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AriannNovember 24, 2007

is complete! I love it.


Pattern: Ariann, by Bonne-Marie
Yarn: Rowan Kid Classic, gray, 8.3 skeins used, 1270 yards
Needles: US 6
Size: 45.5

I lengthened the body a bit, about an inch. And OHMYGOD I made the classic mistake. I missed an "at the same time." Oh, holy cow, my math wasn't working out right, and I'd done most of the raglan decreasing. Oh, yeah. I forgot to make the neckline. But you know me! It'll never be noticed from a trotting horse! So I improvised the collar, and I have to say, I like it like this. I like the V-neck written in the pattern, but I like this better.


The reclining pose.


The disco pose!


One of favorite parts of the sweater: I finally found a use for some Edwardian (yes, from the 1880s) buttons I got at Stitches last year. They were a hefty splurge, and I got eight, and only used four on this, so I get to look forward to using them again! I think they are the most gorgeous things ever. I lurve them.


All cleavage aside, check out Willie's expression. It looks like he's watching a spider drop from the ceiling. God, I hope he wasn't.


Adah says stop screwing around! Feed me!


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"all cleavage aside"? Gah, woman, you assume I'm stronger than I am ...

you know? I like your neckline better than the V too! I need to make another one of those. One that fits.

Wow! That is one flattering sweater. I much prefer your neckline to the V.

Looks Fab! I'm sooo bad about those at-the-same-time things too.

It looks great! I'm just starting the raglan decreases on my Ariann, and seeing yours turn out so well is wonderful motivation to keep going on mine.

Really nice sweater, looks good on. The buttons really dress it up and I think the collar works very well.
Love the cats!

Nice sweater (and buttons!), but look, it's Adah! Adah, darling, it's been ages! Wonderful to see you.

You must have meant to do that the whole time. It's a design improvement for sure!

Gee, you're pretty! I like the sweater, too. *chortle* I really ought to buckle down and make a sweater one day, it's just so much cheaper to be a sock knitter...

It's about time we got to see Adah! She's so purrrrrrty.

Cute, cute cute! Great job. I'll bet you wear it lots.

Looks fab, spiders falling, I hope not but it is CA after all, that's wny you need to leave in place with a good cold winter, they hide when the snow flies.

There you go, that's the pose I was waiting for...

Although the cleavage one is really, really lovely :-)

That sweater is adorable and so freakin' wearable. and also, your hair is SO CUTE. I love the buttons too - so elegant!

I really love how your Ariann turned out. I am working on mine now and am doing the decreases as written, but I almost like yours better. I'm all for a V-neck, but with this cardigan, the neck is very wide.

Yours looks really beautiful on you! Congrats!

Looks great and the buttons are fantastic!

It looks fantastic on you! Those buttons are swoony!!

Very. Very. Cute!

I started one last spring and got pretty far on it before I realized it was going to be too small for me. I was so disappointed that I just put it away. Seeing yours makes me realize I need to rip it and start again.

Looks great!! I'm about halfway done with my Ariann now. Yours is beautiful!

Okay, NOW I want to knit this.
I kept hedging before, but NOW... NOW I need to knit this sweater...
any chance you could share what you did in the collar fudging escapade so I don't have to do the same calculations my own lazy self?

really pretty - a perfect combination, I want to knit this too now (and I have such a queue of stuff already dammit)

Great sweater! And I love the buttons.

Love the sweater! So much so that I immediately ordered the pattern...do you mind me asking which size you knitted?

That is so cute!! Awesome job.

This madness must stop! You're making all these sweaters look so good, I simply MUST have them! Fortunately, Durrow and Sienna were free, but I'm with Susan - after months of seeing other people's Arianns, I ordered it today because YOU, missy, make it look like such fun. (BTW, I often whiz past "AT THE SAME TIME" in my knitting, too. So much for all those mentally gifted classes in school...) Of course, it doesn't hurt that I have a sweater's worth of charcoal Galway hanging about, waiting to be put to use.

Always love to see the kitties!

OOHlaLa madame!

So very very gorgeous! I love that yarn and color on you too...

(BTW, the sweater pattern is written as a crew neck not a v-neck; maybe it just looks like a v-neck in the photo?)

That is so yummie! What a wonderful piece of knitting!

Ariann is beautiful. Great job.

Girl, you crack me up with your "cleavage" and your cat thought bubbles!

The sweater? No joke, that's just fabulous! I have the pattern and have yet to knit it up. Yours looks so good on you that I may need to queue it after all.

IT's gorgeous. And so are you.

It looks fantastic on you, sis boom BAH!!

OK, um, how stinkin fun are you! Found you through a hot water bottle pattern and just kept reading. Now my "Leave Mom alone so she can knit!" time is all used up for the day, but for a good cause. I'll be back often.


OK, um, how stinkin fun are you! Found you through a hot water bottle pattern and just kept reading. Now my "Leave Mom alone so she can knit!" time is all used up for the day, but for a good cause. I'll be back often.


Super sorry for the duplicate. Darned old lady clicking.

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