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Misc.September 26, 2007

I don't have that much to say. I've been working too much, I think. I find I can work on no knitting but socks. I swear, I have a sweater that's got to be three-quarters finished, Lala's yearly sweater, and I can't look at it. It's too big. Too much work.

The house is a mess. And I don't care that much. I care in an exhausted, can't-be-bothered kind of way. There's this one ledge that I've been noticing lately -- it has a layer of fine dirt on it (the window next to it is always open), and it's something that I would normally clean off during the weekly house-clean, but I haven't had time in WEEKS. We had people over about a month ago, and the house hasn't really been cleaned since then, other than a sweeping or three and one toilet-scrub. I just can't stop thinking about that ledge, but not enough to clean it.

Struggling to do my writing. I tried to write in spare pockets of time last week, and got a thousand words which all felt like they had been ripped from under my nails. Then I wrote for an hour on Monday, my day off, and got more and better words in that hour than I had the whole week prior.

Extended-family drama is occurring around us, sad drama that is exhausting, especially for Lala. There's not much we can do but watch and wait and hope, but that's hard.

However, the animals are fine, and Lala and I are fine, and last night Digit was curled on my chest, purring, and I realized that it's all okay, it's all going to be okay, someway, somehow, and it's all right just to be tired, to rest.

The Whining is Followed by A Fun Thing Or Two

Lala's band The Whoreshoes is playing Hardly Strictly Bluegrass! DUDE! If you know about this yearly event, you know it's so exciting --  it's HUGE and it's FREE in Golden Gate Park. This year, the Whoreshoes will be playing with the likes of Gillian Welch, John Prine, Robert Earl Keen, Michelle Shocked, Steve Earle, and Emmylou Harris. You should come! Obviously, I'll be knitting at the gals' Saturday gig, and I'll be wandering the rest of the time -- knitters represent!

Also, they'll be on an episode of the upcoming reality show, Girl Meets Cowboy, premiering October 14th on the WE network. Not sure which episode, but it should be fun to see 'em play on national TeeVee!

Oh, and I'm working the Good Vibes (link not safe for work -- unless you're Lala and you work there) booth for the Folsom Street Fair this Sunday, 10-2 - come say hi!

There. I am in a better mood already.


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My sweater's too big??? Are you calling me fat?

Just more of you to love, baby.

Add in Lyle Lovett and you just named ALL of my favorite musicians. ::weeps silently with piteous envy::

Don't forget that a good cookie also lightens the mood! (Did my yarn-a-go-go duty yesterday and voted--yeay---go Rachael)

Oh my gosh, I wish I could be there! I love all those people, but Robert Earl Keen is my absolutely all time favorite. And I'm sure the Whoreshoes are fantastic, too!

Dude! I have been meaning to drop you a line since I saw the line-up. I believe Saturday holds the promise of the Knitters and Los Lobos! I can't wait. I hope I see you there!

OK, I confess that I can survive without going to Hardly Strictly Bluegrass, but I'm quite jealous of you working the Folsom Street Fair. It'll be Lala's turn to be jealous of all the rampant flirting you'll receive.

OOOO! I love Robert Earl Keen . . . I remember when he used to always play the KNON benefits (community radio in Dallas that I used to be VERY involved in during the 80s).

I feel ya on the cleaning thing, too -- I noticed last week that the little drip pan thingy under the water dispenser on my fridge was all icky, and I've been meaning to soak it in bleach ever since. Have I done it? Noooo.

Lala works at Good Vibes?!? Dude, your wife is so cool.

If I weren't at a conference I would be so there to see the Hardly Strictly (though, as I hate crowds, I might sulk--probably best to just wish I were there).

Rachel, I wish I hadn't heard about Saturday's concert. It's made me painfully jealous & homesick! I can't even send the parents vicariously - they'll be HERE!

Wait...that means I'd have a babysitter....

Enjoy! And PLEASE be sure tell us how fabulous it was!

I think I need a new job. :-)

You will remind us closer to the 14th about Lalas tv appearance right- my dvr only does a week ahead on individual shows you might look for.

oh and I have company coming tonight and do you think I have done anything - of course not - and I am sitting here drinking coffee and trying to figure what HAS to be done- like clear off the couch so people have somewhere to sit at least - I have been having a serious case of the blahs for the last month or so...

Lala works at Good Vibes?!? That's freakin awesome.

hang in there, sweetie!

Lala works at good vibes?? Too awesome!

I'll be at Hardly Strictly Bluegrass! I was happy to see the Whoreshoes in the line-up - very exciting! I'll be knitting and keeping an eye out for you.

Is there something in the air this week/month? I can't do it. My house sounds just like your house, only I have layers of kid detritus. And my own of course. The dishes need washing. I should cook. Too much work at work and it's too hard and I want to run away.


Ah, you have good things coming up! I wonder if this is the year I'll get to Hardly Strictly?

I know!! I saw them in the lineup on JamBase. I can't believe that I'm busy that day. DANG IT! Roger's got a gig somewhere in the Central Valley.

Ricky Skaggs, Bruce Hornsby, Bela Fleck, AND the Whoreshoes!? Damn. Have a great time and congratulations to Lala for landing a peach of a gig.

Well, I guess this balances out the good day you had on the 19th. Too bad we can't stay "up" like that all the time, but life always intrudes, doesn't it? Drat!

Well, I guess this balances out the good day you had on the 19th. Too bad we can't stay "up" like that all the time, but life always intrudes, doesn't it? Drat!

Gah! I'm at work and I am dying to click that link.

That sounds like one completely awesome festival. One of my favorite bands is playing on Sunday. They're called The Sadies. The rest of the lineup doesn't look half bad either.

After a similar house cleaning whine of my own last weekend, my boyfriend had some amazing words of consolation. He said, "Our house isn't messy, other people's houses are just empty." SO. TRUE. And Wouldn't you rather live in a full house?

Everything will be OK.

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