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Dramamine RulesAugust 3, 2007

Dramamine made me feel normal again, like I wasn't hungover AND drunk on a boat in a squall. And we had it in the cabinet at home, didn't even have to get someone to get any for me.

I can tell I'm getting better because I'm getting antsy again. I tend to get antsy about five minutes after believing I'm starting to feel better. It is infinitely frustrating for those around me, because I do tend to want to build a better house around the one I'm in right when what I should be doing is resting, not digging out hammers and building supplies.

(A simple solution to this, I've found, is to read or watch decluttering pr0n -- Lala's letting me read her new book, It's All Too Much, An Easy Plan for Living a Richer Life with Less Stuff. Do you know how much this stuff excites me? And then it falls out of my head as I drop into a nap, better than dropping off the ladder as I try to clean ceilings -- do any of you have a fave declutter show that I can TiVo? There's was a British one I used to love, but I can't remember its name, and I'm not sure what's on nowadays.)

Yesterday, I didn't do too well. Because of the nausea I hadn't eaten anything all day, so about noon-time, I knew I should be hungry, but wasn't. I looked in the freezer and found some frozen ravioli that I thought didn't sound too revolting, so I put on water to boil. While the water was boiling, I thought I would do some dishes. That was my first mistake. Not quite strong enough for dishes yet, because they exhausted me half-way through and left me in a full-body sweat. But no worries, I'd eat and feel better.

Got out the pasta sauce from the fridge, not sure if it's still good, let's open and have a sniff, and the WHOLE JAR flies out of my wet hands and lands on the tiles, exploding into a gazillion-trillion tiny little shards of red glass. It sprays from one end of the kitchen to the other, from the sink to the back wall. Even hit the ceiling.

I, of course, because of the state I'm already in, burst into tears and start cleaning. The dogs think lapping at shards of tomato glass is their new favorite hobby, and I'm SCREAMING at them, which doesn't go well for anyone, because I'm not very loud, tonsil-less this way, and it's mighty painful, but my body language must have been devastating, because they dropped to the ground under the kitchen table and stayed there, tails between legs. Normally not so good at the Stay, them. Even the kittens listened to me, and I'm not sure they've EVER heard me before.

I was in big trouble with Lala about this, doing too much. So I'm determinedly Not Doing Too Much. I'm going to read and watch more TV and nap a bunch more today. She has people coming over tonight but I am NOT CLEANING THE HOUSE. Even though it's all I want to do. But I won't. It's her gathering, not mine, and I will merely take a shower (this is a big deal) and wear something befitting an invalid, and flit through the living room at times, looking gaunt and possibly wan, if I can pull either of those off (I don't think I can, but forgive a girl for trying, right?).

HaHA! I am coming BACK!

Digit is doing great, but very sadly, still has the cone. They took the stitches out yesterday, but the skin is still raw around the two spots they did, so they want him to wear it a while longer, poor bub.

Whew. And that's all I got.


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Poor Digit and Rachael. Just lie in bed, pet the kitty, and make lists. Or think elaborate thoughts. Make origami!

Glad to hear you AND Digit are mending. Funny you should mention decluttering and a British program. Today's Crazy Aunt Purl's blog http://www.crazyauntpurl.com/ is all about that and the BBC show "How Clean Is Your House."

I love decluttering and organizing. I've looked at that book, but couldn't bring myself to buy it and bring it into the house knowing I have other books that need to find new homes. Is it worth it?

Glad you're feeling better and Digit is doing so well. He looks like a good comforting kitty. :-)

Someone beat me to the "aunt purl" post. But I bought a book a while back at a Jamba Juice, of all places, called something like Clearing Your Clutter through Fung Shei. I am the worst with clutter and have to confess I am a terrible housekeeper. But I love the idea of a clean, clutter free house. Do you think the act of "visualizing" a clean house burns any calories?

Feel better. So sorry about the pasta sauce. I had a can of chile con queso explode in the kitchen once. Cleaning cheese and chiles off the ceiling was almost enough to sour me on queso for a while. Almost.

Ohmigawd, what a day. Geesh, woman, stay put or Lala's gonna kill ya. ;) Flit, my ass. Why do I get the impression you'll be attempting to entertain people with trapeze stunts from whatever ceiling-hung lighting fixture you have, despite Lala racing after you, trying to get enough Dramamine into you to get you to sleep?

Ok, I could be imagining things. But I have dark suspicions.

Poor Digit; hope the skin comes back quicker so he can be released from the cone!

Good news for Digit -- his fur should all start growing back quickly in September. My cat had surgery several years ago in May and was bald all summer. As soon as fall arrived, all the fur grew back really fast. I never knew that cats have hair-growing seasons for both their main hair and their undercoat. I thought she was going to be bald forever.

Another good book is "Not for Packrats Only" and others by the same author. Helped me clean out useless clutter that I was having a hard time letting go.

I like Clean Sweep on the TLC network. It's a good one for both making the tough decisions about what stuff is really important and also the organizing of the kept stuff.

My hubby is the same way with getting antsy to do stuff about 7 seconds after he stops being on his death bed. It usually comes back to bite him, but it doesn't seem to slow him down the next time. :-)

It must be the Week of Exploding Glass because we had a glass go. Same result, only without the tomato sauce, so it was rather easier to clean up. Also, no one at my house had exhausted themselves by Doing Too Much.

BAD girl!

I hope Digit gets that cone off soon. Although the kittens might regret it!

I've done the Jar Of Tomato Sauce Acts Like It Was In A Topless Blender before. It is *amazing* how high that stuff can go! Next time, maybe a little scoop from the plastic tub of pesto?

Glad you're feeling more shipshape. That sounded *awful*.

The splattering of the sauce sounds very much like what happened with my Frappucino when I shook it when I'd already taken the top off. I get teased about that a lot by my local knitting buds. Ah, life with a blog.

I enjoyed the program "Neat", which you may be able to find on one of the Discovery channels (it's on Discovery Home and FitTV). I like this one more than other shows because the host/organizer talks to the people to find the reason they are disorganized or have too much stuff and then she personalizes the solution to fit their needs. I also like the organizer on Neat, she's more than an interior designer/decorator and I really believe she wants to help these people.

Great news! Does this mean you are up to an appearance, albeit a gaunt, ghostly, and mysterious one, at Maia's on Sunday? I'll be there....

Forgot to add: Maybe Digit would be better in a softer cone? My cats have come home from the vet with blue and white polyester-fabric cones that tie around their necks. They're not rigid but not completely limp either and they keep them from licking or scratching what they shouldn't be licking or scratching. It doesn't eliminate their frustration or inability to see their feet (tripping) but when they bump into things they don't get a jolt. The only downside is that it crinkles and makes some noice. You might ask your vet and if they don't know what you're talking about, ask me for a picture and I'll email you one. Or heck, I'll mail you one of my spare collars if it helps.

Dude, I was on Amazon buying that book before I even finished reading your post!

Who knew that Day 8 meant instant chaos for those around you! Enjoy.


I'm so happy to hear a hint of improvement. Keep up the good work ok??!??

1) I am glad you are starting to feel a teensy bit better.
2) poor poor you...you have my unabridged pure uncut aaawwwweeee because i know you've been in a seriously yucky feeling place for a while.
3) glad LaLa is bossing you around about this..ya need to step back and heal now girlie and knock this superwoman crap off right now do you hear me! (that was my very bossy mother of a 15 year old voice if you didn't recognize it!)
4) Dig is getting better and better every day and a few more days of the hated cone will NOT permanently destroy his psyche.
5) i spaced out and forgot what 5 was, but whatever. glad things are pointing UP.

So, has Digit not wanted to go outside at all since he's been home??

Glad he's doing well, and you're feeling better!

A girl I used to work with had an excellent rule for her husband: If you even *think* about asking if something in the fridge is good, throw it out. No exceptions.

Says me, who nearly bit into a sugar snap pea that should NOT have been moldy, but was. :P

Be careful what you wish for, I know, but I just adore the drama of the gaunt and possibly wan invalid scenario you set up. Hee. You've still got your sense of humor, so that's a great sign. *kiss*

Ah yes, the "tomato sauce imitates a volcanoe" interactive art display. Done it. I was finding spots of tomato sauce for WEEKS after. In the strangest of places. Like behind the clock on the wall. The clock that lies flat against the wall. Very weird and irritating. Buck up, could be worse. Wan should be well within your repertoire. Gaunt is unlikely due to the swelling I suspect....

glad you are feeling better.
i *love* organizing and decluttering too. my favorites...neat, mission organization, clean sweep -- i haven't seen british ones, but, oh...i have to search now because there is something about their humor and accents that i adore. peter walsh from clean sweep has a show too, don't know the name, but he also has a bunch of mini videos on his website to watch that are fabulous for the addicted to organizing type. here's the link: http://www.oprah.com/foodhome/home/organizing/challenge/challenge_main.jhtml

If you get the style network, How Clean is Your House is one of my favorites. Of course, seeing Niecy Nash out of her Reno 911 uniform and dishing out the sass to all the people who want to hang on to their crap is a big plus. Try not to laugh, though. I had my tonsils out at age 19 and I remember laughing being up there on the pain scale with coughing. Feel better soon and happy watching!

I stopped by to see how Digit's doing and find out you've been down, too!

Glad to hear both of you are doing better. Poor naked-butt cat - his fur will grow back, but it may take until his winter coat comes in.

I always feel great when I declutter and organize! I hope you and Digi are doing better each day!

it's after midnight and I really gotta be up in a few, but wanted to tell you how your Digit keeps coming into my thoughts, brought on, by all things, an 'Old 97's' song "Murder (and a heart attack) about a missing cat, though it sounds for all the world the singer has lost the love of his life. I'm just so glad you have another chance to love on your cat (and if that statement were an episode of 'Are You Being Served?' I'd have had to use the 'p' word, which always leads to fits of junvenile giggles.) Just happy you're on the mend, relieved for Lala, 'cuz you're probably easier to sleep next to, now that you're not gagging on your own fluids, and making scary noises. Things just needed to settle down for you, now YOU need to stay settled down and finish healing. Sorry to have missed the spectacular 'remodel' on the kitchen, though. I dropped a glass jar of salad dressing and the whole shebang oozed into the cracks of the kitchen floorboards (recycled tobacco barn boards...tons of holes!) Smelled for weeks. Give everyone there a squeeze from a crazy, drugged-up middle-American who's on her way up to bed. Still with "Digit's song", as I now refer to it, playing in my head... Cami

I've been out of town and missed most of your saga! Poor baby! Restless and antsy should be good signs, though. Take it easy and get better. Easy for me to say, daughter-of-pediatrician: I am the world's WORST patient! Love to Digit, too!

I like Clean House on the Style Network, too. Some people have psychological reasons for hanging on to stuff, but I believe others just keep junk because their lives are so busy that they haven't gotten around to clearing it out. Clean House is the perfect show for those people.

As for pulling off the gaunt and wan invalid routine, I never can manage that myself. I have the look of a big, corn-fed farm girl; I don't put off that "take care of me" vibe. Even when I call in sick, I have to fake a sick voice because I never sound as bad as I feel.

The BBC's "How Clean Is Your House" struck me as condescending, superficial, and belittling. However, the Beeb's "Life Laundry" of several years ago was great -- it went into the psychological issues of the hoarders in a clear but relatively gentle/kind way, and focused on how to reduce stuff (making the clutterers really confront _all_ of it).

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