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NANO! November 1, 2007

Started Nanowrimo today. Did you? Hey, I'm going to use the Treadmill idea that was introduced to me by PoMoGolightly. It works wonders for motivation -- there's just something about accountability and thinking about WHEN you're going to work the next day.

Basically, you track these things:

1. The date and the time. 2. How long I plan to work. 3. What I plan to work on for this day. 4. Time when I stop writing and total amount of time writing. 5. What did I actually end up doing? How well did it go? 6. What I plan to work on tomorrow. 7. When I plan to work tomorrow and for how long.

My treadmill journal is HERE; you can use it as a jumping-off point. It's not interesting enough to read regularly, although feel free to keep me to task if you see me falling off.


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I started NaNoWriMo today, too, because I am impressed with your enthusiasm for writing. I am not a 'writer' necessarily, but I am learning about myself in this process, and so far it is wonderful. Thanks for your inspiration ^_^

Good luck!!

I started today too--it's my first time. It's hard not to feel frustrated and derailed, but it's also liberating to just have to keep going. Looks like you're making great progess already!

M'kay, so unlike the two above me, I feel no No to Wri this Mo. Or any Mo in particular, quite frankly. For now anyway. As always, however, I'm here cheering you on.

Yay You!

Urg. I *so* need something like that!

i just found 'na kni swe mo' on craftzine's blog, for those who might prefer...

I started too, after a one-year hiatus. Wrote only 151 words yesterday, but it's 151 more words than I've written in a while, so that's all right. I'll be keeping tabs on your progress, so stay tuned for my updates too! Yay Nano!

I started yesterday too! I'm already behind on my word count, but that's nothing new. I work better under pressure. There's a Ravelry Nano group, if you're interested, I sent you an invite.

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