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Knitter's Abacus BraceletDecember 3, 2007


This is my new favorite thing. Really. I LOVE THIS IDEA, both in concept and in execution. Actually, I don't have this exa yet, but I did just order it. I think it is the most clever dealie-bob EVER.

It's a knitter's abacus. Throw out your red dangling stitch counter, this bracelet is prettier. Let me explain real quick-like: those little green beads? They count for one row, and there are nine of them. The larger beads count for ten rows. You slip the beads through that little elastic ring of beads as you go. If you have three large beads and two small beads on the Big Bead side, you're on row 32. They're trapped close to the big bead, so your count is safe, even when you take the bracelet off (which you won't want to do). You can count up to one hundred rows, the same amount as those ugly plastic counters. On your wrist! Pretty! (Plus, there's a hook for holding stitch markers! I'm dying here.)

And these are UNDER TEN DOLLARS. Seriously. There are other people selling similar items, for more, but I think Hide and Sheep's are the prettiest. I ordered one, light green, earlier this week and got it in three days flat.

I've been using it and I love the way it looks and feels. And I just ordered that one above, so sadly, you can't have it, but her site says if you want one duplicated, she'll do that fer ya, and I believe it. Here's another one available right now:


Shoot. I love that one. I shoulda bought that one.

Site is HERE. Go. Buy. Be happy. I swear I don't know this gal, but I wish I did.

* Since I posted this, she's run out of all but Xmas bracelets, but look at the SOLD bracelets -- she can custom make any to match prior bracelets, at no extra charge. She rules.



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That's just a BRILLIANT idea!

Thank you, Rachel! A perfect gift for my sister, just returning to knitting -- and, of course, I had to get one for me, too! Y'all better hurry before they are all gone! LOL

Finally! An idea of what I can ask for for x-mas! :) Awesome! (And congrats on surviving NANOWRIMO, by the way)

Well, I'll be. This is the maker of my favorite stitch markers - nothing to snag or catch, smooth sliding, perfect. I may have to invest in this bracelet. Hmm.

Wow! Kind of like a knitter's rosary. Thanks for the great gift idea.

I have some of these, though not as pretty, and I LOVE them. I may have to go order some new ones, though... :-)

Susan, one half of the husband and wife team who owns Hide & Sheep (Todd is the other half) is a good friend of mine. I own about 20 of their bracelets and too many stitch markers to count. They do custom orders as well as customize the ones on Etsy (I always have the toggle replaced with a lobster claw - I just don't like toggles). I have one on as I type - I forget they're there. Susan has consented to sell her wares through my new online shop, Yarny Goodness (if the great state of California doesn't have that name taken), which I hope to open in mid-January. They're wonderful people who will go out of their way to help you. I recommend her company highly.

That is a great idea, and a great price. I've contacted her to re-make a beautiful purple one. Yay!

Must have one now.

Hooray for bloglines! I saw this right after you posted and snagged one for my Christmas shopping. The tricky thing about Christmas shopping for knitters is convincing yourself not to keep what you've found for yourself.

Yep, I've seen those. I really have to get one and so handy and easier to work with rather than row counters, esp. for lace.

ohh, ohhh, these are the ones you talked about at Rhinebeck... very exciting! Sdaly they are already sold out but I will order one! thanks for the link

Now where were you last week when I ordered one for about double that price? Huh?;-)

I'm glad to know of this supplier!

What a fabulous idea, and I have all those beads upstairs. I'm going to go make myself one!

I've gotten stitch markers from her in the past. She makes an excellent product and has excellent customer service. Just sayin'.

your last two posts made me dizzy! Now I want pie I can't even pronounce, and stitch markers dripping from both arms... and I can't even keep track of simultaneous arm/neck decreases. Off to collapse from a Lantern Moon related Xanax-dosing (a tale of woe if ever there was one... okay, it's not that bad, but I'm staying medicated till the shock wears off.) glad to see all the happy faces on your blog. cami

Thank you for the update! I have been pouting over all of the bracelets being sold. They are PERFECT for knitter friends!

Mine is on the way. What a beautiful bracelet and so useful. Terrific service as well. I custom ordered a Purple Sunset with lobster claw closing and they already have it made. Thank YOU, Rachael

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