline, and worry if you haven't posted. Digit is a fighter, and will fight as hard as he can. And I think all of us thinking/hoping/praying really can't hurt at all.


I always thought this was a Rachael blog. So, Rachael gets to blog about whatever she wants. But, I want Digit so please keep blogging about him--and his healthy recovery (positive thoughts are positive energy--lol).

When my guy was sick he got down to 7 pounds too--now he is back up to 14, and laying by my side. Digit is going to be just fine.


Um, so you do realize that we ALL want Digit updates?! He's my Funny Faces' new pinup kitty, they're rooting for him, as is their human Mom.

(Oh, and my Sis and SIL's dog is also sending 2 paws up and a big lick and tail wag his way!)

What everyone else said. ;) Digit All The Time, we wouldn't care, we just want to make sure your boy gets better! And hear every last detail. Not that we won't read other stuff you write, y'know. Like, cool on the singing and the performance and Lala! ::hugs::

Happy Birthday. You fit right in with the band.

Big birthday mwah too!

I'd scroll through the yarn and the knitting for Digit news anyway so it's digitagogo for awhile. Get Well Soon, Digit!

Count me in on wanting to hear all about Digit, too! I'll happily read whatever you feel like posting, and drool over yarn and stuff, but right now I'm mainly coming for Digit updates. But then I'm biased because 1-he looks *just* like my very first cat as a child, Foss (who lived to be 19, by the way), and 2-some friends of ours have a tranny cat (who's also a tough kitty), and through him (Flounder) & Digit I also now have a soft spot for tranny cats. And tough little scrapper cats, which Flounder is, and if Digit wasn't before, he sure is now.

Where do you find the guts? I don't have a horrible voice - people who've heard me sing lullabies have said so - but I couldn't get up and sing to a crowd.

Hope Digit gets better soon.

Ditto all the above. Anyone who doesn't like Digitagogo doesn't have to read it, the rest of us certainly will. I'm sending healing vibes, too. Knitting can wait; yarn doesn't go bad. Love to you all.

Hey, I can't have a cat blog any more and someone has to (there are so few out there you know). I'm glad you're taking up the slack.

And seeing everything (your entire life as well as your blog, apparently) is about me -- I'm glad you sang me that song. I'm a big fan of ms. lang.

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