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Dear Corey Flintoff,September 5, 2007

I confused you with Scott Simon! I confused his sweet, overeager voice (when dealing with baseball only; at all other times he is professionally calm and undereager) with your fine, controlled live-from-Baghdad one. I don't know how to explain how I did that except that I was not well-enough caffeinated.

And not only did I confuse you two, but because of the tunnels in the knitters' underground (this is how we get wool from Canada), YOU FOUND OUT that I mixed up the two of you. And now, forever more, instead of thinking of me as Rachael Herron, writer and avid NPR aficionado, you will think of me as Rachael Herron, that girl who doesn't know how many minutes are in an inning AND can't tell voices apart when listening to her factory-installed cassette-tape radio on her way to work.

I hope you will forgive the gaffe.

Don't tell Scott, huh?

Be careful over there.

Yours very truly,

** edited to add:


Dear Corey Flintoff, Scott Simon, and Ira Glass (who is not part of this but I adore you, too),

If you would like a pair handknit socks to make up for the confusion, please specify color and size. I am not kidding. Nor am I a stalker. I just like to knit socks.

Yours very truly again,


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Knit him some socks or something. ;)

Fer reals? He found out??? I think the sock knitting could be a good idea.

Don't tell CF, who seems like a nice enough guy, but I ADORE Scott Simon, whatever he may be talking about. (One of) the best parts of my Saturday morning.

What's the whole story?! I must know! I, too, am an NPR addict. AND I love to hear Scott Simon talk about baseball--it's so cute.

And let me just say that one of my most prized possessions is a note that Ira Glass sent me one time. I heart Ira.

Girl, you are going to have to up your pledge to get out of this. And refuse the tote bag.

He found out. Unbelievable.

I just linked myself to Franklin Habit through the Maine State Legislature. Hee hee. Knitting underground.

Oh, my gosh - that's so funny! I actually have problems telling a lot of the NPR guys apart. I mean Ira and the Car Talk Guys have distinctive voices, but the rest of them sort of meld together in my mind. I like them all, though - I think they need socks!

I SO hope they take you up on the socks. What an awesome story that would make!

Whoa. No one EVER takes me seriously. :O

Yeah, Corey, Scott and Ira have fine voices, but Carl Kasell is smooth with seven o's! Oh, for his voice on *my* home answering machine. (And why has he disappeared from Wait, wait!? I worry.)

Ok, I can see Corey Flintoff and Scott Simon, but no one would ever mistake Robert Siegel for anyone else, would they?

I do heart Corey, though. I love that pledge drive "commercial" that he does, where he reports from his back yard.

You know all those gorgeous lovely voices, while not interchangeable, I don't know that I couldn't make that mistake myself. Man, now we're just justifying their need to keep introducing themselves and telling me what station I'm listening too.
But really, I think hand knit socks more than makes up for it.

That is perhaps the best blog post I have read in ages, anywhere. Just fantastic.

Seriously, you MUST tell us the whole story of how he found out. I hope they both take you up on your offer of socks, too. How cool would it be to be able to say "I knit socks for Corey Flintoff and Scott Simon" :-D tee hee!

Dear Corey: Please don't take Rachael's error personally; I can vouch for her character and confirm she's a really nice person. I'm glad you're out from behind the newsdesk, but your reporting from Baghdad had me nervous! I hope you take Rachael up on her sock offer - the next time you talk to Steve Inskeep, let him know I'd be happy to make something for him, simply because I love his goofy comments on the half-hour and in between stories so much.

Stay safe!

Oh, and not to be the comment stalker (really - three times??), but my daughter knew Robert Seigel's voice by the time she was three. "Mama! Robert Seigel!" I would hear from the back seat. Or,"Michele Norris and Melissa Block? Mama, where's Robert Seigel??"
It was a bit weird.

Oh well, at least you didn't call him an a*shole with a small d*ck. THAT would have been embarassing.

ok...i'll humbly admit it.....it took me a little while to think of the answer to "who the helll is Corey Flintoff and why does that name sound familiar?"...i'm such a dork....
knitting underground...tunnels from canada...hahahahahahaah

Glad you cleared that up, because I couldn't find ANY audio clips of Corey talking about baseball! Seriously, I thought there was something wrong with me! I enjoy when people write/talk about things they dearly love.

I would dearly love to know how they found out about your gaffe! I have silently(lurkingly/stalkingly) loved Scott Simon for his voice, his humor, his insight and his interview skills (but NOT for his sports sagacity - ahem). ANYWAY, please keep us all posted on this.

How do you know he found out? Did he call or something?

Oh yeah. Full disclosure. Nothing less. Sleuths can figure out it's your commenter who works in the same building who tipped him off, but the rest? GIVE!

Please. ;)
::madly giggling::

(giggle) Ira Glass is the bomb. I just renewed at KALW during This American Life and told them, this is why I listen to KALW!

You are so cute. I wish I knit socks faster and could promise that.

Oh, man. I'm sitting here giggling at the wool smuggling part of this, but in the back of my head, I kid you not, there's a part of me that's hoping that Flintoff's reading this and WILL SET ME UP WITH IRA GLASS.

He's like, sooo the Ken for my Barbie Dream House.


Seeing this post today made me laugh! I have been an NPR junkie for almost 15 years and sitting there listening to it alone in the car or in my kitchen often gives one a feeling of isolation in this addiction. Reading your post and seeing how many people commented on it just delighted me to know that not only do you ladies share my passion for yarn, but also for my beloved NPR!

I hope he takes you up on the sock offer. :)

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