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Wood-smokeOctober 9, 2007

Picture from the weekend, me and my godson Dylan (who is at the DANCING age - my god, is he cute):


I'm sitting in the yarn room, decidedly Not Writing, but that's okay. I worked the 18-hour shift last night, drove blearily home, slept till noon, and then got up because I still have to sleep tonight and get up at 4:30am for another round.

But that means I can be lazy today. So I am. I've been sitting here in my armchair, doing nothing more than reading blogs (leaving few comments, because I'm that lazy) and thinking about what I'll make for dinner (I'm thinking 3-hour baked potatoes and my new favorite salad: spinach, chopped beets, feta, with poppy-seed dressing).

Waylon is one side of me, and Digit has been my wrist-weight for a while now. There's a heaviness in the air outside -- rain is coming. I can't wait. And someone is burning wood in a fireplace, even though it's not necessary -- not cold enough for that yet. But I won't complain. I love that smell. I'm relaxed, because I'm sleepy, I think. Gunshots heard a few minutes ago (we live in east Oakland, so this isn't uncommon, but they're not usually heard this early in the day), followed by the helicopter drone as it flew low. We have devices in this area of town that tell police dispatch the difference between gunshots and fireworks (surprisingly hard to differentiate by sound, even for cops) and it locates them by triangulation, so the police helicopter is usually pretty quick to respond. It left quickly, though, and no sirens were heard, so no one was shot, and for that I'm grateful. I just heard a man yell and slam a door down the street (not related to earlier gunshots, different direction), but then I heard a mother walking her two kids up from school, the kids laughing, the mother speaking in Spanish to them. We live on a culdesac, so I can hear a lot of things, but fewer people actually pass in front of the house, so I listen more than see.

And that smell! That fireplace wood-smoke is soooo good. I could eat the air. But instead I think I'll go to the store (even though that means getting out of my robe) and buy some potatoes. 

To bookend with photos, one picture of Lala and me, at Slims the other night (doesn't she just look like a rockstar?):



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Definitely a rock star. And re the first picture - the dancing ages are the best!

Really? They have crazy devices like that? I'm so glad, because I sure can't tell the difference, other than maybe frequency and rhythm if they're close enough (grr). I wish I had one handy, so as not to worry unless I need to.

Of course, it's pretty damn silly to worry about gunshots After you hear them.

Happy Relaxing!

Waiiiiiit! *lunges forward in slow motion*

I keep forgetting to post a follow-up on my blog. The 3-hour baked potato turned out... I would use the word "bullet-proof." Now mind you it was on the small side, potato-wise. But nevertheless, I would amend it to 1.5 - 2.5 hours. 3 was... a little much.

Nevermind the rockstar, babe...you are totally the rockstar's arm candy, with a brain to boot. Lala's wicked lucky :-)

"The dancing age"! I love it.

Um, Lala looks awesome.

I'll have to try baking potatoes for a long time. I usually do 45-60 minutes. I have kind of a hot oven, though.

Have you ever tried making your own vinaigrette? I make a lovely light lemon dressing that is tart and refreshing. I use it on a salad of Boston red lettuce, dill gerkins, dried cranberries and almonds. Let me know if you'd like the receipt. Cheers!

you rock the cute look :)

hmmmmmmmm, what a cozy little bit of writing. i love the images that it evokes, so warm and cozy. i can't believe how big dylan has gotten, how lucky you are to have such an active role in his life.

You both look hot! (you and Lala)

I love beets in salad, here'a variation: substitute arugula for spinach and goat cheese for feta (if you like arugula and goat cheese, that is).

For a sec, I thought I wanted one of those gunshot-or-fireworks detectors, but really I prefer to convince myself it is fireworks and go back to sleep.

One evening in August, my family was sitting around watching TV when I heard a boom. M80? Too big... More booms, dh and I were exchanging looks, starting to get a bit concerned, it sounded like something was *blowing up*. Looked outside, there was a huge '4th of July' style fireworks display going on just about 4 miles north of us. Whew!

Have a nice warm cozy day!

sounds again, like a great day. i love the pics. you are so presh - always with the best smiles.

Wow, that triangulation gadget sounds great. Our neighborhood is quieter now, but, and I may have told this story before, once I called about gunshots and the 911 dispatcher asked me what caliber they were. Um, I don't know? Mostly, the 911 dispatchers are lovely, but that one made me laugh.

Oh my, that's a recipe even I could handle!!! I have cooking ADD - I put stuff up on the stove and go away until it's burned and ruined. This recipe is just perfect for my style of cooking.

And that picture is adorable. (Both of them!)

That is a recipe for me. I had an incident with a chicken the other night that wasn't pretty. The picture of you and Lala is gorgeous!

rock stars indeed. fingers crossed on the competition!

To be lazy and to slow down sometimes IS a necessity!
Digit must love that!

OMG!! Ok, I just went to Gather.com to check the top 5, and YOU MADE IT!!! I'm so excited for you! I hope you get picked for publishing because I can already NOT WAIT to read the rest of your book. CONGRATULATIONS!! I know you'll probably write a post about it today or tomorrow, but I couldn't wait to leave you a comment. Yay Rachael, and Yay Knitters!!

Squee! Yes, you did make it! I came to tell you this, but was beat to the punch by the intrepid poster above me! Congratulations!

I just got the email too! You did it! Congratulations!!!


I just got the 'official'email from Gather that you made the top five!!!

((((big big hugs)))))

They just announced the final 5!!! Congratulations!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Eeeeeeeeee! I just got the notification that you're a finalist in the writing competition!

Congratulations!!! :D

Congrats on making the final 5!! I can't wait to read the rest of the book too. I don't suppose you'd give us, your loyal blog readers, a sneak peek at Chapter 3!??!? Also - I found the comments on gather amusing that people didn't realize what a strong knit-blog community there is.

Go Girl!!!! Just got home for lunch to find the email from Gather that you're IN!!! You did it!!! Congratulations big time!!

You made it! You made it! SQUEEEEE!!!!!!! I saw the email and am SO THRILLED!

Congrats, Rachel! You made the final cut. I am sooo thrilled for you!

I just got the Gather newsletter and wanted to say Congratulations! :)



Yayayayay! You did it! *happy dance*

Congratulations! I couldn't be more thrilled for you if... well, if it were me. You deserve it!

Is that by any chance you modeling on the front of Crochet Today? The November issue? I really enjoy reading your blog, congrats on the making top 5 on the writing. I am retired LE clerk, and think fondly of those 12-18 shifts --not! Keep writing and kniting, you are great!

I was at HSB and we made sure to get there in time to see the Whoreshoes. They definitely rocked, and all looked so great up there! (My friends and I knit all the way through the day)

My only regret is not knowing any performers--I would LOVE to go to that private party!

Was also excited to find their albums on iTunes now (hope they get reimbursed fairly for that).

Lala has that rock star hair going for her! Yay for you and the top 5! Oh I'm just so excited for you! Can you tell? Exclamation marks!!!

You always have a unique way of making me hungry. It's midnight here . . stop that already. ;)

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