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The Well of SmartiesAugust 2, 2007

It's always like having this long, deep, SMART well in my backyard -- I can toss a question in, and you all answer me in so many wonderful ways. You know everything! Thank you, all of you.

The nausea is not quite settled yet -- living on ginger tea right now, but I just called my pharmacist and she said I could take benadryl with the Lortab (you clever ones, you, who suggested this) -- it's gonna make me SLEEPY but I could do with a little sleep right now. The doc upped my dosage schedule to every two hours instead of every four, with hopes that would help. I think it has, a bit, but right now I feel like I'm on a boat, and I'm not that fond of being on boats.

This CAN'T be interesting to anyone but me and Lala, and really, she has to say that, doesn't she? So instead, what I saw on my bed yesterday (Digit was there, too, of course, but we have visitors often):


Willie, with a Harriet backdrop.

And look away if you mindless assless chaps on a cat, but how cute is this sleeping pose?



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I'm so happy to see pics of Digit safe at home, curled up on your bed with you. Does the cone come off today? Hope the ginger tea & Benadryl are helping. BTW -- wanted to let you know that my husband and I finally read Yes Man, which I learned about here on your blog. So funny -- we loved it. A very belated thanks for that review!

Waiting breathlessly to see Digit with his cone removed!!! How amazing that he returned at a time when you would be recovering from surgery as well! I've been loving your posts & that you are both together at such an awful time-quite a bond you must have with Digit!!

I still can't believe he spent four months getting back to you.

He looks adorably contented. And very happy.

Here's to the cone coming off today. Cheers!

Tomorrow is day 8. Fingers crossed. The scrip for Allie last fall was for morphine and lots and lots of real yogurt as soon as she could tolerate it to keep the tummy working.

Yah, this is a day late, but I just ran across it. http://tipnut.com/12-home-remedies-for-nausea/
Tipnut makes for good reading when you can't concentrate for long, and it's educational, too! When are we going to see Digit sans cone?

You may be hallucinating on that medicine, but that sea of amunals is hi-larious! Who knew Digit's headcone would be such a wonderful pillow.

P.s. I'm reminding you to blog your friends' wedding site...

Oh, who knew kitties wearing assless chaps were so cute! I think we have a new category on Cute Overload!

Oh my Rach! Sorry to hear that you're having some extra yucky stuff because of your meds.


Get better soon!

I've got to admire a cat who can look so comfortable and cute with a cone on his head and a bare butt.

You know it's funny? I never minded the pictures of Digit's shaved butt until you dropped the phrase "assless chaps" on us. Now his picture looks... unseemly.

Where's his tiny, studded, black leather newsboy cap?

Thank ghu you found something that worked! Yes, sleep good. And I think I'm with Erika. At least a black leather cone? Although it's a tad late now. [g] Can hardly wait to see him without cone; I'll bet he'll be so relieved!

I can't believe he's wearing the cone still and hasn't vengefully destroyed it!

Oh my god. That is too cute for words, assless chaps and all. Isn't it wonderful when you have all these contented animals around you?

By the way, I know there are those of us who are interested and do care about how you are doing so feel free to post away about it. If nothing else it keeps you from feeling too alone in your misery.

Hell, girl! Share that misery! That's what we're here for!

>>very gentle pats on the head<<

I think you need to knit Digit some cute little pants to keep his bare bottom warm.

having furbabies around you when you're ill is the best. glad yours are taking care of you. (and enjoy it because i don't think the pain will last that long. :)

that Digit is too cute for words

the kittens are soo pretty!

Ohh, one of my kitties went for dental surgery and they shaved a part of her leg and bandaged it. I didn't want to take the bandage off because she looked so cute, like a little Rambo. Eventually I did, and the fur grows back quickly. Assless chaps will soon be replaced with fur.

Just when I think I can't love Digit any more, up pops another photo even better than the last! Too bad about the cone, though.

Digit's assless chaps?!?! LMFACO

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