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Dear Lala,October 22, 2007


Dear Lala,

I know you said I had to buy yarn. I know you encouraged me to have fun and bring pretty things home. But it is possible that this is all the yarn I bought. In fact, I think that's true. And those little purple skeins were only two dollars each at the Morehouse party. The deep orange ones say they're cashmere, but don't believe it -- I think that tag just got stuck on them somehow. Accidentally. And that border collie doesn't count -- it's a gift for Clara. You know how she likes to carry stuffed animals around and gather them all onto the couch.

So I might have let you down a little bit -- I didn't buy much at all.

But if Stephanie writes to warn you, don't believe her. She lies.


You can tell that those three pounds of Spinner's Hill merino are not mine because they match her so well.

Right? That must be hers.

I might hold on to it for her, though. If I can get it in my duffel bag for the flight home.....

More later, lovey, the internets are too slow at the Super 8 (which isn't that super, it's merely adequate), so for now, a picture of me and my friend, the turning leaf:


Kiss the dogs and bump Digit's head for me, and I'll be home soon,
Your thrifty wife who might have a lot of really freakin' bright fiber.


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That border collie is adorable!

And you know how fiber is with the static electricity and all. You pick it up and it just sticks to you and won't release and then you have to pay for it. Sort of like the fiber version of "you break it, you buy it".

it was good to see you dear heart. i'm glad you had a wonderful time in new york.

OKay. I really think I need to go next year. Are you going to go again you think???

Dear Lala,

Get ready to start living with a bag of fiber the size of a small child. And you might want to keep your sunglasses nearby.

Signed, A Concerned Citizen

Hehehe. I saw you at Rhinebeck! You have no idea or iota who the heck I am, but it was fun seeing you. You were, like, a famous person for me. I said to my fiance, "Wicked! I read her blog!"

Shoulda got an autograph. :P

Dear Lala,
Your wife is a big liar. Except for the leaf part -- those were pretty.

DAMN, I knew I should've taken your recommendation and showed up at the Morehouse party...I would've arm-wrestled you for that purple!

And thanks for not totally freaking out when I accosted you on the way out of the festival Saturday by the exit. I just HAD to say "hey!" Sorry if my friend was, er, (quick, you're a writer, find a euphemism for "annoying"). She's harmless, though.

Anyway, thanks to you and your friends for being so warm and chatty at that hour. :-)

Bring Lala and her band next time for the entertainment tent! I'll bring my fiddle and we can par-TAY!!

Um... about that bag of fleece...!

It was so great to meet you in person. What an amazing weekend! Have a safe trip back home, and try not to let wool fall out of your pockets as you clear customs...;)

Glad that you enjoyed NYC too!

Wow amazing! The purple skeins and the 2 small orange skeins are the exact same colors as I brought home from Village Wools in Albuquerque last month. Are you takin' bets on whether or not that Spinner's Hill merino fit in your duffle?

Rachel, you're so beautiful and it's clear you're so happy. I saw your picture on Stephanie's blog and I was wondering if you'd have a picture of her on yours. This entry cracked me up and I had a hard time explaining my mirth to my husband. Whoops.

Dear Lala,

Thank you for sharing your fabulous wife with us at Rhinebeck this weekend! It was lovely to meet her, and I'm sure there will pix of her on my blog in the next day or so.
I'm sure she will manage to get every ounce of the merino in her duffle, because you really must see it yourself.


Can you get Stephanie in your duffle too? That would be fun!

Wow! What colours! And they're even better with her sweater.

Dude, I may be sorta blind but I saw you with more stuff than that.

Great to see you!!

Sounds like you had a great time not buying wool or fiber...

can I ask about the sweater you're wearing? Is it your own design? Looks lovely!

Just found your blog thru the Yarn Harlot, and I love it! I knit, and have started spinning, AND until very recently I owned a banjo. Love bluegrass too. :)

Good luck with the book.

Dude, that Spinner's Hill fiber almost makes me want to learn to spin. Almost. That apartment is incredible too. Wow.

Hi, Rachel...I was so excited to actually see someone who's blog I read...I said hi to you outside the classroom bldg on Sunday. You are as lovely in person as you are on your blog. Looking forward to seeing how that roving spins up. Barbara S.

I saw you at Morehouse, but was struck by crushing shyness. Also you looked very happy and contemplative and I didn't want to wreck anything. :) It was my first Rhinebeck, and I already can't wait to go again!

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