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ClosureAugust 16, 2007


Got tired of hairclip, and I like this way of closing it. What do you think?

(I think this is my last preblog. Hopefully I'll be back among you real-time-bloggers soon.)


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Love the ribbon, and you can change it out to go with different outfits!

Kendra said EXACTLY what I was thinking. Like, to the word.

OOH! Also your mood. You could change the ribbon depending on your MOOD.

There, that's not a completely lame "me too!" post. :)

Oh, I love that! I'm going to have to try it on one of my knits sometime...Thanks for sharing!

Yup. That definitely is superior to a hairclip. Very nice.

I love how it looks, but isn't it going to be a big pain to put on and take off? Unless it's loose enough to just slip over your head, I guess...

I'm just a lurker and an admirer of your writing and knitting skills. I have never see the white top you're modeling before. could you post some info or other pics please. Also more pics of Digit please. I am former vet surgical nurse and I was interested in his progress.
Carol (in Maine)

That looks really cool. Kind of Victorian pinup. Or something.

That looks great!

Looks really sweet, I like when people come up with avant guard ways of buttons and ribbons. I know a gal from my machine knitting guild who has made paper mache (spelling?) buttons for a special sweater she designed and knit. That way you can make it a completly custome look! Love the ribbon!

Oh yeah, the weaving gives a very Edwardian corset look to it all. Smashing! (Ok, ok, so corsets usually laced up the *back*, picky, picky... [g]) Man, just think of all the times to switch colors. Lipstick red satin cording when you want it *unlaced*. [eg] Pearl gray for looking sophisticated. Kumihimo in beautiful silks for understated exotic. Printed for-- Ok, shutting up. Good grief, I feel like I suddenly got hit with the Fashion Stick!

Dude, you are just far too elegant. That is all.

Digit was a very cute kitten, they grow up so fast, I wish I had more pictures of my babies.

Love the ribbon too, very clever.

Oh so pretty!! Love the ribbon. Love the whole look!

Very cute! Kind of old-timey underweary like the IK corset pullover. I love it, too!

Very cute! Kind of old-timey underweary like the IK corset pullover. I love it, too!

That looks really cute. I didn't see the hairclip (lol) but this is a definite winner!

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