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January 14, 2008


Whoops. My caps were on lock, but I suppose that's a nice, loud way to greet you, so I'll let it stand.

Just for fun, a picture from the never-blogged archives (or was it? Don't remember. But it's cute! Here you go!)


        Everyone say cheese!

And how are you?

Me, I'm pretty sleepy. But happy, because I did my soy test last night (while I'm going to see an allergist when they can get me in, I'm also practically a doctor what with my Masters in English and EMD certificate, so I enjoy diagnosing myself) and I was very scientiffik about it. I had avoided ALL sources of soy completely for two full weeks (which meant no eating out, because seriously, it's in things like hamburger buns and pasta. Please). And then last night I did my GO BIG OR GO HOME sushi feed, and I ate all the sushi I could fit in my mouth, dripping with wasabi soy saucey goodness.

And no problem. No reaction. No swollen lip/eye/tongue, no itching at all. I really think it is just a soy lecithin problem, which, while it is pretty awful to have to avoid things like chocolate and sweets, it's not as bad as also avoiding all soy. Hooray!

Today, I'm helping a friend clean out her dad's house -- he just died, and I think I'm more moral support than muscle, although I'm happy to be both. So she's picking me up in a little while, and it's off to the city for us, and it's a gorgeous, clear day, and I'm happy to not be at work. Yep. I hope your day is lovely and your teapot stays cozy.


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Damn, now I really really want some sushi! I'm happy for you that you get to keep eating it!

Lala is cute, but Miss Idaho steals that picture.

Hooray for sushi!
I abstained from sushi during both pregnancies, and it was a challenge. My daughter was born at 3 in the afternoon, and when my husband asked what I wanted for dinner I said "sushi!"
The next day when he asked what I wanted for lunch I said "sushi!"
Love the stuff.

A hug for your friend who lost her Dad and one for you 'cause your a good friend.

You are good friend to help clear out her Dad's house. It's a horrible task to attempt alone (as I have been for the past year). She is blessed to have you. Hugs to both of you.

Mmmm... Tea...

Not so fussed by the sushi, but my teapot is unfortunately at home without me.

Love that photo of Lala and the houndettes. They all look so happy!

You are a saint for helping me clean out my dad's house. Well, maybe you are not quite a saint yet. But I certainly consider cleaning the distorted popculture mass that is my father's aparment a miracle, so you are one down for the pope recognizing your saint hood formally.

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