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Being Lazy is Hard WorkAugust 7, 2007

Still on the mend! This is being blogged from my writing/yarn room, from my chair, which feels like a big step from being in bed.

I have learned some things.

I am a bad patient. Or, really, I'm not that bad, I try to be as nice as possible about it, but once I am feeling better, I am hard to keep down.

This is because I have such a -- I don't really know what to call it. It's not really a guilt complex, I don't feel GUILTY that I haven't done laundry or cleaned the house, it's just that I have such a hard time NOT doing those things.

And it's not an exuberant work ethic -- I feel it is okay for me to relax. I know it is. I know it is perfectly acceptable, especially while recovering from surgery, to be lazy. It's not that I feel I have to be doing something, all the time.

I just don't know HOW to be lazy. As soon as I start, just lying on the couch with the TV on, nothing in my hands, my brain fills up with things I should/could do instead.

So my new thing, while I'm on the mend, is to pretend I'm on vacation. Therefore, no guilt. Don't have to work. Don't have to clean the house (but I did clean the litterboxes. Time, tide, and kitty litter, you know).

Of course, this morning I wrote a list of all the things I'd like to do on this little "vacation," and it filled a whole page. I think there's something wrong with that.

But today, I think I'd just really like to make one of these great shopping bags based on a plastic bag's template. Ain't it cute?


Even has its own carrying pocket so you can put it in your purse.

All right. Off to try not Do Things. I'm going to try to Enjoy Things. Yes.


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Oh MY gawd, those bags are ridiculously cute. I see fabulous fabrics in my near future and cute, unique Christmas gifts down the road.

That is a cute bag.

Ha, that's the reason I'm terrible at flying. As soon as you sit me in one place and constrain my activities, I want to DO SOMETHING ELSE RIGHT NOW. While I can very easily choose to sit and knit for a couple hours at home, which is the exact same thing I'll be doing on that plane. Gah, I make no sense. I'm sorry about the convalescence, I hope you heal quickly.

I'm restless when I am sick cause I then come up with "restless body syndrome" and want to do too much too. OMG that baag is cute. I need to sew one up to use on my Vespa instead of the ugly black one from Safeway.

While you're fidgeting, take more Digit pictures!!

RE: the housecleaning... I know I'm really sick when I really, really want to go to work. It means I'm not enjoying myself being home and all I can do is worry about work anyway.

This must be why some people find it difficult to retire. (I can't wait to show 'em how it's done.)

That is a fab bag! Glad you are feeling better.

I so know what you mean about not being able to do 'nothing'. The house has to be tidy, kids fed and entertained before I can even think of relaxing, sick or not.

And then when I do relax I HAVE to multi task. TV or a movie = spinning or knitting. Reading blogs? My one big do nothing else addiction :)

I know exactly what you mean...

We've been in California for about 3 weeks now, and although I've been doing all kinds of house related stuff, I still end up feeling guilty for being home during the day in the middle of the week.

For whatever reason, the guilt goes away once the sun goes down, but right about 2pm, I get super antsy and guilty...

I keep pretending I'm on summer vacation. :)

I'm VERY glad to hear you're on the mend though. I had my tonsillectomy as a 12 year old, and I remember feeling TOTALLY betrayed by all the adults who talked about ice cream and all that other $hit. I ate nothing but soft boiled eggs for 12 days. My first real meal was McD*nald's french fries and I still remember that as one of the best things I've ever eaten - I mean, they were so pointy and it didn't hurt! ;)

You know, I'll bet if you asked that Lala girl how to do nothing, she could help you.

Looks like she positively revels in slackage, that one.


Get some knitting. Get your iPod. Get an ebook on the computer.

Now, read and listen to whatever as you knit. You're doing 3 things at once, while sitting in one spot. I find this works really well. (Of course, I am naturally lazy and have no problem whatsoever reading on the computer or a book all day. While sometimes knitting. It's when someone *else* is around me, working, that I have a hard time goofing off. Even when I'm paying them to do the work! Most annoying.)

Love the shopping bag, but no way am I gonna try making one. Not with my old sewing machine, which is possessed by demons from the uttermost depths of Hell. Or made by Sauron. (I'm not joking. I wrote a really long, impassioned post about it in which I explained. It's possessed, trust me.) Now, if they just made fabric glue strong enough to withstand holding three 2-liter bottles... Then, yeah! ;)

When I was briefly unemployed last winter, I used the time to get a lot of random things I'd been meaning to do around our apartment done, but then, when everything was done and I'd already knit for four hours one day, I got all antsy because there wasn't anything left for me to do!

Afternoons are the worst for me, in the mornings on my days off I know I can't get anything done because my husband is still asleep. (Like right now.) I'm free to knit, spin, or read blogs/forums...but once he wakes up today I have to vaccuum...

oh, that's really excellent. I'd make the handles longer so I could put it on my shoulder, but it's a fantastic idea.

I know what you mean -- I think it feels a little like claustrophobia, without the scary-ness. Those bags are so cute -- I'm sure sewing one will hasten your recovery!

Good to hear that you are starting to try to enjoy your recovery. Have a wonderful "vacation"! :)

I must say that the bag is just adorable!

I don't comment here very much but must say that I have been reading your blog for a very long time and enjoy it very much.

My favorite saying is, "Work fascinates me; I can stare at it for hours!" I'm good at that, I'll have to send some of it your way. And that bag would sure make cute Christmas presents. Have fun relaxing and knitting/spinning.

I go for the iPod suggestion only with knitting podcasts (or other podcasts you find interesting). I've been listening to podcasts while knitting and don't have to have the radio on or the tv. Normally, I listen to Old-Time-Radio on XM or watch tv - HGTV, Food network or History channel. Find something that can get your attention while knitting! Or, just close your eyes, pet the Digit man and listen to podcasts or music or radio ....

Good luck. Me? I have no problem being lazy :)

I like that shopping bag! I figure as long as you don't over do it, then a little bit of activity is okay. But I have trouble just doing nothing.

I have a lot of work to do--could you spend some time just staring at the ceiling for me?

This is also a sign that you're starting to feel better--hooray!

That bag is so cute! I just hit JoAnns up today - yay!

And Socrates and I send warm hugs your way! I hope you feel better soon!

I think I need to make several of those bags -- and I absolutely hate to sew! I'm sure I"ll come to my senses if I buy the fabric. Maybe my mom will make me a couple....

So glad you're feeling better. Remember to take it easy, or you'll have a set-back -- that's why you need to be lazy.

Whoa. You have GOT to get me a copy of Bleating Hearts.

Being lazy helps the healing! I'm a horrible patient too. I get that antsy, jittery feeling when I sit still. And the guilt, always guilt. I've actually noticed lately that my 1 year old's hands are never still, not even in her sleep. Part of my is proud of this (because it means that she'll just have to learn to knit) but the other part is sad that she's going to have a hard time just sitting still.

Totally inspired by the shopping bag! Got some fabric out of my fabric stash and set to work today. Now I've got a new bag for the next shopping trip.

I love that fabric, it's super cute.

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