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Get Lucky with The Whoreshoes in So CalAugust 15, 2007


You would think I would have blogged this before, but I kept forgetting.

But if you're in the southern California area, you HAVE to go see the girls this week -- they're fantastically fun, and great musicians, and they smell pretty good, too. They've got quite a knitterly following here, and if you go up to them and tell them The Knitter sent you, I will get even MORE street cred. Help me out here.

Thursday night (tomorrow night): The Silverlake Lounge, Los Angeles
Friday night: The Whiste Stop, San Diego
Saturday night: Muddy Waters, Santa Barbara

More details (and mp3s) on their site (with links to venues).
Go! Tell 'em I sentcha!


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But when are they coming to Seattle? You should come too.
If I see you, I will run up and yell "Rachael!" and then try to convince you I am not an psycho stalker!
DH says "They twang harder than Dolly". He also says Willie (William Shakespeare) and Waylon are the coolest cat names ever. EVER.

OK, I know I'm sounding like a broken record, but it has been *weeks* since we saw photos of the Miracle Cat! How is that old bonyass fuzzybutt?

Ooh! I am sooo there at the Silverlake Lounge. Thanks for blogging this, because I don't get out much and never would have known about it :)

The Silverlake Lounge? Oh how I would love to see them there. Alas I'm stuck in Arkansas. I don't guess they're booked at our local Eagles, Moose or Elk's lodge?;-)
Serioulsy I love Silverlake and miss it so much. I hope they have a great time and I'll do some advertising with my L.A. peeps.

I missed the girls in San Diego, I can't believe I mixed up the weekends. Hopefully they will come back soon some time. Hope you feel like your old self again soon. btw, love driving down the coast in Half Moon Bay area, on my own. Take care. Susanne

Dang! I went to the Whoreshoes website and -- hey! I'm FROM Asheville! Love the song.

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