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Good Day SweaterDecember 13, 2007

Another sweater done. And damn it, it's too big.

Which is fine if you're having a Good Day, you know, when you're confident and your jeans look and feel good and your hair is working and you're wearing this cute throw-over sweater.

However, there are those days when the jeans DON'T fit right and you're trying to take pictures of yourself in your new sweater at night without the flash because OHMYGOD the flash makes you look like someone you don't recognize, someone with way more chins that you had yesterday. Not a confidence booster. And a big ole wide sweater on top of that.

Meanwhile, what I should have done was just wait for daylight to take the pictures. I eventually figured that out, after a frustrating hour, and now I like the sweater just fine. For the Good Days, anyway. I won't wear this while I'm PMS'd, I know that for sure.



Hi, can you see where I carry my cell phone? Speaking of new jeans, I need some.....


Pattern: Simple Knitted Bodice, by Stephanie Japel
Size: L (40-42) aka too big
Yarn: Brown Sheep Serendipity, color Chocolate Lily, 5 skeins used
Needle: US 5

I love this new yarn. It's 60% cotton, 40% wool, and it's soft and heathered and gorgeous. Also, I got dyelot #001 of this color, and I swear I felt like I was buying a first edition.

So in recap, I like the sweater. I like it for Good Days. I will NOT reknit (you know me, not a ripper), and I won't even reseam it with the machine, although I was thinking about it. Might someday, but for now I'll just enjoy the swinginess of it.


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I think it's adorable on you!

Super cute. I have a half-knit version of this somewhere in Artfibers Ming that I need to finish, but mine will be long sleeved.

I love Stef's designs so much!

Gawd. It's SO good to know that I'm not alone! That even Rachel makes stuff that doesn't turn out like she wants it to AND there's someone else who's dogged by the multiple chin thing.

Recently I had my picture taken with my three kids and they were laughing at me 'cause I was tellin' the photographer to be careful not to catch all my chins and my damn Buddha belly! I haven't seen the proofs yet to know how they turned out.

But! I've made a promise to myself. Saturday I turn 49. By this time next year my goal is to loose as many chins as possible and tighten the belly significantly. 50 is my friend and I plan to look and feel that way too!

Hug Mz. Rach!

I think it's adorable - as are your pigtails! I just put it in my Ravelry queue.... I do best with wide & swingy....sounds just like parts of my bod...hee hee!

Maybe the sweater didn't turn out quite like you wanted but you sure do look cute in it! I'm going to add that pattern to my queue, you look so good.

A cotton blend from Brown Sheep? I must have some.

OMG- you are too too cute. Also- I echo the above commenters' love of your pigtails.

Personally, I am against flash nearly 100% of the time. The light from a flash is too bright, hitting us dead on, creeping into crevices between chins, and making eyes red everywhere. Go for daylight, or backlight/ ambient light.

That being said, you are about the most photogenic person that I know. If anyone can pull off flash shot- portraiture at night, it's you, darling. Also Digit.

The sweater is adorable, and you are adorable. hurray :)

Oh, wow, it look so pretty on you! Really, don't know what you were complaining about. And I lurve your hair like that! x

It does look super cute on you. My Juliet is like that - it looks good IF I'm having a Good Day.

And your pigtails are so, so cute.

I think it looks good! And it would be perfect for those days you want a bit of room for,say, water retention or extra food over the holidays. Won't bind, ya know? And STILL look good!

I don't think you've ever had a bad photo day in your life, even if your sweater is too big for you.

Cutiepie :-)

I like it . . cute and comfy, who could ask for more?

ADORABLE!!! I love that color, too - may have to get me some o' that yarn and knit something (hmmm...I feel the newly resized CPH coming on!)

Hope I didn't offend you with my email reply - you really WERE a big help! I ended up just attaching another ball of yarn for the other side of the neckline split on Durrow, and it all worked out well - almost halfway up the second sleeve, so it'll definitely be done for hubby for Xmas!

I think it looks beautiful on you! I also love the pig tails on you. Just adorable!

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