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December 1, 2007

Reading: Lost and Found, by Carolyn Parkhurst. SO much fun. It's a novel based on an Amazing Race-type reality show, and it's like a long, extended, interior version of my favorite reality TV. It's not literary fiction, but it's literate fiction. I love her language, and I'm caught by the characters. Brain candy, but more like a banana than a doughnut.

Listening: "Hate on Me" Jill Scott.  Get thee over to iTunes now and take a listen. I really like the whole album, love certain songs, but LOVE that one. I dance in the car every single time, and I'm not that big a car-dancer.

Doing: Going tonight to San Francisco with sisters and friends to the Nanowrimo party (OH YEAH!), and then to Union Square to see the tree, and then to the Top of the Mark for a holiday drink (the last two are my sister Bethany's traditions, and I'm so glad I'm off work tonight and get to go).

Also doing: NOTHING for three days. I'm off for the next three days, long, beautiful days in which I have NOTHING planned. No writing! (Although I can if I want. But no pressure.) Lala's coming home from Buddha camp tomorrow night, after being away 11 days, and I'M SO READY FOR THAT. I miss her AND I need help with the menagerie. Eight animals. Six different feeding areas. No joke. It takes time, friends. I should learn a language on tape while I feed animals.

I'm off work in 15 minutes! Weekend! Hoooray!


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8? seriously 8? wow. ok, i lost two somewhere. There's the Infamous Digit, Little Miss Idaho, Clair the Wonder Dog, Waylon and Willie, and Adah who I somehow didn't know about until last week...who did I miss? hope you have a great weekend!!

Have a great time, girlie! And say hi to Bethany for me. Tell her to come out this way (s.e. utah)when she gets a chance, eh? mwah!

I love your description of that book as a brain banana.

Enjoy your weekend!

come and visit me at work on Sunday! yeah!

I agree on the Jill Scott song but not the album. "Hate on Me" is the only song I like out of the whole thing. I rarely like full albums, though. I tend to be a fan of songs more than artists because most artists only produce a few songs that I enjoy.

I'm terribly jealous, which is sooo unlike me, but I haven't seen the tree or been to the Top of the Mark for a Holiday drink in years... we'd start off by stopping by Gumps, and then the Hang Ah Tea Room for some Dim Sum in honor of Herb Caen...

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