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BoatNovember 20, 2007

Spent time this weekend chilling out in San Francisco, which was good. Went in with Lala on BART on Sunday. We looked at bicycles (did you hear she's doing the AIDS ride? I'm so proud of her) and ate at ChaChaCha because tapas are fun and because ginger drops are delectable.

And yesterday, on a whim, my sister Bethany and I headed in on the ferry for a little walk-around.


It was gorgeous, clear and sunny, flat water, no wind. The best way to approach the City.


We had lunch with Lala and then just walked around. We wrote a little at the Ferry building (both sisters are also Nano-ing) and searched hotels for an elusive secret button we'd heard about (at ____ hotel, if you push floor 30 three times, the button will light up and you'll be granted access). We just couldn't really remember which hotel it was. I can tell you it is not the Embarcadero Hyatt. I do love how we got so hopefully on the elevator, only to find that it went to floor 19. How did we not NOTICE that it was a short building and could not possibly have had anywhere near thirty floors?



Anthony Bourdain had just given a reading which I missed, sad sad sad, but he was still signing books. And he pointed at ME! Sure, he was pointing at me because he thought I was taking the picture of that guy standing next to him (as if), but he saw me for a second. And why he didn't stand up right then and profess his undyling lust and devotion to me, I'll never understand. It's okay, Tony. We can be secret lovairs. Call me.

Now I am at work. I started my 74-hour work week a little early, and will be at work FOREVER. Or so it feels.

But I won't whine. It's good money, and it's a good place to work. I had a field-save the other day, where I gave CPR instructions and a guy went from being dead to not-dead, thanks to the good compressions his caller performed. So that was good.

And I get to knit here. I'm almost done with Ariann. Also good. I wish I had some chocolate, though.

Did you know they have Cadbury Christmas Creme Eggs now??? I think they're supposed to be tree ornaments, so they took out the yellow part of the creamy yolk, because everyone knows that tree ornaments don't have yolks, and Easter eggs do (?) but they taste just the same. Only they're smaller. Again. They are shrinking them every chance they get. But I will keep buying them. Yep.

That is all. As you were.


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Your bangs are so cute in that picture. Cute. schmoo.

EEEE! Anthony Bourdain! You lucky girl . . .

Also, I ADORE ChaChaCha -- when I worked for a company based in Palo Alto, I used to go into SF to go there every time I was on a trip to "corporate home".

Is he as cute in person?

I can imagine three of you sitting down at the ferry building writing... it makes a very interesting image. I would have looked and made up a whole bunch of stories in my head.

Ohhh, Anthony...you have to fight me for him, girl!

Schmoo indeed. Makes me want to move to NoCal!

i just SWOONED and fell off my chair. and then (to my HORROR) i had to try to explain who anthony bourdain is to the woman i share my office with. basically all i could get out was "sexy. god-like. HAWT." so so so jealous!

I was on my way to an interview when Anthony was in Montréal. Sigh. I did hear him on the radio, though, and he was hilarious. And dude quit smoking. Jesus, if Bourdain can do it, my husband ought to be able to manage it...

Also? If I looked as good as you do in bangs, I would never, ever, ever grow them out again. The cuteness...I have fallen over from the cuteness...

Okay, no fair. I totally have a thing for Anthony Bourdain as well. That photo of him on the cover of his Kitchen Confidential book? Delish. There is just something about his stance, the sleeves rolled up (don't know why that always gets me- anyone else have a thing for forearms?!)and that bracelet. sigh. As we were indeed. Evil woman you.

I thought your were searching online for the hotel and clicking on 'buttons' trying to get access to the private members only website! hahahahaha

I've got the Bourdain bug too. Plus - my life has improved dramatically from his advice to frequent restaurants only in the early days of the week (less chance of less than fresh stuff).

Rachael, the British import shop here in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada has the creme egg ornaments/gift packs. They also have the creme egg bars which are quite nice.
Hope you can find some. check out any Brit shops in your area.


Love those bangs! There is excellent chocolate inside the ferry building...

omg i probably would have almost peed myself had I walked into a bookstore and Tony was there. Love him!

Oh,oh,oh! I know that hotel! I wish I could remember the name...Maybe the Westin St. Francis? It was fairly near the Powell st. Bart station, and riding their glass elevator was on my best friend's to do list when we recently visited SF for the first time. She went all the way to the 30th floor, I only made it to 20!

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