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One More Little FavorSeptember 15, 2007

The First Romance Chapter competition closes on Tuesday, and I'm still in the running to move on to round two, but it's getting down to the wire. Out of the three hundred entrants, I was number three for a long time, but I've dropped to number 11. The top 15 go on to the next round, so I only need a few more votes to keep me in the running (what, do those other people have lovely groups of knitters supporting them, too? They do? Do we know them?).

If you haven't cruised over and read my entry and voted, will you consider doing so? It's silly, and there's a typo or two (sob), but if you like it at all and want it to move on so you can read chapter two, please consider giving me a 10 (1-9 votes are thrown out). You have to join their site in order to vote but they won't sell your email or spam you if you opt out of their emails.

(If you voted before but you weren't logged in, it didn't count. Please vote only once -- they're watching for IP fraud. And dude, isn't it exciting?)

So. Yeah. It's here.

And thanks.

As a reward: (Have I shown you this one yet? I don't remember. But no worries, it's cute enough for another view.)

X marks the spot:


(They were sleeping before I snapped the picture.)

PS - If you've already voted and want to vote for a great chapter by a different writer or just want a good read, here's the chapter that's been sadly overlooked. Tough Girls in Love. I think this one should win, and I mean it. I loved this chapter, and few people have voted for it, perhaps because it starts with a T, and the three hundred chapters are listed alphabetically. It's just hard to get that far when reading through the list. Go give her a 10, too! Here's a teaser, the first few lines of her chapter:

    I'd never had such a hard time getting a man naked.
    When was I going to see some skin? I already had used my scissors to slice through the front of the man's leather coat, fleece pullover and flannel shirt. The guy was cursing me out for cutting his coat, but it wasn't like I had a choice. Somewhere, he had two extra holes in his body.

There, don't you want to read more?


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Whew, I thought I'd missed my chance to vote! Heading over now -- we're gonna get you through...

I voted!!!

Anything for you. Especially when sheep and cute kittens are involved.

Glad you are still heading towards the second round. Hope you get there and that you have begun your first redraft/edit for when it's submitted to publisher one way or another.

Have to say I'd like the cowboy to have a partner whose out back chopping firewood flexing HIS well defined muscles in HIS ripped sleeved shirt, bandanna and tight jeans.... your heroine faces up to some truths curtesy of a friend who gave her this opportunity not to get away but find her true love in the shape not of a taciturn cowboy but tree surgeon, vet, horse whisperer or some such who of course is all women:0)

But then I am a real romantic.

I think I voted, I hope I voted, but when I went to vote for this woman, I couldn't find my password and it all got so irritating that I just left. That's sad isn't it? Driven away by choosing a password. I'm pretty sure that I made it through the frustration to vote for you though.

OK missus I gave you a measly 10 but you should have a 15 or a 20 or something like that. Good luck with chapter 2 and if you're not in there - I'll come over and whack them with some heavy knitting

I voted and gave you a 10. I want to read more of the story. I hope it isn't going to be a heterosexual romance. That seems to be the way it is heading. Please let there be lesbians!

I voted! I voted! (For you, of course.)

I voted! I voted! (For you, of course.)

Gotta go read that chapter and FAST! (not yours, I read that already and voted long ago, now I'm waiting for the next chapter)

This goes really well with the cat pic, I think.

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