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Your Cat Is Bothering MeSeptember 3, 2007

Lala sent this photo and message to my phone.


I love that he is bothersome.


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Heh. No doubt La was entirely too comfortable, or not attentive to the sexiness that is cat.

Hee hee! So great that he's being bothersome!

I'm in love with your cat.

Gooooooo, Digit! The world's greatest Comeback Kid! I still think it's a miracle that he found his way back after so long.

Digit ROCKS!

How are the schmittens?

He's beeeyooootiful!

That needs some LOLcat text, something along the lines of "I'm in ur face, breathin ur ....HEY WUTZ THAT?!?!?!?!"

(I crack myself up)

Awww... He's feeling better! :-)

Yay for Digit bothering! Sounds like he's feeling much better . . .

Isn't that great that he is there to bother people?! It still feels like a miracle that he's back, and I've never even met him.

progress indeed!

hugadigit, hugadigit, hugadigit, wooo, WOOOOOO!
hehe. isn't that what Bethany's engines say???

Oh, this just makes me SMILE!

Here's to your wife being bothered by your cat. Slainte! Makes me very happy too!

woot to Digit!

By the way, Corey Flintoff works in my building. I just sent him an email directing him to your blog. wink wink.

He's sooo thin... But it's good that he's got the energy to be bothersome.

Lala- you didn't get the memo? When R is not home, you are in charge of catering to my every whim. Got it? thx- D

yay Digit!

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