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Whining, Knitting, PicturesOctober 26, 2007

*Edited to add: The Whoreshoes will be appearing on Girl Meets Cowboy on Sunday night! Look up your showtimes; it plays on the WE channel. They'll be at the rodeo or the hoedown or whatever it is they're having.....

Whining, Knitting, Pictures.

In that order.

102.8.  That's how high my fever got before it broke. This flu is seriously kicking my ass. I haven't done a single thing in almost three days; I've just been lying around being pathetic, with chills, shakes, fever and headache.

Yesterday Lala had to assure me that I was a fun person. Because I'd stopped believing it.

(I just looked around at the menagerie to see which animal was whistling through its nose. It was me. Sigh.)

So. Which one of you Rhinebeckians gave this to me? And how long did it take you to get better?

No, I believe more that I got it on the plane, or somewhere in New York, holding on to rails in the subway, pushing elevator buttons. I always mean not to hold the handrails, and then I do on accident. Then I mean not to touch my face or eat anything until I wash my hands and then I forget. Surprising I don't get sick more often. Then I took a virtual red-eye back home and stayed up for almost 24 hours, which just depleted any germ-fighters I  had left, and wham, here I am.

I'm feeling a bit better, though. Fever down to 101 or just below, which by now feels almost normal.

Let's talk about knitting for a moment, shall we? Something we never do around here anymore, so this should be fun.

I left Rhinebeck SO INSPIRED. What a great and wonderful gift we all possess, being able to knit, don't we? There are so many things to make! To create! To spin! And I'm stuck here with Lala's Durrow sweater, right at the point where I need to join the sleeves to the body and start making some decisions. I don't think I'm smart enough at the moment to make those decisions so I've put it off for a while. Maybe later today if the Tylenol holds.

But I'm already thinking: what next? I do this every year -- I have a knitting slump through the summer -- who doesn't? I feel I've lost the mojo. Never making a sweater again. And then I get this itch, this familiar feeling. I actually lie in bed at night and fantasize about shoulder shapings and stitch patterns.

I just read the latest Vogue Holiday Knitting issue (Lala brought it to me last night, kind wife that she is), and I like two things: That crazy little reindeer number and that silly Debbie Bliss colorwork cardie. I don't love either enough to make them, I think (although I'd buy that reindeer sweater and wear it joyfully -- I just don't think the humor would sustain itself through the effort, do you?).

But it reminded me of what I REALLY want to make. My mother was in Denmark (I think it was Denmark, at least -- my memory is bad) in the sixties (probably the sixties) and commissioned a true fair-isle sweater, lovely green and white, traditional patterns to the village she commissioned it in. I want to borrow it and copy it in my size. Wouldn't that be cool? I think it's time.

Enough about that. What about a few pictures before I go nap again?

Me and a tree! A red tree! So exciting.

Me and my Michelle, and proof that I wore Cromarty.

Even if the rest of us bought a lot (3 POUNDS of rainbow fleece?), this is proof that La Brainy bought a whole sheep.
[Aside - Michelle, Alison and I are all aghast at the fact that we didn't get one picture of the three of us together -- did anyone else get one of us? Please?]

JStrizzy's first real yarn! HA! We GOT her and made a spinner, and a very fine one, indeed. She has the knack. (Sucka!)

Me and the It Girl herself, Jes, of Ravelry fame, at the pre-Rhinebeck-Ravelry party which was unofficially held in their hotel room. She is a doll, and I'm happy to report that Ravelry will take over the knit-world. As it should.

Maia, who made it all possible, really.

Just pretty. I should have brought some home to Lala. Instead, I brought her a pastrami sandwich from Katz's. Yes, really. Oh, yeah.

I don't know who she is, but I love her.

HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA! Best bunny face EVAR! He looked even more like a little old grumpy man in person. Tremendous.

And now, kiddos, I'm plumb wore-out. Back to bed. Hope you all are well, and GET YOUR FLU SHOT. No joke.


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You poor thing. Go get some sleep, and have sweet sweater-knitting dreams. xo

I sure hope you feel better really soon!

It was fun to meet you, Rachael! Don't forget to deliver my extra hug to Celia.
; )


Ugh - a full blown case of the flu. I'm so sorry! I hope you feel better soon. I just thought you were having the utter exhaustion blues. My son likes to say "Get Well Now!" which he feels is so much nicer than Get Well Soon - so please, please, please get well NOW!

Rachael, submit that bunny picture to Disapproving Rabbits!!!

subject line: Rabbit Submission

Yeti Rabbit Disapproves!

Ok, it definitely had to have been in NYC or on the plane. Cuz I spent all weekend with you and slept in the same room, and I don't have so much as a cold. (I don't mean to sound smug, I swear) I'm glad you're doing better, but don't settle for 101, babe. ;)

It sucks when the universe smacks you with sickness to balance the too freakin good a time you just had, doesn't it? Or maybe it's the lack of sleep...

Hope you're feeling better soon, sweeting. After seeing your smiling face all over the blogiverse this week, I almost want a blog of my own so I can prove to people I met you too.

Almost. ;o)

But the part where I got to give you a hug in person? Awesome.

Would it make you feel any better (not flu-better, since I can't help with that, but regret-better) if I told you that you most likely couldn't have transported those apples for Lala over state lines anyway?

-Ryan, from Apple Country

P.S. I'm wishing for you that one magic moment when you realize that you are on the mend. It's on its way, I promise!

Hey that Harlot was begging for drugs before Rhinebeck...
Great bunny picture! Thanks.
And here's something to cheer you up, this year's xmas postage stamps are KNITTED!

I hope you feel better soon!

That rabbit rocks! And is plotting to take over the world. I'm sure of it.

Holy crap, is that a RABBIT???

Sorry you're sick! Hope you feel better soon. "Girl Meets Cowboy"--what a crazy show! I love how the girls are so unrealistic. They get goo-goo eyed thinking about the strapping hottie on horseback, but forget about the sweat, dirt, horse poop, and so on that goes with the territory. It's like they want the movie version, not the real thing. I'll watch for your sweetheart on the tube Sunday!

I'm getting my flu shot right after the baby's born. You should get one, too, because there are THREE STRAINS in every vaccine (by my understanding) and you can still get the other two (if you had one of the three to begin with). Check with your doctor. Also, get some purell to put in your purse. good stuff. I need to take that advice, myself.

I love the bunny. (that song is technically about chocolate bunnies, fyi)

That bunny is wonderful!

I hope you feel better soon.

Hope you feel better soon! Looks like you had a great time.

Yeah, Yarn Harlot was soooo sick going and you hung out with her. Hmmm...

Feel better... I just got my flu shot; it made my arm sore for a day, but better that than flu. Will Digit come cuddle with you while you snarfle?

Goodness! I hope its not my fault your sick. But then again I had a cold not the flu. Regardless, I hope you feel better soon.

Oh heck. I can't believe I typed your instead of you're. Time to go to bed!

Great bunny face! he reminds me of Dr. Zaius (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dr._Zaius)

Hope you feel better soon!!

Feel better soon hon!
I promise I'll get my flu shot just as soon as I get over this stupid cold :P

Thank you for putting the pictures of you, me and Alison together so that if I squint it looks like a picture of all of us.

I don't even think there's a picture of me and Alison together and I'm afraid I'm going to have to give up my internet moniker.

I hope you feel better soon. I'm setting the DVR to record the Whoreshoes right now!

Hope you are feeling better. We didn't make it to Rhinebeck...my mom was sickie. But at least she wasn't the one to give it to you!

What a wonderful photo of a fall tree! Those reds are fabulous!

Sending get better vibes - at least you have furpeople to cuddle up with when Lala's out, that always helps! Great pix. And that rabbit? That's not a rabbit. That's a hobbit who hasn't shaved for the last eleventy-hundred years, I swear!

i'm sorry you're feeling like crap. hope you feel better soon. i wonder if it's someone near you that gave it to you and you just incubated for a few days.

love the bunny shot. wish i had seen him.

feel better!

Feel better babe. And email me because I need to know if you are going next year!!

Dude, get well soon.

Feel better. That bunny is too much!

oh no - feel better soon - the flu sucks! try some extra vit C, I swear it worked for me - and huge congrats to Lala on being on prime time! love love the "bunny" pic!

I love that bunny! Love love love him! Reminds me of one I met a few years ago and almost took home with me. Someone really loves him very much. I can tell because those bunnies take a lot of combing to keep their beautiful fibre looking that good.

That bunny was so funny. I said to my husband, that face looks nearly human and then I read what you had commented. Wow, what a face. I love the sheep hugging lady too. She is way cool and would trade seats with her any day! Hey, get better and hope to run into you sometime...

the whoreshoes were so awesome on that show.i hope you feel better!!

1st - I hope you get better quick!!!
2nd - I swear that bunny or a guy that looks just like him was the receptionist at the office building I used to work at. I am not kidding!

I'm sorry that you had the crud. I have faith that you are back to your old self by the time I type this.

Thank goodness for Tivo! I was able to tape the show, fast-forward through the beginning and just see the Whoreshoes without getting hooked on another reality show. There were a couple good shots of Lala. You must be so proud :-).

:( I hope that you feel better soon.

Wish I could have gone to Rhinebeck, too. Looks like you picked up one too many goodies. The flu sucks, get better soon.

Oh ugh. I had that flu. I only got up to 102.4 though, so you win the fever battle. I wasn't in NY or Rhinebeck or even flying on a plane though, so it came through an intermediary. Do you also have night sweats? Ick.

Oh yeah, me and my girl totally adore the bunneh.


So great meeting you!!! Could we be happier and shinier in that picture? haha

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