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WIPsJanuary 8, 2008

Such a nice day I've had. It's blustery and cold and rainy, and for some ungodly reason I felt moved to make good on my promise to myself to run once a weekend, outdoors, with Clara. I drove to the San Leandro Marina with her, and then sat in the car in the parking lot while the car shook and the waves were blown splashing up onto the rocks. I watched tree limbs fall. I sat for ten minutes. Then I started the car and left the marina. No way in hell. Then I apologized to a confused Clara and turned around again. I went and parked in the same spot, and then got out and ran.

It was SO COLD AND WET. But I did it, and I was glad that I did because now I can just lounge around, knitting, and brother, do I have knitting to do. And knitting to show you! I never have knitting to show you, not until it's all done, because I never get around to photographing anything. But today I did. So shall we take a walk through what I'm obsessed with right now? My works in progress:

First,  Jeanie


It is REALLY hard to get a good photo of this, but it is a blast to knit. You're always thinking a little bit, and then you get to drop stitches. It's like Clapotis on steroids. Keri is a genius. Reversible cables! Come on! Unreal! Lace by doing cables! It's a dream come true! But lordy, is it slow going. Worth it, though.

Tactile Socks:

My friend Maia and Brooke have a relatively new fiber business called Tactile, and I bought some roving from them a while back. I loved the colors they chose in dyeing this (they use organic, natural dyes):


I split the roving, one half for each sock, and spun a relatively fine, soft single:


To keep the colors together, I Navajo-plied it into a 3-ply. Having never officially been taught how to do this, and having learned the technique online, my technique involves me and my lazy kate in a battle of wills. Usually my hands are flipping somewhere above my head while I treadle frantically. Seriously. There has got to be a better way.

When I plied it, I was only middlin' pleased. Didn't know how it would look knit up:


(One can tell I am a crazy kid on the Navajo-plying bike.)

But oh, my gosh, I am so excited about the sock it's making! It's working! It's self-striping!


Isn't that purdy? I love it. Go say hi and tell 'em I sent you! I think if you email them they'll hook you up; they're still setting up the online store.

And moving on, I have no sweater on the needles. That has to change! Makes me nervous. So drawn by the gorgeous DROPS 103-1 (sexy name, isn't it?) that everyone in blogland is making, I'm going to make one, too. I would like it to fit me like Holy Knitball's fits her. Ain't that cute? For Christmas I got from Lala what I always want the most: a gift certificate to Article Pract. One can NEVER go wrong with that gift, I tell you. With that present, I was able to buy ten skeins of this:


And I also bought Son of Stitch and Bitch -- what a cute book! I haven't needed to own any of the others, but there are some awesome patterns in there, esp. the Ernie Sweater.

Okay. I've spent too much time here. Now I need to sit on the couch and cast on. Oh, yeah.


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Ohmigod... Jeanie also has REVERSIBLE CABLES???? It's on my Ravelry queue already... but now i find out it is even MORE AWESOME than i already thought???

Pardon me while I writhe around on the floor in fiber-induced blisssss!

*drops to floor*
*spins around a little*

The sweater IS cute, but, man -- what I REALLY want is Holy Knitball's HAIR! She notes in her entry that she has too much of it -- maybe she could give some to me?!?!?!?

I'm so glad to read that Jeanie is fun to knit. I was eyeballing the pattern today because I want to put it at the top of my queue.....and I started to get a little worried that perhaps I was biting off more than I could chew. Who knows, maybe I still am, but I'm gonna go for it anyway! Yours looks fabulous!

Rachel, there IS an easier way with the chain plying. I'm also self taught and I'm a NOVICE spinner and when I haven't had two cocktails and it's not 10:30 at night I'll try to explain the little hand motion I use to do it. I'm sure there's a picture on the internets somewhere.... I loved it so much that I wanted to chain ply everything in the house.

Love the blanket/throw and, you're right, that sweater is a must-do. Can you believe the pattern is free??? Looks like I may finally make a sweater for, shock, myself!

Beautiful colors in that yarn, ma'am. Good job!

I had no idea that pattern was sweeping blogland! I have it in my queue, but I'm not sure when I'll cast on for it.

The reversible cable scarf? stole? is really pretty. Excuse me if you've mentioned it already, but what's the pattern called?

Hooray for your Jeanie! And I love the socks. Off to visit the site...

I love what you did with the spinning. Strange coincidence, but yours is the third blog I read to mention Navajo plying in two days. Perhaps I have to get better at knitting before I can start spinning. ;)

I bought Son of Stitch and Bitch too cause I thought it was the only one so far that was worthwhile. Great job on the socks. I attempt Navaho plying on occasion and am pretty spazzy with it.

I am *so* jealous of your finished Jeanie! I still just dreaming of Jeanie... :)

You will LOVE the drops. I made the DK version for NaKniSweMo and if I can do that you'll have the bulky knit before you go back to work (hee hee). LOVE LOVE LOVE your Jeanie... must cast on for one!

Son of SnB has so many great patterns! I was really surprised myself. I normally find that I feel like I *should* like SnB patterns, being young and all, but these are real patterns! Not just trendy, flash-in-the-pan, half-baked ideas, but a boatload of useful, wearable good.

Nice sock yarn! Looks bouncy to walk on.

Found your site by accident (google-searching hair colour!) and just perused your site - especially the amazing story about Digit! :)

I'm a radio gal in Montreal.freel free to stop by my blog sometime! Consider yourself bookmarked. WOOT WOOT!

I am SO glad you are making Jeannie - saw it at Rhinebeck and was dazzled by it. More Pictures!

soooo glad that i pointed that book out to you! and i am super anxious to see that sweater develop! it is going to quite simply ROCK in that yarn!

I feel pretty happy with my Navajo plying method. I'll show you the next time we are both in the same room as a wheel.

The socks and Jeanie are looking great!

How fitting to use your Christmas gift to buy yarn made in Nazareth,(Pennsylvania) right up the road from Bethlehem (Pennsylvania)? Jesus would be so proud!

That throw is really groovy -- from a non-knitter's point of view. Unbelievable.

I lost touch with this blog when you were getting married. Congratulations on your happy year plus some. So much joy! Greater than the sum of the two parts. America really needs more happy families like yours!

Nice work on Jeanie! Glad you are having fun with it - can't wait to see the finished product! Maye Rhienbeck later this year? :-)

Hi there,

I figured I should come out of blog lurking to say thanks for the compliments on my swing jacket. I must say I've been a fan of your blog from when I first started knitting so it's a huge compliment for you to like something I've made. I've oogled at your stuff for years, girl. I'm pleased with out it came out too.

Sharon aka HolyKnitballs

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