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Bangin'November 14, 2007

New hair. With bangs. I like.



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Damn! If my bangs had ever looked that good, I would've kept them!

Love them...reminds me on Legally Blonde and the quote - "guess what I got bangs".

Love the new look!

Very Betty Page!

Oooh, FABulous!

so do i. the bangs are fab.

As if you could get more beautiful. Love it!

You're such a freakin' cutiepie.

Very nice!! But, the impotant question is.....Does Lala like?!?!

Oh and how is Digit doing? You haven't mentioned him in a while.

Very cute- I miss wearing bangs. Yours look great.

Super cute! Love!

Love it!! Looks so flattering on you.

GREAT color!!

OOoohh! You look hot!!

Can i show you my baguette?

You ROCK those bangs, girlfrend!

I'm banged up too...love 'em! :-)

Looks great!

Excellent bangs!

And I think you're the cadbury creme egg eater... did you know they are putting them out for xmas as "ornament eggs"?

nice. keep the bangs. really lovely.

cute bangs...they suite you.

Very cute, Girlie!

Oh, how cute are YOU?

(Survey says: Real cute!)

That 'do looks great on you!

oh aren't you just adorable!! love the color, very flattering agsinst your skin tone and it works with your eyes and the bangs of course look fabulous! just precious!

if you get much cuter Lala's gonna have to fight them off, girl. Totally cute hair!!!!

Very nice! Also love the color of your hair. Went to the hair dressers today and got more blondish streaks. Kicking myself for not going darker all over.. Next time!

I love the color and new style, so cute!

Like the new bangs! And I think that it has to be mentioned that the color is lovely, too.

Me likey too. Though that photo of you at the Raider's game is also tres chaud.

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