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January 29, 2008

Plans for today: I will get the house semi-clean. I will not spend more than an hour doing this. Whatever goes over an hour, I will ignore for another week (a long work week coming up -- expect radio silence from me). I will do a little work on the novel rewrite. I will cook some food for the coming week. That's it. No more. Oh, yeah, laundry. Sigh. I will NOT be bogged down by chores! Only a little annoyed by them.

So for fun, guess what? More Fun With Hehu Animals!

I believe we've mentioned that Waylon is often wet. Let me show you why. Sometimes they're gentle:


Sometimes they're a little more into it (let me assure you, even though it doesn't look like it, Waylon LOVES this and comes looking for more):


And lest this become a dog-blog (what? Too late you say?), a picture of my man, the most important creature in our house (Harriet would argue, but Digit could TAKE her if he wanted to. Which he doesn't):


Our Digit


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love teh kitteh-Clara videos..the giggling on the second one was the best! except for that rawking Digit...

My vote goes for the giggling (and commentary) on the second video too.

Digit is such a bad ass!

Hee - when Dash was a baby, we would hear wrestling sounds and a high pitched, "MYYEEEYYYYEEE!!!!" We would go running in to find just the type of scene as in the second video, except they would be stopped, and looking at us as if to say, "What?"

Your household does have some wacky animals, as well as some very handsome ones (Your Digit always makes me miss my Widget)! I loved the fact that I was chuckling along with the videographer on the second one.

Thanks for the dose of pet antics!

I hope you succeeded in not geting bogged down in household duties.

That's crrraaazy! She puts his whole little head in her mouth like it's a tennis ball! I don't know how you get anything done with stuff like this going on all the time.

Awww, reminded me of my old Golden, Bailey, and our old cats. He loved the kitties - he'd slurp their entire heads into his mouth when kissing them, and they'd come out all slobbery and disgusted. They didn't go back for more like Waylon - that's too adorable.

Those are great!! I love watching them play. Thanks for sharing.

Looks like some form of alternative bodywork. :)

Aw, Digit. Looking glowry as usual.

Digit! Such a handsome boy!

Lucky Waylon! He gets to have a mama cat for his whole life!
Will be in town next week. Hope to collide somehow.

What self-respecting cat walks around smelling like dog spit? I guess a free bath is a free bath.

I just found out that today is Patry Francis day. Patry is an author whose book Liar's Diary is being published today. Because of a recent diagnosis of cancer, she is unable to promote her book. Over 300 authors have banded together to promote her book today. I have not read the book, but her blog is amazing. Go have a look.

I wants to smoosh my nose against Digit's nose!!! Smooossshhh!

Wow. Such attitude in the last shot.

Digit is one baaaaaad mother--shut your mouth!--I'm just talkin' bout Digit!

Digit's the dark and brooding bad boy your parents warned you about. His eyes are saying "I know you want me, girl." Should almost have a cigarette dangling from the corner of his mouth a la James Dean.

Mr. Crankypants Digit - yay!

That Digit is THE man!


The 3rd annual Brigid Poetry Cyber-Space Slam is Feb 2 -- thought I'd drop you a line and let you know. If you post a poem then, you can link to me, and I'll get it to Oak -- though the info's on my blog. (Which is no longer Creating Text(iles), but that's who I am, sugar.)

All is well over here, though there have been Big Changes.

I think the dogs are great.

You make my day and I've given you the award.

Digit is seriously all Barry White-d out there. And yes, I could probably watch the Clara and Waylon show all day.

OMG, I looove the slobber videos. I once knew a cat and dog pair where the dog would pick up the cat and reach around and deposit the cat on her back, so the cat could ride around on her. But this is even cuter!

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