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I Have A New PassionNovember 5, 2007

Besides not setting my clocks back on the Fall-Back day, which leads to gaining like SEVEN HOURS over the course of the day --
7am - time to get up, NO WAIT, it's only 6am! Whee!
Noon - maybe I'll take a nap, NO WAIT, it's only eleven! Plenty of naptime!
6pm - Dinnertime, NO WAIT, it's only five! Time for drinks!

I even got in a fight with TiVo, thinking it wasn't recording the Amazing Race, but it was going to, at the appropriate time, which I had forgotten about again. That is seriously how easily I forget things. I love the daylight savings change in Fall. LOVE IT. Hate it getting dark earlier, but that's the price we pay for such a fun day.

But that is an old passion, not a new passion. My new passion is looking at kitties (and dogs) with cerebellar hypoplasia on YouTube. If you like cats at all, I swear to all that's holy you have to watch this video about Charley right now. Like, NOW. You can't not be moved by that. And moved in a funny, spastic, lovely way.

If that tickles your fancy, there's also THIS one (Gordon as a baby and as an adult), and THIS one for siblings, and THIS one for the dog lovers. Oh, happy.


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omigod those kitties are entirely too sweet! I love zero especially, but gordon, well he just steals my heart. thanks for killing at least an hour of my night with such cuteness. :)

Ah, such delight in life eh. My wee cat Flo has some of that gait in fact a few years back her condition suddenly upped a few notches but the et thought she had slipped on ice and hit her head and was somewhat concussed:0) Mr Bryn was alive then and carefully for the few months it took her to reorientate herself used to take her out in the garden by letting her lean against him to get down the steps etc, then watch over her as she mooched around making sure she could get out of shrubs etc. She spends a great deal of time asleep or in my armchair these days but loves nothing more than careering to the edge of the bed and leaping towards the floor a sight to behold at 3am in the morning!

My mom had a sweet boy kitty, Patches, who had something wrong with him -- trouble walking and jumping -- but he was a great kitty. I'm thinking this was probably his problem...

so very sweet.

I saw Soba, the dog, a while ago when I discovered the Rolling Dog Ranch. It is a wonderful place that takes in all kinds of animals that would probably otherwise be destroyed. Check out their blog too. They have a lot of blind/deaf dogs, cats, and horses.

I laughed, I cried. I watched the gimpy kittehs instead of sleeping.

Oh- those are wonderful. I haven't cried while watching YouTube ever I don't think (although the laughing babies may have got me...) It reminds me of how happy I am that I have found a list of pet relocation companies and we might be able to take our cats with us when we move to India. The thought of leaving them here was breaking my heart. Thank you for sharing!

so cute, totally brought tears to my eyes. and i have a crush on charley AND his dad! btw, have you seen this: http://youtube.com/watch?v=cXXm696UbKY

ack! and there goes my whole day looking at adorable kitties and puppers.

it's not often I am thankful to have been sucked into YouTube for an hour, but---thank you!!

Man, you're so totally ahead o' me this year! Good goin'! (I'm at about 9035). Cool! (And that kitty is ADORABLE).

My goodness, but those are some fabulously sweet animals.

Oh, great googly moogly! I'll read your romance novel and vote for you all day long but I will NOT watch videos of impaired animals. Hell, I couldn't even read Sounder in grade school without having nightmares for months. (Wonderful, now I'll probably have a Sounder nightmare tonight. Scarred for life.)

I just read Lala's post about your animals, and then her post about her bike ride. I work at Coyote Hills! I wish I'd known she was coming here! I did see a group of bike riders...if I'd known she'd be one of them, I would have told her that I read and enjoy her wife's blog. I also could have identified the mystery bird right quick for her. We have a few nesting pairs of those kites and they sit on snags together - it's too cute!!! I loved the post about all of the animals. You are such good animal parents!

omg, I love Charley. Love!

You are totally kicking my Nano behind! Waaaahhh. I shall watch videos of kittehs and bunnehs and puppers instead! Yay, procrastination!

we had a kitty with that disorder years ago, he was much more spastic and drool-y but the cutest kitty on earth and so, so sweet! I miss you Toby...

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