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Whomp! July 28, 2007


Hahahahaha. This one makes me laugh. I captured in this shot the first (and so far, strangely, only) kitten smackdown. That's Willie, being cowed, trapped by fear, and Waylon, who was momentarily startled and then forgot to be afraid again.

(I know there are people horrified by the fact that we allow cats on our table (not while eating, obviously) but oh, well. There are more cats than us, and we pick our battles.)

**The above was pre-blogged. This part is live, because I still want to talk to you. Isn't it weird, this blog-thing, that I'm just sitting here in bed, and I think you will want to know how it's going? Because some of you really do? I do think that's the sweetest, nicest thing, and I love you all for it.

(Codeine syrup gives me the love, darlings. It really does. I keep calling Lala into the room just so I can gaze at her and tell her how much I adore her. I don't think she minds, though.)

So I'll just tell you my set-up real quick, because I'm SO happy with it. I'm tucked up into bed, with our yellow/red/orange quilt on it that our friends Rachel and Kira, the pocket vegans, made us for our wedding. To my right, on my bedside table, I have seven new books, one for every mood I might be in. I was reading Animal, Vegetable, Miracle by Barbara Kingsolver, but I had to stop, because the food descriptions were too wonderful, and I can't eat anything yet that has any shape at all. Tapioca, no lie, feels too sharp as yet. Stupid pointy tapioca.

So instead I'm reading The Good, Good Pig by Sy Montgomery, to soothe my pastoral-memoir fetish. Lovely writing so far. I also have Harry Potter, just sitting there, looking at me, but I honestly don't feel strong enough yet to hold it up to read it. Maybe a few more days and I will.

I also have a bed-tray that holds this here laptop and my cell phone. I have four netflix DVDs sitting near me -- two more disks of Freaks and Geeks (I love the series so much I've dragged out watching them for years now, wanting to save the goodness), the first Nip/Tuck DVD (have heard good things) and 1940s House, which I missed on TV.

I have a boyfriend pillow -- that sitting-up pillow with little armrests. I have to say, it's handy. I'm not allowed to lie prone for THREE DAYS. That's one more day of sitting up, even when sleeping, and the pillow really helps.

So I sit up against my boyfriend pillow, the laptop on its tray in front of me, knitting a sock, picking up my cell phone now and then to text Lala if she's in the other room to tell her how great she is. Then she'll text back, or send me an email, which feels really weird and funny, but saves my voice.

The voice, by the way, is coming back in. Hurts like an emeffer, but I can talk some. I am probably talking too much, actually, but like I said, codeine gives me the love, and I want to talk about it. Safer and more painless to do it here, so I LOVE YOU! Did you know that? And I think you have really pretty eyes.

Oh, and I almost forgot to mention the BEST PART.


This guy has been at my side most of the time. His cone does get in the way a bit, but mostly we snuggle just fine, and we both feel better when snorgling. (Which is way better than choking, by the way -- I'm still choking a bit when I sleep, but I managed to get some good hours last night, which has made all the difference in the world.)

Plus, there are kittens running around, and Harriet being cute, and Miss Idaho being jumpy, and Clara being VERY VERY BAD (let's not even start, but who knew that border collies liked bananas AND yogurt?), and sisters stopping by and making you a banana/peanut-butter shake -- it's all good. If I didn't hurt so much, this would be a very fine vacation indeed.


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All right, I've been seriously out of the loop and right at the moment I am quite loopy with a headache, but I've scanned your last several entries and I cannot figure out WHAT your surgery was FOR. Please enlighten. Glad you're lovin' the codeine. Me, I'm allergic, so I'd better hope I don't need it someday...(allergic to many meds, including all the NSADS, too. damnit.)

I feel the love all the way in Colorado! Reading your blog always makes me smile - even when you are "GRUMPY" because you are always able to keep some humor in your perspective (at least online - not sure what Lala would say about offline but I bet it is the same). I hope you heal well and fast! I've never had tonsils removed but, like you, I used to get strep throat several times a year. Then one day, it just stopped! Several years ago thank goodness. I really used to love this throat medicine they gave me that had lidocaine in it. Yeah! Makes everything comfortably numb. Okay, now I'm rambling...

Mmmmmm - liquid coedine with Lala and Digit, boyfriend pillow and books. Sounds too good to be true - except for the surgery, of course.
Check the bottle, if it says hydrocodone - you've got better than coedine, baby. Save whatever you can for your next migraine. Just don't drive!
Thanks for the kitty smackdown, made my day (we have those here, too).
For the record, I think all you'se guys have pretty eyes too. (kisses)

I am so amazed by Digit's story. Totally amazed.

Our cats go on our table too, but not when we're eating. I agree with picking your battles, particularly since our table is pushed up against a window and the cats love to see outside. When we eat they are very good and don't jump up.

Which brings me to the topic of your table. We used to have a table and chairs like that when I was growing up. I loved it; the pattern on the vinyl and the table top was beige with silver dots and gold stars. I miss it. Do you have your set as a hand-me-down, or did you get lucky enough to find and purchase it at a garage sale, or something? It's awesome.

Missed a day, so had to say I loved the WHOMP picture. Glad codeine is available, even if it wears off early, gack. And thank ghu the choking bit stopped; yikes! Sounds like you have a lovely nest set up to recuperate in, though. (You're gonna love 1940's House, I'm pretty sure.) (Oh, and cats on table? Pffft. Tables wash, don't they? Right. What problem?)

So glad you can have Digit right there recuperating with you. There's nothing like a cat when you're feeling rotten! Ok, in your case, a Lala too. ;) Get better fast!

So glad to head you're doing okay... My cats are all over the tables & counters too. I'm not here all day, and having cats is just such a Taoist experience. I give up the couch... I give up the dust ruffle... I give up the rug... I give up the tables...

And we DEFINITELY want to know how you & Digit are!

Ooh, liquid codeine. I'm going to get laughing gas when I have my wisdom teeth pulled next Friday, but that won't be half as good.
I got Jane the CD version of the latest Harry Potter for her birthday, so she could listen to it on a mini-road trip to Cambria last Sunday. And I'm giving in--I'm about to head out to the library and check out Harry Potter book #1. We had them in the house for years; I bailed on book 1 about 10 pages in and donated the lot to a local women/children's shelter. And now I've been sucked in by the hype.
And I just know those kittens had coming whatever they got. Heal fast.

Had my tonsil taken out--for keeps--when I was 5. Bet it hurt alot less back then. Got my first cat a year ago (I'm 54) and she eats on the kitchen counter cuz dog breath loves cat food. NEVER thought I'd allow that. Amazing what we'll do for our pal-imals. Glad yours--especially Digit--are there to love you up!

Dang, I'm out of Percocet and I miss it sometimes. ;) But we love you too and wish you a speedy recovery. Choking while asleep is no good at all. Attila and Elwood send kitty kisses.

oof. Really, I know it's been said a million times, but hope you feel better soon! Kitties help, I'm sure :)

Oh and I absolutely adore Freaks and Geeks. An ex-partner and I stayed up three nights in a row and finished the whole thing in one go. I will never be able to watch it again because I'm sad that there aren't anymore, but I loved it so much, and it's a lovely reminder of the happier part of those times.

Again, feel better! Now Digit is well enough to root for you :D

The kittens are probably totally confused by Digit--"who IS this "new" cat who thinks he rules the roost when it's clearly ours?" say the kits. Little do they know. I'm so glad the surgery is overwith for both of you and you're both recovering nicely. Digit looks better by the day. Heal fast.

I get the love from that stuff too. I was so sweet-natured and lovey after my wisdom teeth came out -- my roommate at the time was quite taken aback, as though beneath my sarcastic exterior lurked a secret sugary soul. But whatever, dude, it was totally just the drugs.

I think Digit is taking a turn being nurse, huh? I love how the little front paws are posed JUST SO in each photo. Is he doing ballet, or what? I want that cat. No really, I would never take your cat, but he's so good-looking!
Hope you continue to recover nicely. I would say you have had your share of tonsil surgeries at this point and may this be the last one!

The thing with a heavy book like Harry Potter is to use a SMALL pillow on your tummy/chest, prop the book on that, and then you don't actually have to hold it up. How else do you think I read in bed for HOURS at a time?

ooo, Terri

Digit is looking like a Cat again! That's so nice. I love the kitten smack-down. Glad you have you some Codeine and it's working wonders for you, I read this entire entry with a smile on my face.

In my house, we call those pillows "lazy husbands". Maybe it's an east-coast thing.

I hope you feel better soon! I can't tolerate a simple sore throat so I can't even imagine how you feel! I'm glad you're making the best of the situation, though, and I'm sending you the love right on back.

Ugh on the surgery. I remember my doctor decided to take mine out when I was nine not because it was necessary right then, but because it was inevitable and he said the recovery got much much worse after about age ten. Mid-thirties has *got* to SUCK. Especially for a second time 'round.

I think it's wonderful that Digit made it back in time to play nurse.

(I wish codeine made me feel the love. Instead, it just makes me sick.)

Keep blogging! I love reading from you, go ahead and blog every hour if it makes you happy.

Oh, cats aren't supposed to be on the kitchen table? My four obviously didn't get that memo and even if they did, it's all in shreds under the couch by now.

And speaking of tables............I absolutley adore your kitchen set. I've been looking for one (in yellow) in pristine condition for years and haven't found one to satisfy my ozzie and harriet mentality yet.

I've been a lurker and my son's girlfriend told my about your site and about digit and I cried and cried. He found his way back to your heart and isn't that was love is all about.

Take care and get well soon. Lucky us. We get to read what you can't say out loud.


Just the thought of you on codeine makes me laugh.


Keep on feeling better, K?

Get Better...

I laughed out loud so hard at the last kitty pic hang on the couch. Our black cat boo does the same thing if he is on a stool all the paws hang out like he has no backbone....Crazy cat gotta love em

oh you poor dear...many good healing vibes your way!

Digit is trying to return the care taking :-)...

Bubby! Hope tapioca returns to sphericalness soon.

Heal! Heal!

I was on vacation when Digit came home and I was so happy to come back and read about your being reunited and his continuing recovery. Glad you have each other's comfort.

I'm almost finished with Animal Vegetable, Miracle. Warning.....you're going to want to have about a gazillion square foot gardens! She's got me making my own cheese fercryinoutloud. Looks like you have the optimal healing environment. Wishing you well from the appalachian deep woods!

Just started the Barbara Kingsolver book myself. Keep wanting to run out to my local farmer's market. Great book!

so, I'm reading along and then you mention a 'quilt' and my heart goes pitty-pat, and the voice in my head says. "can't she have Lala take a quick pic for us... to see the pretty?" then I keep scrolling down and there it is. Yay. Handmade love, with four-legged love sitting right there on top. (the breakfast tray looks 'luvvie', too) So glad you're keeping properly tanked on meds. You know, you can go a little more often, since if you're feeling pain, your liver has used up all the 'goodie' out of the previous dose. Don't like to hear one of the world's most entertaining bloggers is in misery. Contemplating a purchase of crap cotton for dishrag tag, but seeing you in your lacy garb the other day has me confused. The thing to do may be to knit a lacy dishrag. I'm wishing and hoping you feel much better soon... perhaps you'll treat us all to a vid-clip of you belting out a lil' Patsy then? Cami

Hope you are rapidly getting better, I have a mental picture of you and the cat with matching plastic collar-cone thingys sitting nect to each other in bed. Get well soon both of you!

Hee hee - cough syrup with codeine knocked my husband on his ass. We went to a friend's wedding several years ago (don't worry, I drove). He was on the syrup, and also had a glass of wine and champagne. BIG mistake. I was on the dance floor with my friend Dana, and she said, "Is he sleeping with his eyes open?"

A couple months later I was talking to J about the wedding, and he said, "Alli got married???!?"

Ah, fun with opiates :) I hope you get better soon.

I LOVE the kitty photos. We had a cream point siamese for 18 years. She died of cancer a couple years ago, but when I see your pictures, I can still feel the weight of her when she'd jump on the bed with me. Thanks for reminding me of some WONDERFUL memories.

You are so damn cute on codeine syrup!

The picture in the other post of Digits on his mommy's chest is so sweet. Ever since I read about him (when he came back was the same time I found your blog) I've thought about him and you and have been sending happy cat thoughts your way. And, well, happy throat thoughts too, now.

I am loving the black kitten pictures.. reminds me of the time before Socrates was a huge black lump of fat. And he keeps getting bigger! It's like he can unscrew his cat food jar in the middle of the night and he is sneaking food without me knowing. Or maybe he is raiding the fridge..

And I have to have surgery myself soon.. you'll have to visit my blog to read the post-surgery drug posts :-D

i think once digit gets his full strength back waylon and willie are going to be in for a surprise...lol...he's going to have them both towing the line in his mama's house.

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