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Raiders! November 12, 2007


Why yes, I was in the VERY TOP row of the top deck.

I went to the Oakland Raiders versus the Chicago Bears game with some work friends yesterday. I've been wanting to go to a Raiders game FOREVER but people always say the same thing, "Oh, scary! You better be careful.... You should go with a guy...."

I freaking loved every minute of it (except I drank beer during the day, starting during our tailgate at 11am, and had a hangover by 7pm -- that sucked. I forgot if you do that, you have to KEEP drinking. Silly me, switching to water).

I have never seen a sea of humanity more chilled out, more accepting, having more fun. You'd actually see Bears fan walking in with Raider fans, tailgating together. Granted, there was some ribbing but it seemed good natured on both sides. I'd thought the people who I first saw wearing blue and orange were brave -- that they were gonna get beat up for SURE. But nah. No big deal. Raider Nation. That is a brotherhood if I ever saw one. The guys LOVED the other guys. We girls were fine to be there, but it was all about men bonding with other men that they didn't know. It was cool.

And it was November 11! My favorite date on the calendar! And my favorite Raider is Janikowski, number 11. Kinda sad when the kicker is one of the best players -- we lost, 17-6, not a big surprise. But even after losing, Raider Nation was mellow. Maybe they're crazy at away games or something. But not at home.  So fun. And from the top row, you can see San Francisco. Gorgeous.

And while I was there, Lala took the dogs for a walk (to say that she doesn't care about football is a gross understatement) and then made this super-great movie:


Music, too! That is my cute dog, Clara, with short (get it?) appearances by Harriet and Miss Idaho. We now HAVE to take them to the hills to walk -- no more beaches for them, for a long time. No one knows when all this oil will be cleaned up from the spill. It's awful in so many huge ways, and some small ones, too, like Clara not being able to play in the waves and roll on the sand -- her two favorite things. But the hills are nice. This is in Leona Canyon.

And now I'm off to write some more for Nanowrimo -- keeping up but only just....


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Love that video!!! And I'm jealous that you got to go to a pro game but good for you!

Very cute video - Clara is such a funny girl. The last NFL game I went to was Bears vs Chargers in Chicago and it was so cold I had to leave during the 4th quarter (I know, I wussed). I think it was 10 below. We drank peppermint schnapps to keep warm but it was no good. I listened to the rest of the game in the car and shivered the whole way home. But what fun! Oh yeah, Bears won. I think this was 1980 or 81.

I'm particularly impressed that Lala was able to hold the camera that steady while throwing a ball!

Delurking to say "What a Happy Video!" Love the waggy tail and bouncy pup. And the music is great too!

Good luck with the writing.

i once went to a patriots-dolphins game before the patriots were kicking everyone's asses with my friend and her husband and a bunch of his friends. and it was pouring. not just raining, but crazy wetness. my friend and i didn't have tickets so we were going to have to buy them there (which you could do back then) and after about 30 seconds of consideration, we both decided to go shopping instead. ha!

The video is great! I loved the music. Clara is too funny, you gotta love how much energy the border collies have. Do you ever watch the dog agility shows on Animal Planet? Border collies, rat terriers, and jack russels.

Alternate. Beer, glass of water, beer, glass of water. Ad infinitum. Keeps you hydrated and keeps the hangover at bay (or at least, reduced).

Sure you were at the Raiders game - it's so obvious that you photoshopped that background in!

looks like a grand time for everyone (including yourself! you look adorably excited and cute in that celphoto and is that a handknit sweater you're sporting there? do tell!) thanks to the ever more amazing lala for the dogtime interludes...inspiring me to vid the furkids in their antics. have a great day and keep on writin..one day i'm gonna tell people...i actually have met her in person!...see, i've even practiced saying it a lot!

Nothing is more fun to watch than a border collie and The Ball. The Ball. The Ball!

Go Raiders! Raiders games are the only pro football games I've ever gone to and I've had a great time at each game. Glad you had a good time!

Awesome video--and I love the soundtrack!

Oooo, ooooo! I was there! I was there! lol I was on the side that said Oakland behind the goal posts in the 200's. You must have been in the "chill humanity" section because at least 3 fights broke out on our side of the stadium and one guy even tried to fight a cop. =:O

Ohhhhh, I can't do beer and nosebleed seating at the same game. One or the other is my limit. I love the video! Yeah to Lala and Clara!

I just found out that Cadbury's now has "holiday ornament eggs"! Just like the Cream eggs, sans the yellow yolk. Go find some!

I LOVE the energy your dog has. Border Collies rock!

I've lurked quietly forever..I remember wedding planning..but that video of Clara has called me out. What fun that is! Lala managed to not only capture Clara's joy but how perfect is the music? The whole thing just screams happiness! I think my favorite parts are Clara backing down the trail and looking at Lala as if to say..."C'mon, c'mon!"

And yay for your Raiders game. I've only been to one pro game..Cowboys/Redskins and very cold even in the dome. The man next to me had a giant sized hot chocolate which he spiked..got excited and threw the whole cup in the air. Needless to say I was warn for a bit. I loved the energy but found it hard to watch from my nosebleed seat. I'm too spoiled by the network cameramen.

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