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Well, hi. July 26, 2007

SO GRUMPY. Found out yesterday (they only tell you the day before) that instead of a morning surgery, I'm having an evening surgery today, so I don't go in until 3pm. Why does that make me grumpy? Because I CAN'T EAT or, and in one hour, I have to stop drinking. Bah. It is much better to do this kind of thing butt-ass early in the morning, when you're going to be grumpy anyway. You know?

So I did it the best way I could figure -- went out for a big ole sushi dinner last night, stayed up late, snacking, and then woke up at 7am to eat a piece of toast. Then I went and sat on the porch in my robe and ate the last of the Creme Brulee ice cream. Because I know that ice cream thing is a LIE, people. Preemptive ice-cream strategy, yes. Can't hurt, says I.

Then I went back to bed and read a while and fell back asleep. Actually managed to doze till almost twelve, so I missed those awake-hungry hours. (I'm one of those who has to have breakfast and a mid-morning snack or my blood sugar drops and I'm miserable.)

And now kittens are eating and Digit has et (and is crawling up the chair to see me now, in fact). Oh, he's doing so well. Poor thing has to wear the collar for another whole WEEK -- the doc wanted him to fully, fully heal from the surgery -- with his malnutrition he was having a hard time with that. Every once in a while I take his collar off and let him suck on my clothing, which is SO WONDERFUL, and I mean that, it does my heart good if not my soggy tee-shirts, and then slap it back on as soon as he goes after stitches or staples.


And now I'm signing off, with plans of preblogging photos for y'all in coming days.

Thank for your good thoughts (also putting the condo on the market today -- I do nothing by half -- will you think good thoughts about that, too? Nothing like a lot of stress all at once!), and maybe I'll blog under the influence of good strong drugs soon!


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Here are some virtual hugs, kisses, ice cream and chocolate for you. Muaahhh! Good luck with the surgery and getting good drugs!

Thinking good thoughts for you today -- let me know if you want some company while you recuperate this weekend.

Geesh, what fun - but at least you managed to sleep a while. Let's hear it for good drugs! Also, good thoughts for the condo, yep. Luck everywhere!

Digit has to wear the collar that much longer? Aww, maaan... Well, tell him if you tilt your head juuuust right, and squint, he kinda looks like a lion. With a really futuristic mane. (Hey, it might work. Put your heart in it.)

Fingers crossed for happy real estate events and non-eventful surgery.

Poor Digit with all his shaved bits... He looks a little like a mistakenly-groomed poodle...

Digit looks more like himself and less like a bag that a cat used to live in. Hope you get similar pain drugs and soon feel gooooood too.

Yikes.....I am sending good thoughts your way about the surgery. I'm glad Digit is healing. I'll bet he'll know how you feel after surgery and will be extra sympathetic.

soon, sore throats will be a thing of the past! good luck!

I hope all goes well. God be you.

WTF, the ice cream is a lie? No milkshakes? Ice creams? Sundaes? That is NOT right.

I hope it goes swimmingly. Too cute about Digit sucking on your shirt.

Give me a C! Give me an O! Give me an N! Give me a D! Give me another O! Give me an S! Give me an E! Give me an L! Give me another L!

What does that spell?! CONDO SELL! CONDO SELL!

That's the best "good wishes" I can send from up here in the Great Northwest.

Good luck with the surgery, punkin'!

Good luck with the surgery, enjoy the good drugs, glad to see Digit doing so well.

At least you and Digit can convalesce together all next week. There is always that...TOGETHER! Good luck with the Condo. And with the surgery.

Best wishes on the surgery!!
Here's hoping the second time is way easier than the first. :-)

Wow! I thought I had the only shirt-sucking cat! Kudos to Digit for his excellent taste.

Good luck to you in selling the condo and finally getting rid of the tonsils!

Well, I'm reading this late, so hopefully you're all out of surgery, and the tonsils are really, truly gone this time. Enjoy your time convalescing with Digit. And just think -- it could be worse -- they could put one of those collars on you! ;-)

Boy, that Digit still looks ticked off. Maybe after your surgery, your nearest and dearest can take us a picture of you both looking pissed off and miserable. You can put it in your family album.

Seriously though, best wishes for your recovery and for offloading the condo at some highly inflated price. Tenant begone.

Yey blogging under the influence! I had to email my coworkers whilst on vicodine! Laugh riot!

Good luck with EVERYTHING.

I think you should wear a collar while you recover too. Just to make Digit feel better, y'know?

Please post pix, okthanksbye.

(ps I'm thinking of you -- heal fast!)

I hear you on the doing everything stressful all at once front. Good luck in surgery, and get well soon!

Isn't that Creme Brulee Ice Cream THE BEST!!!

As many good thoughts as I can find/hussle/scare up I'm sending to you. Good to get that condo unloaded, I'm thinking.

Good luck!

Eh my cats get on the table and countertops all the time...my parents let their cats sit on the table while they eat!!

Hope your feeling better soon!

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