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AngstFebruary 25, 2008

Why is there a fruit fly in my yarn room? It's not a moth; that much is okay. OH GOD, what if it IS a moth, and I just don't know what one looks like? Need more cedar in here.

I am a little angsty today. Still haven't sold the condo, NEED to sell it, though, and we have an HOA meeting coming up on Wednesday, and that alone is enough to jangle my nerves. I hate the meetings. I really do. With every fiber of my being (and my yarn room), I hate the meetings. I feel like a very grown-up girl for having been the one to schedule this one, and I have to do some things for it today. Sigh.

Also, while Stitches was fantastic and all that, I've been having some awkward knitting mojo. I must have used all my mojo up with Jeanie.

I bought a pattern at Stitches which was so badly written I ended up making myself a frilled collar yesterday instead of a sleeve. Dude, since when is 200 be divisable by 7? That was the first instruction -- I should have given up then. Reading further on, it told me pick up stitches around the neck, back and fronts. IT GAVE NO INSTRUCTIONS FOR FRONTS. I don't think it actually HAS fronts, as the collar is kind of the front of it, hard to explain, but don't write it like that, please. Pity, because I really want to make the pattern, but now I won't. Might futz with my own version of it, though.... (Don't  worry, it's not an available pattern yet, and I'll email the designer. You are in no danger.)

I started to wind the yarn for that Shelridge Farm kit. The two black skeins almost kilt me, I swear. Lala came home from her comic-book convention to find me on the floor in the kitchen (the best light), trying to untangle the Skein That Would Not Be Untangled. I was swearing at all the animals who thought it was THE BEST GAME EVAR and trying not to cry. I wanted to cast on right that moment and I wouldn't be denied. (Damn Claritin. I always have a Claritin meltdown on the days I give in and take it.)

I said, "I hate all the animals! None of them are helping! And it's so dirty down here on the floor!"

She said, "Why don't you try dealing with it on the table, then?"

Me: Dumb silence. Hadn't thought of that.

Returned the black skeins the next day at Stitches and paid a nice charity to wind them for me. Taking no chances. I felt like a dumb-ass, though. I even brought the other skeins, the not-black skeins, to show the Shelridge Farm people that I *do* know how to wind a damn skein, really. They were very nice, and their yarn is delicious, and I recommend them, I really do. But I think they might have more problems with that batch of black.

I fell in LOVE with a new pattern from Article Pract which I MUST start now. Thinking about handspun, but not quite sure yet. Have to start it, have to start it. And I'm sure I'll eff it up somehow.

I will try not screw anything else up today. No guarantees, though. Perhaps I will take the dogs for a nice walk. That will help. As did the big nose-kiss Waylon just gave me.


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Wow, I thought it was only my head that Claritin screwed with. (With me, it's bad dreams. Really bad dreams. So I have the choice of not being able to breathe or being afraid to sleep).

Oh I HATE when skeins explode as you try to wind them! I've been driven to tears and swearing at cats more than once. I sympathize.

Sending a hug.

Damned black yarn. So much for that Haida kit being brainless. I avoided Stitches altogether and had a bit of quiet fun at home instead.

Well, you're just having a lovely day all-around, aren't you? That sleeve-that's-really-a-collar would have frustrated me to no end!

Oh la. Been there, untangled that, complete with dust hippos, needy children and words I didn't know I knew how to pronounce. Big snuggle to you, sweetie.

Also glad I'm not the only Claritin freak. Add it to the list of non-drowsy meds that lay me out flat. Being me does not equal better living thru pharmaceuticals. (Also, cannot imagine winding yarn with seven animals in the house.)

Winding a skein is a joy (not!)with the kitties around. And that's when it's NOT tangled! Glad you got it sorted. Sometimes it is worth it to give someone some money to get something done. Like when it saves your sanity....

I just had a skein of yarn that was really badly tangled. I wanted to knit with it right that minute, because it was so pretty, and I was so frustrated that I couldn't get all the tangles out. My kitties also believed it to be the best game ever, which totally did not help. It had to go for a time out for a about a week, and then when I was calmer, I managed to wind it all into a ball. But I've already started on something else since I couldn't get it to work the first time. That'll teach it....

I guess I'm just lucky, Costco's generic Claritan works wonders for my chronic hay fever and doesn't put me to sleep. I take one every day. I also banish the kitties when I bring out the swift and ball winder. It helps enormously to minimize tangles.

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Waylon nose kiss, awwwww, that’s gotta be a pick-me-up,
though I expect it can’t compare to a stoned Digit nose kiss.

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