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NapOctober 2, 2007

I like napping on purpose in the middle of day, crawling into bed while it's still bright sun outside, leaving the bedroom door open so any of the seven animals living in the house can get up on the bed with me (except Clara, she's too big and kicky to share the bed -- she goes into her crate and lies on her back). I like having the kittens play bedmice with my feet (they sleep in the yarn room at night because I am a light sleeper and all they really need is each other, anyway). I like when they sleep pressed against me, surprised to be allowed up with me. I like when Digit pushes them out of his way with a hiss and half-hearted swipe as he stalks to his rightful place next to my head (where he sleeps every night, my wakefulness bedamned). I like when Harriet demands to be picked up and placed on the bed (she must be getting shorter -- at 16 she usually can't quite jump up on her own anymore), and I like when Miss Idaho scrambles under the covers and curls up behind my knees. I like when we are a big bed full of sleeping things together. I like the sun against the curtain. I like the noise from the high school track across the creek. I like the sound of planes overhead and distant, bored-sounding barking dogs. I like reading, lying on my side, until the book drops from my hand.

I didn't do any of this today, because I don't try to nap on days when I have to go to bed early for work. And I was too busy running errands and getting the brakes fixed and cleaning the house and doing laundry on my one day off. But boy, did I think about it. I can't wait for a napping day. I like to think about napping.


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Napping is sexy.

Goodness, do I love a good nap during the day. This Sunday we were up early for a day of 4 soccer games and the husband said "Looking at the games schedule there is no time for a nap". I replied with a darn but knew that I was getting to come home after game 2 while he schlepped to the next venue...I so planned on sneaking in an hour of good napping. He figured me out and proceeded to call every 10 minutes to remind me to bring something to the field, check on the dogs, confirm that my parents were picking me up and on and on and on. Ahhhh...love him...don't know why, but I do.

Mmmm, I got in a good nap today. Had to get up at the crack of dawn for a doctor's appointment, so took a lovley nap with the kitties this afternoon.

Loved your description of the bed. Around here, we call that the Fleetwood Mac bed (like the old album cover?) - all of us piled up on the bed for a snooze. :-)

Mmm, I wish I was a good napper. Napping usually results in insomnia later. But I work at home and sometimes it's tempting to sneak off for a little snooze.

Poor Harriet, she needs a little set of steps for your bed!

You call it playing Bedmice. We call it playing Toe Monster. :-)

Mmmmmm, I love a good nap . . . in theory, anyway! I wish I were good at it -- usually I wake up all stupid and cranky afterwards. So I guess I must live vicariously through you! :D

I'm not allowed to nap. I wake up so crabby I can't stand to be near myself. I was on vacation at the beach years ago with 3 friends. I took a nap after swimming. The rest of the vacation my friends took turns keeping me awake in the afternoon so that I couldn't nap.

Naps make me grumpy once I wake up - dont know why because some days I really NEED a nap! Reading this whole thing has now made me sleepy.

What a wonderfully written entry! Thank you for making my day a little bit brighter.

Some days I need a nap in the worst way. Insomnia or insane animals will rear an ugly head between two or three in the morning and by shortly after noon all I have to do is say "Let's go to bed" and it's a parade of me, a cat and two dogs running up the stairs. The other cat usually curls up in my chair while we're gone and enjoys her peace & quiet....

That sounds lovely. I like napping on the couch with all our kitties piled on...Leo snuggled up on my chest with his head tucked under my chin, Artemis on the back of the sofa, and Sasha keeping my toes warm.

oh you lucky girl. i *can't* nap during the day. it wrecks my whole day; takes me forever to wake up and then i can't go to sleep at night. i know what you mean about reading til you go to sleep. my husband bought me a rocket ebook years ago and i love going to sleep reading that. i don't have to shift positions, turn pages, have a light on. it's wonderful. *sigh*

ooo I do love the nap!! and you describe it perfectly! it's like a perfect little moment of peace in the middle of the day.

You TOTALLY just captured my love of napping. It's all about the animals. Cats are nocturnal, but they can be convinced to sleep at night if there's nothing exciting going on then. Still, if they see a human napping during the day, mine like to come over and join me, sort of like they're trying to convince me that it's just better this way.

Mmmm, and somewhere off in the distance you can hear a lawnmower. That puts me right out.

I used to have a kitty that was never allowed to sleep with me at night (because he started talking at 5 in the morning) but he was a wonderful napper. He would stretch out full length against my back and we would both just be so happy and snuggly back to furry back.

Oh, that nap sounds SO GOOD.

At my house we call it "sleeping in a kitty pile". I think it's one of the best ways to sleep.

One good thing about being on SSD and having no damned schedule whatsoever - aside from having no damned schedule whatsoever - is I can take a nap whenever I want to. And goddess, do I love naps. Of course, with having no damned schedule whatsoever, my "naps" usually end up being 5-7 hours long, and then? Well... It's another "day"! Hee.

And I finally got over, registered and voted! (Monica S.) Hope you keep climbing!

Seven animals? I count six - Harriet, Miss Idaho, Clara, the kittens and Digit. Who else is there?

Adah! Number seven is Adah! She sleeps on top of the fridge.

When I was four, my dog taught me the utter bliss of lounging on the floor in nicely warmed "sun spots".

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