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Camera! October 14, 2007

Have you seen my knitting mojo? I don't know where it's gone. I want to finish Lala's sweater, and I want a million of my own, but I can't seem to work on anything consistently except socks. Have finished lots and lots of socks lately.

Went to the dog park in Alameda today.


Also, got a new camera! Doesn't it take nice pictures? A friend gave it to me, which was sweet and wonderful and unexpected. Our old one was broken, which is why you've been subjected to phone-photos for so long. I love having a camera again.

Feeling disjointed today. Worked a firefighters' pancake breakfast yesterday morning, and I pressed about a million 911 tattoos into little children's skin, and I didn't wash my hands after touching them because I just forgot how germy they are, and now I feel a little off.


I have spoken.

But the pancake breakfast was fun -- I taught a ton of small children how to dial 911, and what it's for, and I think I increased the amount of prank 911 calls that the city of Fremont got last night. And I spoke to all their parents about programming their cell phones with the seven-digit number emergency lines for all their local police/fire departments -- people never realize that a simple 911 call on their cell phone canNOT be expected to be fast or accurate. Won't be that way for years yet. So yes, I educated.

That's what pays the bills so I can come home and look at Your Favorite Cat And Mine, Digit.


His mouth is open because he is complaining. As usual.

He also doesn't like this:


But he doesn't get a choice, does he? HA! Hug the cat! He's alive!  Yay camera! 


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New York? Are you going to Rhinebeck? I'll be there on Saturday. If I see you, I'll introduce myself. I enjoy reading your blog and do so regularly. I was particularly touched when Digit returned. He's looking wonderful!!! Hope to see you there!

Well, duh, I should have read your previous post first.

Hope to see you at Rhinebeck.

Wow. Rock star sunglasses.

Awww, Digit looks great! Fully recovered? I love happy outcomes.

soooo happy to see digit doing so well! that last pic cracks me up!

That Digit - he can kvetch all he wants about the huggin' and the smoochin' - he KNEW what he was coming back to, all those months on the road. ;D It's great to see him looking so sparkly.

ahhh October - Fire Prevention month - hubster enjoys going to the schools and working with the little kids - they are so enthused and still in awe of the firemen in their gear ;) Thankfully though they spread it out among the different companies or it would be a full time job not volunteer...

Go and get Airborne and hammer those suckers down - at least 3x a day - it is amazing how they work - don't understand why but it does .... a friend was on a trip and everyone in the group was sick but she and her hubby did that and they were the only ones not to get sick. Worth a try and they don't taste bad...

That's a *great* pic of Lala! Hurray for new camera; wonderful to have friends like that, isn't it? I had two conspire together when I was totally broke every month, to send me an extra monitor one had sitting around when mine shorted out and died dramatically. Bless the friends!

Digit is looking fantastic. Wonderful to see him bitching. ;) LOL on the hug picture. "I love you dearly and all that, but I *swear*...see these claws stretching out, ready to grab? Honestly, you pay and pay and pay..."

Seconding (thirding?) the vote for Airborne, particularly if you're going to be traveling soon!

I'm amazed at the glossiness of Digit's coat!

I'm going to Rhinebeck too! Yeah! West coast representing...hope we can meet up.

Yay for having a real camera again! And holy CRAP I can't believe I'm going to see you this weekend. This weekend!

I get to meeeeeet yoooooooou! :-)

Is the blogger bingo thingy coinciding with a blogger meetup at the usual Saturday location? I'm clueless. Also, not a square. Because I'm clueless. But I'm still friendly :-)

OK so seriously, got get yourself some airborne ( prefer the pink grapefruit flavor-though they all kind of suck) and take that..I'm a teacher and I swear by it!!!

OMG I am so excited you will be at Rhinebeck! I think you are so cool. Congrats on the novel and my mojo must be hanging out with yours...

You got him long enough to take a photo? How well-behaved of him...

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