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DarkNovember 9, 2007

I realized the other day that this was going to happen with the time rolling back an hour: On Tuesday afternoon, the sun set. I was not going to see the sun again until Sunday morning.

Think about that.

Damn. I'm kind of bummed just thinking about it, and I'm not one of those that really feels like they need sun -- I love rain -- winter doesn't get me down, but oh, boy. That's something. Tuesday afternoon to Sunday morning. I get to work at 6am, before dawn, and leave at 6pm, after dark. We have one small round porthole in our concrete bunker, but because of issues with glare on computer screens, we have the blinds closed all the time.

We don't take breaks, don't have the staffing (but that means I get to screw around on the computer and knit and write and all sorts of good stuff when it's slow), but I might start trying to go outside at least once a day for a couple of minutes. I'm kind of weirded out by this. I've never worked this kind of shift at this time of year -- usually I've worked midnight shifts where you get plenty of daylight in the afternoon/early evening hours before you go to work.


Also: Nanowrimo is kicking my ass. I managed only 875 words today, and I'm quitting while I'm ahead. I assume I'll bounce back, and my word count is solid, so I'm okay, but yipes.

I would like a nap.

This, however, cheers me up:



Miss Idaho is happy dog

and this is happy, too:


She's so small she looks like one of those bobbleheaded things.

We will not talk about Lala's cowboy hat that Clara ate all but the brim of this morning. That is not happy talk. No, it is not. Very bad dog. If Lala felt anything like I felt after finding the cashmere massacre, I feel very badly for her indeed. (Yes, Clara's getting daily hikes, and training, and kongs. Just damn naughty. Grrr.)


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How about pretending that you smoke so that you can go outside for a few minutes every couple hours? Worked for me at a job that was stingy with breaks.

Ooooh, I like Kira's idea. I was thinking of taking a picture of a sunny day to work with you. (hahaha hilarious I am)

Truly a depressing thought. I don't like the days I'm in the office and never get out, but mine only happen one at a time.

Girlfriend....get that dog some hard rubber type toys to herd.
Our neighbour has a border and she will herd her toys together in a pile along with blankets and such when she is bored. who knows your baby may enjoy that and Lala's hats alone.
Don't worry about NaNoWriMo...you'll get there.
Debbie in Ontario (also on revelry and in the NaNo group there)

Damn, hmmmmmmm. WWCMD? (What Would Cesar Millan Do)

Sounds like Clara might need some extra sunlight, too.

Eating the hat is probably something different than just boredom. Notice she only ate the part that would have gotten a little sweaty. It is either love or revenge for the food/kitties thing.

Clara would have done better to eat the whole thing! Then she could claim that Lala lost it. :)

That Miss Idaho is indeed cheerful.
Maybe Clara just likes cowboy hats. And chewing. Would sending her some live squirrels help? We have extra.
And Nano is kicking my ass, too. All of a sudden it seems like housecleaning is a desirable activity. I just need to park my butt at the computer for a day and write.

I don't like the all-dark all the time thing either. And it happens to me sometimes too. I feel for the cowboy hat. Having fur-babies is a pain. My new one chewed on my glasses! I wanted a new pair, but not quite this pecipitously.

You can do it, rah-rah-rah! I'm not sure how far I'm behind on my Nano because I hand write in a lovely steno pad and I haven't typed it up for days. Probably like 8000 words behind and no time to catch up but I figure it's the doing that counts.


As you described your workplace I had a total PBS "All Summer in a Day" flashback...did you ever see that? Ray Bradbury story, they did an awesome job...made my 12th graders cry!

I have no doggie advice, alas, I have enough trouble keeping my stuffed animals happy.

I'd try the non-smoker's smoking break. It's only fair. We used to call them 'air breaks'.

Not sure I could cope with dark for that long. I'm bad enough when I only see it at lunchtime! I've been gardening with a headtorch on recently... Pretty good idea what the neighbours think! :-)

This time of year I am all about the full-spectrum lightbulbs.
And yay! It's raining today!

Please call Dog Whisperer Cesar Milan and then invite me over...he's a cute little tamale. I'm sure he could help - nudge - nudge.

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