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TGIO PartyDecember 2, 2007

Went to the Nanowrimo Thank God It's Over party last night, and it was FUN.

There were crowns:

    My sister Bethany and me.

And more crowns:
    Me'n'Becky, hooray!

My sister Christy read to a group of fascinated listeners, and I was SO PROUD of her. She was the only one of our group who had the cojones to do it.


    Jodi, hooray! You may remember her from such hits like officiating my U.S. marriage.


WOW! Chris Baty! The Nano inventor himself! I walked up to him and asked if I could take our picture together. I asked if I could blog it. He said no one had ever asked him that! Weird, we thought. Then I opened my mouth and something very close to this came out, "I just have the biggest crush on you. Probably everyone in this room does, we're all just watching you walk by and saying, 'there goes Chris Baty.' So anyway. Thanks! You're cute! I'll send you the link for the photo!"

So I'll send him the link. Hi, Chris Baty! You rule! Thanks for being nice to me and dude, your speech rocked. You practically have me talked into ScriptFrenzy.

Then we left, and went and saw the Union Square tree.

Yay for sisters! Christy, me and tree.

And I apologize for plastering my image all over this post, but I have to mention this: I paired Meet the Fleet with the new Rowan Arianne sweater, something I never thought I'd do. And it worked. Very strangely, it worked. I never wear that tank, but it was something cool under such a fuzzy warm sweater that I might just do it again sometime.

Now. I have three days OFF, and I don't have to do anything. (Because of that, my brain is full of things I want to do, like drive and get ollalieberry pie in Pescadero, or see Enchanted, or watch the hang-gliders at Fort Funston. Or I may just sit on the couch and knit and watch the Raiders. Dunno. But it will be nice. (PS - Bethany just texted back -- we're off for pie! And maybe I'll come across some yarn on the way! O joy!)


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You are just so freakin' cute when you're all happy. :) Makes me laugh. And really - do you always look good in pictures? I rarely do - my eyes are almost always half-shut or I'm saying (or eating) something that contorts my mouth or whatever. How do you do it??

Love your Meet the Fleet sweater...I might have to see if there are back issues of that Vogue Knitting.

Do see Enchanted...we saw it yesterday and it is great fun.

congrats on a glorious finish to NaNoWriMo.

i love the cioppino there too. yum. totally missing the bay area today as it pours rain two days after the beautiful snowfall.

Good thing that people who know who Chris Baty is, also know that there are much more flattering pics of him out on the net.
Good thing you managed to get so nice pics of yourself. I think, its pretty hard to do so if you take them yourself, isnt it?

So, you gave the link to this post to Chris Baty. Do you think, we are going to have a National Knitting Month next year? I sure could use some deadlines on a few sweaters. Well done, girl!

You met Chris Baty!!! OMG!!! That is most cool. :-)

It's december 10th and I feel like I am finally getting my head back from all that novelling. Still, it was a great trip once again, and I'm glad you and Bethany made it to the finish line, too. With crowns :-)

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