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RachellaAugust 21, 2007



So my friend Emily, designer of many beautiful patterns, including Coachella, left me a comment saying she wasn't THAT interested in Ravelry, since she knit her own designs. I hear that, oh, yes.

But out of the spirit of fun, I went to Ravelry, and looked up Coachella, and told her just how many of them were in progress among the 8000+ users, and how many times it had been queued, all that fun stuff.

I looked through the user photos.

And suddenly, a pattern that I'd had NO interest in making, because it looks so great on small-framed marathoner Emily and therefore probably not so much on me, suddenly jumped not only into my queue, but out of my stash onto my needles because boy HOWDY did it look good on the girls of a bigger size. Honey, we can carry this off, and you should make one, too!

Took only 5 TV nights to make, seriously great pattern. I went with Cotton Fleece, 2.1 skeins used, in alpine lilac. I went with the 29" bust even though I wear a 38" bra -- the pattern says the 29 would fit up to a 36, and I wanted negative ease and I didn't want it to fit too loosely. My racerback jogbra fits just right underneath, and I LOVE THIS.

Wearing it right now, in front of the fan.



PS - I made the skirt up there, too, I just realized. Pockets! Yay!


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Ok, that's it, when I get thin enough I'm making one!! You look maaaahvelous!!

Ooh, now I want one too.

That is adorable. And why is my Ravelry invite still waaaaay down in the queue?

I still couldn't make that one, though. I don't have a racer back bra (I'd doubt they even make them big enough for my girls). Maybe after I'm done breastfeeding...

Cute on you, though.

That looks fantastic! Just delurking to say I'm glad to see you're feeling better.

Wow, that does look nice! I was afraid to make one because I am not o-so-skinny. And because I didn't want to use uber-expensive faux-suede ribbon o.O


I'm "on" Ravelry already but haven't dared go to play yet. I get three hours of sleep a week as it is!

You look gorgeous!!!

Yowsa. You look fantastic!

You look wonderful, what a great fit.

you so purdy!

That looks fantastic!!

That is gorgeous!

HMM that is super cute! I may have to add it to my cue now too! I wondered how it would look on a busty girl like me!

Hot stuff!!! That's the best part of Ravelry -- seeing FOs in real life, on real people.

Oh, that looks amazing! It's going higher in the queue now. And yes, I love being able to look at what other people have done with a pattern or a yarn or both. It's great.

I am obsessed with the shaping on that thing - just got two colors of Fauve to try it out. I think it is one of those genius shapes that works for nearly everyone.

As long as you are not a complete stranger to the tricep dip.

I also have an idea to translate it into the perfect summer t-shirt dress.

It looks STUNNING on you! I can't wait to make one for myself...if I ever can stop designing and knitting to do so ;)

That looks fabulous on you!

I also love looking through the finished versions of patterns. I was sort of surprised to notice that the garments often look best when they are close-fitting. I tend to think I need to go up a size "so I won't look fat" blah blah, but a baggy sweater is not always the most flattering!

That looks freaking fantastic on you! And I'm glad you are feeling better.

Wow Rachael!! It looks great! I love seeing how great it looks on you and I'm glad to hear that the pattern was fun to knit. I'm so flattered by the attention! Thanks for the kind words.
(I think it's kind of hilarious that I can't go look at the Ravelry pictures of finished Coachellas myself... ah, in time I'll get to see them, hehe.)

It looks fabulous on you! I'm going to go add it to my Ravelry queue right now.

Please, oh please show us a picture of the back of that Coachella.

Lovely color on you.

Awesome! It looks great on you!

That is seriously fabulous. I'm going to have to reconsider doing one now!

That looks gorgeous. But damn, girl, you are quick! Didn't you *just* mention an interest in Coachella? And here I am, absolutely trudging along on Bristow...


It looks simple, stylish and sweet at the same time. Very nice. :)
In Germany all knitters are impatiently waiting to get an account in ravelry. So far I did not make it. Bäh. ;)

That top looks great on you! I also had zero interest in Coachella until I saw the ones on Ravelry. I have similar boob issues.

WOW, that looks fantastic on you! I HAVE to knit me one of those!

I'm glad that you shared that with Emily! It really is a great pattern and I know she was concerned about how it would fit on different frames. She did an AWESOME job with the pattern! and it looks really great on you as well.

OK. I look older than I did 11 years ago. Digit looks older than HE did 11 years ago. Why haven't YOU aged? Looking good, girl.

That looks fabulous! A very good knit.

WOW! That looks totally amazing!

That looks so good on you. I'm impressed with the girls and all that this really fits you. Negative ease, a beautiful thing. I love it.

That looks fabulous!

I think one of my favorite features about Ravelry is how easily I can see how designs look on real people, in real settings. Sure, that sweater looks great on the model with her hair all done and perfect makeup and light tent etc, etc... but how will it look on ME?

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