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MiscSaturdaySeptember 1, 2007

Hello kids! I'm at work. It's 7:45, and I've been up for three hours already. I hope you're still sleeping, and that your coffee-pot is pre-programmed.

I have this to say, I am not a baseball fan. I don't dislike it, I just don't know anything about it. I am the one who infamously said, at the first of the two baseball events I have attended, "how many minutes are in an inning?" I'm still not totally sure why that was so funny. I swear, people hurt themselves laughing. The rows all around us heard what I said, as it was carried from person to hysterical person.

But Corey Flintoff? On NPR? He who can speak so clearly and calmly and intelligently on just about any subject? When he talks about baseball, it's like when I talk about yarn. He just loses it, and he is so damn cute. Have you heard that? Do you know what I mean? Usually, when it comes to sports, I'll flip the radio channel when people start babbling. But him.... oh, just so adorable.

And a local item of interest: A new beginning knitting class is registering over at KnitOneOne. It starts on Tuesday Sept 11th---2 hours for 4 weeks (total of 8 hours).

From Sile's description:

In Kate's beginning class, she teaches the basics
(but of course!) and then she gets people
knitting in the round and on DPN's. And of course
Ms Kate makes the class a lot of fun for everyone!

As we tell the students, after Kate's class they
can tackle just about any knitting project. (My
coach Kevin is proof positive of that---he is
signing up for Julie's sweater class and he took
beginning knitting in May!)

Sile's classes are wonderful -- you should do it if you've been thinking about learning. This would be the place and the time.

What else? My weekend which starts tomorrow is jam-packed with fun things to do -- we're seeing Big Bad Voodoo Daddy AND Lucinda Williams tomorrow at the Oakland Art and Soul festival, and Monday is the Ladies' Banjo Society Annual Picnic, and I have Tuesday and Wednesday OFF, which is nice after this rather draining 62-hour work week.

Now you go have fun! Right now!

(Oh, one more bit of miscellaneous stuff: I've been meaning to share this with you for some time. Sil, this is for you. My friends Camilla and Kirk are getting married soon. And they have THE BEST EVER wedding website. You don't have to know them to get the humor. And if you don't get the humor, then it's best you don't know them. Oh, lordy. Sometimes, on a blue day, I'll go to the site, just to cheer myself up. Enjoy, with Camilla's blessing (but don't crash the wedding unless you get them a REALLY super-expensive present).)


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I used to be the same way about Car Talk. I don't know anything at all about cars, but I find Click and Clack entertaining to me.

Big Bad Voodoo Daddy? I'm so jealous!

So jealous of the concerts you're seeing! BBVD is fantastic! Saw them last winter and loved it. Haven't seen Lucinda live. It's too hard to see shows in NYC. The logistics make me want to curl up on my couch and veg.

Your friend's wedding website is hilarious! What a great idea.

I looooove Lucinda Williams. Best hurtin' music ever!

Oh heavens to betsy, that is one funny website. I only DO wish they'd met at Serramonte Ross though...

Have fun at the shows!

Is there really truly such a thing as the Ladies' Banjo Society Annual Picnic? I'm not sure why, but that made my day.

Lucinda is the BEST!!! The Way You Move, Long For Your Kiss and Righteously are my all time favorite songs by her. What a great songwriter! Lucky you!

Lucky. I saw Lucinda Williams last fall in Northampton, MA. She was great. The three slightly drunk women who felt they had to sing along to all of her songs in loud, decididly off-key voices were not so great, but I got to practice my whithering "shut the fuck up" stare, which amused me.

The website is hilarious! I don't think that I could have kept a straight face through the photo sessions. Have fun at your shows.

That website is so great.

I once rode in an elevator with Corey Flintoff--he's great! (Before you ask, I knew it was him because he was wearing a name badge. Otherwise he would have been just another relatively handsome middle-aged dude with a beard)

OMG I am so jealous of your music-listening plans!!!

I love baseball and knitting in equal amounts (except in October,I live in the Bronx, the Yankees have been in the playoffs for 12 years straight). Knitting and baseball are great together;after a while you know when to look up and they replay every memorable play. I fell in love with baseball because my hubby and son are fans;so it was always on.

Shucks, I'm really flattered to called a. cute, b. adorable and c. knowledgeble about baseball. While the first two attributes are definitely true, I don't know squat about baseball, and I'm afraid you may have confused me with Scott Simon. Still, I'll take what I can get, and I'm thrilled to be on your blog. A friend of mine at NPR, who happens to be a big fan of yours, alerted me that I was here.

Best, Corey

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