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Note To SelfSeptember 14, 2007

When you drive to work, and you take the bike off the rack in the dark, and you notice the front wheel has turned backwards during the drive, make sure you UNTWIST that 1/2 turn, and not turn it in the same direction and ride away, because your front wheel will have been turned 360 degrees, and the computer cord will have twisted around the front post. Therefore, your computer connection that changes the gears automatically for you (that sweet, sweet technological perk) will have come unconnected and you will be stuck in 1st gear forever and ever or until you get it fixed, and you will feel like a hamster within thirty seconds. You will then ride the three blocks back, spinning the wheels furiously, and then you will drive to Starbucks for a coffee and a ham and cheddar breakfast sandwich.


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When in doubt, breakfast!

I think you made the right decision!

Wait, you have a computer that changes gears on your bike? I've never even heard of such a thing.

Your bike has an automatic transmission? I have never heard of such magic!
I thought of you yesterday as I rode my bike in to work, I was having light envy. Since I am strictly a fair weather rider, I was taken aback to see FOG ahead and stopped to put on my lights. By 'fair weather' I also mean daylight and the batteries have been in my bike lights for...some number of years, rarely if ever used. The light output was pretty pathetic and a little scary. I imagined you with halogen lights on your shoulders and helmet, beams of light shining in every direction, I think you might have actually been flying a little bit too...

Bikes have computers? and cords? I am so not up to speed on this. My last bike was a purple 10-speed from Target - not a quality purchase.

I see that I'm not the only one who didn't know that bikes have computers now. Maybe only fancy California bikes have computers :-).

I have a retro ladies' Schwinn with a three speed manual shifter...it works for me :) but your bike sounds really cool. I loved that it came with a built in bottle opener. That's brilliant!

Right now I'm dying for ham and cheddar cheese, thanks a lot!

You make it sound like coffee and a ham and cheese breakfast sandwich is a bad idea.

I'll grant that it's an awfully complicated system for reminding yourself to eat breakfast, though.

automatic transmission? I want!

I'll try to remember that!
Well, it was practically dark-thirty when it happened, right? You can hardly blame yourself...


Your bike has an automatic transmission? I am so out of it. Coffee and breakfast was the right decision. Besides, it was early.

Okay, okay. I'll ride tomorrow.

(Even though I do almost every day. I'm just dragging my feet because I'm delivering for the first time tomorrow. And I project that I will be tired by the end of the day.)

HA! (sorry)


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