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Digit Likes CatnipNovember 18, 2007

But doesn't really like Willie much.


(Just look at that butt! All furry! He's healthy! And alive!)


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It is a furry butt! I love that everyone else seems to be sitting around looking vaguely embarrassed by the crazy uncle.

It's a Digit! Anne is right, everyone else has a Don't-look-at-me-I-don't-know-him look on their faces.

Where did you find the lounger? I am looking for something similar since my two are so wide they just roll right off the smaller scratchers.

Of course Digit is mad - that's his lounger, he earned it :-)
I'm so happy for you and Digit.

Hey, your house looks like our house! Sounds like it too! Digit sez "the cat nip is MINE all MINE!" :)

He looks so wonderful! What a healthy, furry butt! I'm so happy for you!

I love how growly he is. What a cool cat.

Furry butt! So cute! So.... normal! And he's obviously saying, "Dang kittens! Stay away from my 'nip!"

(snort) I have an "Old fat cat" who isn't to fond out of our 7 month old kitten either... very similar reactions. LOL

hee!! Digit looks so happy! i wanna know where you got that scratcher lounger too! O.C. would love it!

so glad to see 'our' digit thriving and playing and being grumpy :)

he has a furry butt and he looks so well.
congrats your baby is a gorgeous healthy boy.

WooHoo! Furry Butt! Old Man Digit is back in form....

That rocks, so much :) Yay Digit!

I used to lurk you years ago when blogs were a new thing. After being disconnected for a few years due to personal issues, I've finally found your blog again and been enjoying catching up with the archives. Congrats on your wedding and finding the love of your life.

As a fellow cat loving knitter, I trashed a box of tissues over Digit. So glad he's home and well.

Are we gonna get a look at the revised first two chapters, as in an opportunity to buy the whole book? (rolling eyes)My 'other' favorite blogger has been cranking them out with satisfying regularity (cotton candy fleece tops, really! no WAY to believe the harlot fell for that one, but it was funny).

Add me to the list of people who want to know where you found that lounger...as well as the list of people who love seeing Digit's crotchety good health!

I just love the catnip crazies!

And has energy! [vbg] Look at him go! Yay, Digit, keep on growlin'!

Yay for the Digit and the growling!

That is great. I was noticing how healthy he looked before even reading that you typed it, he does look so much better.

He's so spry! He's really looking great. Yay!

I wish my cats got into catnip. Digit is alive and healthy! He's reminding me of my boy. Except for that catnip part.

I'm cat-loving knitter who almost ruined her keyboard with salty tears over the whole Digit ordeal earlier this year. Glad to see he's alive and well. BTW, I've been meaning to ask, exactly what are his "tranny issues?" Cheers!

Look at the furry butt - seems like that should be a song or something.

Great butt, and I love the cattitude.

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