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Year In ReviewDecember 31, 2007

How simple an idea, and how nice to do. Let's see, what did I do in 2007?

January - Started Runagogo, which got a whole lot of people (was it about 800 by the end? Can't remember exactly how man) moving 100 miles in 3 months. And I said on January 12th, "I would like to finish writing a book. There. That's all I'm thinking this morning." And Lala and godson Dylan matched:


February - Got a travel piece on Venice published in Curve magazine. My writing seen nationally in all major bookstores. WOOT! And I got a ukulele. I can still only play the same seven chords, but they're doozies, I tell you. Went to Stitches, saw my people. Discovered yams are good things, especially dipped in chipotle aioli (mayo with chipotle powder, salt, garlic and lemon).

March - Taught a knitting class for knit-one-one. Almost got hit by lightning. Finished my 100 running miles and only just. And Lala still had brown hair:


April - Married one year! Great hotel, great time. Hotel with spa-tub. Oh, yeah. I told you what I didn't want you to know, that Digit was dead and gone since February, and that my heart would never heal. You were wonderful to me. And in his honor, I adopted a kitten from the kill-shelter. Only I accidentally wound up taking two of them home, one of the best spur-of-the-moment decisions I've ever made. Willie and Waylon:


May - The freeway here melted! That was something. I got sick as hell with tonsillitis and it stayed. Ran the Bay to Breakers! Naked people everywhere! Run! The square foot garden started giving us things:


June - My friend Bob died. I rode on a freaking motorcycle in the Dyke March, a dream come true. AND MY DIGIT CAME HOME. Came back after walking for four months, literally almost dead. Wouldn't have lived another day, we think. Didn't think he'd live another hour after he came in. But from wherever he'd been accidentally transported to (Seattle? Vegas?), he walked home. Went from 17 pounds to 7. Back end wide with wounds. One eye almost gone. But he made it home. My heart lived.



July - My birthday! I already had the best present I could ever want. Held a sweater raffle, and you lovely people paid every cent of his HUGE medical bills, with money left over for Milo and Best Friends. He went from being the Cat of My Heart to the Cat of Our Hearts. I'm happy to share, and he doesn't mind, either. Also, in other news, Harry Potter came out and my sister's band, Knockturn Alley, made a huge splash in the Wizard Rock world! And I had my second tonsillectomy in five years. Digit and I recovered together. 


August - Digit and I recovered some more. I Ravelry-d. I typed The End on a novel. And then I entered that first draft in the Borders/Simon&Schuster First Romance contest.

September - Camilla and Kirk got married! I rode my bike. I think I whined more than usual.

October - Was one of five finalists in the romance competition. WOOT! The Whoreshoes played Hardly Strictly Bluegrass, a great coup.  I went to New York! Rhinebeck!


November - I won Nanowrimo for the second time, writing more than 50,000 words during the month. Saw my first Raiders game. Got bangs. Put up a Christmas tree for the very first time as an adult. (Must take that down now.) Digit continued to get better, eat two cans of cat food a day, and still maintain his grumpy disposition.


December - Mellow. Early Xmas with my folks, on-time Xmas with La's. Found out I am allergic to soy lecithin. Saw SNOW!


So to you and yours, Happy New Year. Here's to a wonderful 2008. (Man, I keep typing 2009. What's up with that?)



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Rereading how Digit died and came back to you made me cry all over again. Happy 2008 to you!

Great post! Happy New year!!!

I wish you a happy happy 2008! I'm glad I could be a tiny part of it. Wish I could make it to Stitches West this year but sadly am having to pass.

What a year! It was a Digit year - what a story...

Best recap ever! And it made me realize that I don't have you as a contact on Flickr and I can't believe I didn't think of that until now. But the picture of you at Rhinebeck is the best picture ever. Gorgeous. Happy new year!!

Dude, it is NEVER boring 'round here. A trend that is likely to continue in 2008!

An excellent recap! Thanks for the blog. I still marvel at Digit's return and recovery. It felt good to be a teeny tiny part in his recovery fund. That made me see even the small amount I can contribute can make a difference.
Here's to 2008!

An excellent recap! Thanks for the blog. I still marvel at Digit's return and recovery. It felt good to be a teeny tiny part in his recovery fund. That made me see even the small amount I can contribute can make a difference.
Here's to 2008!

Great review! Happy New Year!!

Yo! Happy New Year to you and Lala and The Menagerie. Bex and I are off soon to spend a week in Mendocino for our 10 yr anniversary! We're staying at the same place, on your recommendation. What a way to start the new year, eh? Hope you have a great 2008 :)

A cold and snowy climate appears to suit you -- look how cute you are in your toque! (Translation: We got a shitload of snow today. Come visit!)

Happy New Year to you and Lala and all the animals (especially you-know-who). xoxo

i have got to say that I absolutely love that last picture of you and Lala. What a beautiful couple you are!

Great post and good to see Digit looking healthy again.

Yikes, you have had an eventful year! So glad that your kitty returned. It's a great photo of you and Lala. Happy New Year!

Happy New Year! And may it bring you as many miracles and good things as the last without the bad.

what a lovely recap! - and that last photo of you and Lala is absolutely gorgeous - marriage definitely suits the two of you - as you are both glowing even in the cold snow! all the best and happy new year!

Happy New Year to both of you and to all the four-footed family! That last photo of the two of you makes me smile. You're both just so danged cute!

happy new year dude. hope to see ya one way or another.

whew - I'm tired just reading that. And got to re-live the Digit homecoming, which was just as awesome as the first time!

Happy New Year!

What a great photo of the 2 of you!

Happy 2008! I am so glad I'm not the only one walking around in non-matchy-matchy handknit hats and scarves!

Happy New Year to you and Lala!!

Happy New year from one of your loyal lurkers!

That is so great about Digit coming home, and the photo of you two recovering together is so sweet!

What a fantastic picture to end your year in review. The two of you just look radiant - and warm in all your handknits!

Excellent post - I might steal that recap idea for my own blog next year. I got goosebumps reading about Digit's homecoming again. Some things are just meant to be.

Happy New year to you both (and to all the cats and dog etc etc) - you are both looking gorgeous in 2008.

That picture of you with the Christmas lights is SO cute! That may be my favorite of your pics that you have posted to the blog.

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