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January 28, 2008

Lovely day of nothing more than futzing around on the computer, making things look pretty. And we just went for a walk in the cold before going to the store to pick up goodies for a dinner party tonight. My computer said that it was going to rain, but it hasn't -- it's just cool and there are amazing clouds. The dogs and I went up to the hill I can see from my writing room.


Yes, this week you're getting dog photos. Because when you get one like this of the little Miss Idaho, what can you do but blog it?



And because I adore you and bow to your wishes, I show you that the cloche did NOT look good on me.


And this is how I felt about it:


No way. It DID however, look fantastic on my friend Marama, so it has a new home. Pattern was HERE, and it's a good one. I just have too big a head.

Tonight, knitting and eating with friends, and I'm so happy about that.


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Repeat after me: the pattern is too small for my head. the pattern is too small for my head. the pattern is too small for my head.

There is nothing wrong with your head, dear Rachael.

As a height-challenged person who is occasionally told that I am "too short" for a particular garment (I always tartly reply that no, it is the garment that has the problem, not me) I am perhaps a teeny bit oversensitive on such issues.

A tall guy bumped into me once and apologized, then added, "but you're so short". Talk about adding insult to injury.

Or you can be like me--truly proud of my big giant head.

Give me pics of your furry ones any day!

I like the hat on you. The color of the yarn makes your eyes pop (in a good way, not in the OMG her eyes were popping out of her head way).

We like the dog pictures! The kiddo wants to print that first photo of Harriet below, but this computer and that printer don't talk to each other besides the small fact that it's Your photo.

And wasn't it a surprisingly nice day? Unexpected sunshine! I was happy to be out making visits today, and not hiding in the office all day. Last Friday, on the other hand...

The dog? Yes! Most assuredly yes.

The hat? Not so much. Good choice to let it go live elsewhere.

You? Lovely as always -- not marred in any manner by said headwear.

That's what I am talking about - Miss Idaho! What a cutie. The cloche is cute too. Glad to know it found a good home.

Last night WAS fun! Again, Again! I'm gonna have to put a shout out to all filmmakers to make more documentaries about marathons so we can keep this up. Mwah, and thank you!

Love the dog pictures. The hat isn't that bad. :) Hope the recipient liked it. :)

OMG that video made my day in triplicate. Once my fearbiter lone-dog-left Trixie goes, I intend to have both dogs AND cats so they can grow up together. GEEZ that was funny. And so true - the pattern for the cloche was a "normie" sized pattern - that's ALL that was wrong. I have a size XL man's head size and I automatically add 1 to 1.5 inches to every hat pattern. I used to thing you had to add LOTS more to make them fit, but just like socks - even little teensy increments make BIG differences. Just sayin.....

Haven't I seen that cloche on BART? on a rainy day. Not on you, of course. But...I saw it on this sleeping dude.

small head.

Oh, my. Yes, you were right. You are way too good lookin for the way that hat fits you.

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