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Grizzly SnackNovember 16, 2007

Banger needs to quit trying to upstage Digit. That's all I know.


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that's why friends who live in that area keep a close watch on their little dog when she goes out - Yikes!

I used to live one more exit up the Glenn Hwy from Eagle River in Chugiak. (Moved Outside 13yrs ago- sigh, still miss AK) Our cats (both gone now) were very outdoorsy, but never tangled with any grizzlies. I did see our male, Tarzan (the kids named him- and no his sister was not Jane), go nose to nose with a large bull moose however. Wish I'd had a camera handy.

I think Digit could definitely take Banger in a fight.

Digit rocks.

Too funny. I live in Alaska and read that in the paper the other day!

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