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You AllAugust 31, 2007

make me feel good. Thank you for reading, thank you for voting, thank you for encouraging.

But dude, I'm feeling weird about entering that contest now. I'm ready for it to be over, so I can have the manuscript back and start making changes. Edits. Big edits.

It feels like.....

[Here I spend time thinking about an appropriate analogy and this is what I come up with:]

It feels like I wrote a rough draft (a shitty first draft, SFD, as Anne Lamott calls it -- just gotta get it on paper) and MAILED IT OUT. And wow. That's not an analogy. That's what happened.


But I can't have it.

[Edited to add: Yes, I still have the manuscript, stored in many different ways. But I think even though I want to edit it, and even though I'm freaking out that I sent it, I want at least a month to let it settle a bit.]

So I'm working on the next thing. It feels really, really good to be working. I have so much more energy now those tonsils are outta there! I was under-the-weather for what, four months? That really drags on you, and I feel SO much better. Me and Digit. We're feisty again.

But you want to see the kittens, right? Or at least one? And a chihuahua? Or the head of a chihuahua?


Someday we will be able to afford to purchase the rest of the dog.

You enjoy your Labor Day weekend, huh? I'm planning to. Drive safely.


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You will go on to the next round, I'm sure. Don't you have the manuscript on your computer or stored on-line? I can't wait to read the whole thing.

Don't fret my Pet, all will be fine!!!!!

I can understand why that would feel scary and unsettling, but I still think you should be proud of yourself for just getting it done and putting yourself out there. It will all turn out okay--and I voted for you!

ehh, the WHOLE chihuahua is not really necessary... if you just have the head, you won't have the pooping end to worry about!
congrats on all of the writing you're getting done... it must feel so great!

MMMMmm, lil' doggie heads!!!

I can totally understand why you would feel that way - your baby went out into the world before you might otherwise have been ready for it (her?) to do so. The draft still rocked, though. You will advance to the next round, and, in the end, you will have lots of time to revise, no?
It looks like your kitty has dragged home a chihuahua head.
BTW - I also wanted to let you know that I listed your blog as one of my five Blog Day recommendations.

Smartass comment #1: It looks like the kitten pooped -- or is in the process of pooping -- a Chihuhua.

Smartass comment #2: The Chihuahua, quoting my mother, is saying "Hey, Cat? If you're looking for your butt, it's right here in my face!"

And as for the manuscript: I'll betcha that nobody ever ever EVER really thinks it's "done," really thinks it's ready for the world to see it. Whether it's a painting, a story, or a child, the creator still wants to make a couple more adjustments.

Somebody famous once said that great art takes two people: One to make the art, and one to hit him over the head and make him stop when it's done.

You rock!!

So, when is that kitten/Chihuahuah pic gonna be a lolcat, hmm? (Oops. Pardon me; lolcat/loldog. I don't want hordes of angry doglovers after me. [g])

Mmm, chihuahuaheads. Miss Idaho is lovely, even if only partially there.

Think of it as an analogy for your novel.

Or not, seeing you don't really want to be writing a book that smells of cat butt.

I'll just shut up and go to work now.

The idea of purchasing pets on installment is funny.

And, just so you know, you're responsible for the small shopping spree I had on amazon today. I read that little snippet of your story and really got a hankering for a good, sweet romance (I'm not really into the smut kind). I haven't read one in years, and I am not up-to-date on which would be good reads. So, I wandered around amazon quite aimlessly before purchasing a few forensic thrillers and a couple of romances. Just what I've been wanting lately - a little good old-fashioned escapism. I can't wait to get to read yours in its entirety.

Oh my god girl. You are just too funny! Hope you can afford the rest of that chihuahua soon. (I almost snorted coffee out of my nose when I read that)

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