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Wow. December 14, 2007

In his dreams, Digit is the Fishing Cat.
Oh. My. God.


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Ok, I am seriously weirded out by that cat. The real reason I'm commenting is to say thank you for that amazing roasted veggie recipe you posted a week or so back. You know, the one that makes brussel sprouts taste divine? I'm eating it right now for lunch at work. Yummy!

OK. So these people don't MIND chicken feathers and BLOOD all over their house? Note to self: do NOT move to Russia.

I guess I wouldn't mind the live prey thing so much ... I mean it might eat my rats and that would be good (not pet rats, silly!) but I think having chicken feathers all over the house might be a pain.

And is it ~washing~ that other cat, or tasting it?

Oh.My.God is right!!! That's SO weird!

It kisses the woman's face..licks the other cat's skin off it's face, then dismembers a chicken on the kitchen floor. 0_0

Damn, that's a sexy cat. I want one, but not so much the live feed thing.

Should we be worried that in some of the pictures it's playing with what looks like a hand grenade?

EEEeeewwww. . .

Am I the only one who thinks it's really cute? I laughed out loud looking at it licking the other cat. I mean, in general, I don't think animals that are typically wild should be kept as pets, but I do think the cat itself is cute.


That one is BEGGING to be a LOLcat

OMG. That is so damn funny. And the hand grenade-looking toy? WTF? Like the cat is already tough enough.

I sorta think Digit could take that cat, though. If he had to.

Holy freakin' Toledo! That looks like a small bobcat. And please to be keeping your hands inside the ride whilst the animal is having the dinner, thankuverrahmuch.
Gorgeous face, but, eek!

OMG that house cat looks absolutely terrified. "People, he is not grooming me--he is sampling the merchandise. *help me*"

I can't decide if I'm scared, in love, or completely horrified! Wow.

You mean you don't let Digit disembowel cocks inside your house and go fishing for live prey in the tub? You are a bad, bad mommy! ;)

I guess props go to those peeps for giving the wild cat such hardcore "authentic" enrichment activities. That grenade thingy's a squeaker, and it looks like it's a hit.

Also, thanks for the roasted veggie recipe--after you posted about it, I kept thinking about it...and yum! Definitely going to make it again. I dig how easy and simple it is.

Also amen that pic 8 with the licking/tasting begs to be a lolcatz.

DEAR GOD is right. if i had that thing in my house, i think i'd be afraid to go to sleep at night! agggghhhhh! on the other hand, it would certainly prevent one from having any sort of infestation of animals smaller than a breadbox!

NFW. Seriously.

Somebody pass me the Iams. Please.

Ewww. "It's adorable! The way you demolish that chicken. Now come give mommy a kiss...."

Holy crap! My Oscar is on a evolutionary style diet, but holy crap!

If that cat decides that he wants the bed in the night, who's gonna argue? After seeing the chicken, I wouldn't dare move my foot!

A video of them in action:


Wow. That was cool. But don't let Digit see it or he will become depressed because he doesn't get live food served to him in the dining room.

Posting this was a real public service. The origins of my now somewhat senile old tabby have finally been explained:


i could have done without the dead chicken shots but, other than that, i so want one!

I had to send that link to most of my family, and they were mightily impressed. I'm very tempted to invent a Gary Shteyngartian backstory for that Russian family, though. How strange are they?

that is one cute cat but i'd draw the line at the live chicken in the house. all eating of prey is an outside activitiy.

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