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Now It Really CountsSeptember 24, 2007

Hooray! I made it to the second round of that romance-novel competition! Woot!

So now I'm totally freaking out.

I really, really need your vote. The three with the most votes out of the twenty-five semifinalists go on to the final round (where the WHOLE manuscript is read by Simon & Schuster -- oh, how I would love that). There are some people with really big voting nets, but I know I can count on my knitters to come to my aid. (If you voted on the last one you can still vote on this one, since this is a different chapter.)

Will you come read my chapter? And if you like it, will you log in and give it a ten? (Only tens are counted, votes of 1-9 are thrown out -- you have to join the site to vote if you haven't already, but they won't spam you or sell your email to anyone.)

And then there's another part of me, the part that probably won't surprise you, the part that says, "um, what the hell? A contest that collects votes to move on? Why am I doing this again?"

I guess it's this: I'm still proud of myself that I finished the book. That I like the characters. That I like the premise. It's not great literature, and it won't change the world, but it changed me somehow, and oh yeah, there's a small nod to EZ in there, too.

So, it's HERE. Come over and say hello. I will now go and gibber in a corner and try not to watch the number of votes other people are getting....

Or I will go take a walk in Leona Canyon, where Lala took this picture of me a couple of weeks ago: up an oak tree!


I love climbing oak trees..... In fact, the main character in the novel falls OUT of an oak tree later on when she's out searching for her lost alpaca..... I was lucky enough not to fall that day.


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That's so exciting! Heading over now....

I was wondering when you were going to say something! I noticed early this afternoon that you had moved up, and I have already voted. The second chapter is smoother than the first and really grabs your attention. I hope you move on!

oh sweetness! that is so incredibly fantastic!! i'm totally excited to read the next chapter...here i go!

Congrats on making the second round!

I have many memories of being in trees...and falling out of them in my 20s after ingesting certain illicit substances. Broke my ankle at a party once where everybody was tripping. Not recommended. Ah, my misspent youth was fun.

I can't wait to see what is in the cottage - I am sure it isn't all "junk"

A lost alpaca?! That sounds fantastic!

Okely-dokely, I voted. I'm a little weirded out by my word verification being "coloreds" though. Although I guess it says more about me that I didn't think of the laundry connotations until just now. ;) 50th anniversary of the Little Rock Nine and all that.

Good luck!

Congrats on making the second round. It's terrific, can't wait to see more!

Yay!! Congrats! Not that I had any doubts. Off to vote for you again...

Woohoo! I voted already (I guess to get you through the first round). Can I do more? (Besides root for you).


I love it. Cowboys always make me weak. I like the tension between the two characters and the possible attraction. Getting curious. Good Luck. Susanne

Delurking here-great second chapter, better than the first. Gave it a 10! One comment(and meant in complete kindness and helpfullness)-is he still raising sheep? If so, he has a flock instead of a herd. I have a large flock myself :)

Don't forget when you get rich and famous that I would make an excellent, over paid assistant for your wife. Or you. But you'd be okay without my over priced scheduling and organization services.

Wonderful chapter! I gave you 10 stars!

10 more stars for you!

Ok, I voted, but I am telling you, regardless of how the contest turns out, you must make it possible for those of us that are reading it, to get the whole thing. We are committed to it now!

You know, even if I weren't a loyal reader of your blog I would have voted 10 stars on your novel. I am very anxious to be able to read the WHOLE thing. *tap* *tap* *tap*

Currently holding a respectable second place... well done!

148 - In Over Her Head
141 - Love Spun
140 - Dancing With My Dream
109 - Your Gift To Me

...more specifically... currently tied for First Place!

Love Spun 142/9.8
Dancing With My Dream 142/9.8
In Over Her Head 149/9.3
Your Gift To Me 110/9.6

Yay! Good luck! (Yes, I voted too) Also, mostly because of how cool you & your Digit man are together, I've nominated you for a "Rockin' Girl Blogger" award. And I also can't wait to see the finished novel!

tried to post this over at gather but couldn't for some reason...

An old comp professor once told me, "God is in the details."
You really worked the details on this one, Rachael. I could SMELL Cade. I could SEE the kitchen.
I've enjoyed your blog, and I'm enjoying the heck out of your book.

I am so glad you sent out that email. I have been busy in the last few months and haven't kept up on my blog reading, but I love those chapters and am so glad I got to vote! I really hope you win, you deserve it!

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