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Awww. February 6, 2008

You are very nice about the hat. Thank you. I blush. Ahem. Anyway.

It's my last day off before the new week starts, and I'm determined to enjoy it. The house is toasty warm because I've decided that paying for heat is a good idea, and I keep it running when I'm home. I understand that the fact that Lala's car has a frosty sheen on the roof isn't that impressive to most readers of this blog, but we take what kind of cold we can get here in California.

The Waylon cat is sitting on the arm of my chair and is watching the street. He jumped up a minute ago and I shooed him away -- he was litter-box stinky, and that's not okay. He went away, cleaned up and made himself arm-chair-worthy and is now back with me.

I'm going to sit and type a bit, and drink coffee for a while, maybe read some blogs. I love the unhurriedness of this kind of morning. I have to do laundry and make some food, and I'd love to get an oil change, but whatever. Dogs need to go for a walk -- that will be fun.

Yesterday I went to the city to have lunch with Lala. We walked down Market to get a burrito (Tacqueria Cancun, best veggie burrito in the world, grilled tortilla, half an avocado in every one), and then, because I find the 6th and Market location rather grim, we walked up to Union Square to picnic. Man, it's been a long time since I sat in that square during the day. They've really done it up nicely, haven't they? Nice tables, plenty of sitting room. Reminded me of those public spaces New York and Venice have everywhere, pockets of outdoor space where people meet, hang out, drink coffee or wine, and watch people go by. It felt delicious (and tasted the same way, actually. Damn good burrito).

Then I went to Tiffany's. Why do their diamonds sparkle more than anyone else's? Also delicious.

Then I spent too much time in the mall. I have to remember that it's usually a bad idea for me to go to the movies inside a mall, even if it's the Westfield at Powell Street. It's still a mall, and I exit the premises with a head and neck ache, probably from being overwhelmed with How Cool I Could Be with a trillion more dollars. That's something that doesn't usually affect me, so I dislike it a LOT when it happens.

However, the movie I saw, 27 Dresses, could have had something to do with that feeling. Lord. Anyone else? I'd been so looking forward to it -- I know it didn't get good reviews, but Katherine Heigel? Who cares? It's about weddings! She's in it! How bad could it blow?

Oh, it badly blew. Horrible writing, bad acting, dismal moral messages, just very sad.


The worst part is where she destroys her sister's attempt at happiness, then realizes it and apologizes. Her sister goes I HATE YOU but oh, I guess I love you anyway. That's just about as deep as the movie got. No one would do any of the things they did in that movie. It offended me.

But. It was still fun, watching her -- she's so pretty! And who doesn't love a wedding movie? Just.... not worth it.

Did you know that when you leave the mall, heading underground to BART, you can still buy your emergency Elizabeth Arden products? From the vending machine?


I'm sure you feel better knowing that. I know Lala does. Dude.

Now, go see my friend Kate. Her brother has been recently diagnosed with acute myelogenous leukemia, and she's got a raffle going on to help the Leukemia/Lymphoma Society.... Chance to win yarn-goodness! Cute picture of them over there, too.


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I haven't laughed as hard in a long while, as I am right now over the Elizabeth Arden "emergency" vending machine. Indeed! (That might be worth a trip into the city just to see that. ;)

I haven't laughed as hard in a long while, as I am right now over the Elizabeth Arden "emergency" vending machine. Indeed! (That might be worth a trip into the city just to see that. ;)

I thought I had seen it all but was mistaken. Now I have!

In one of our local Macy's, we have an iPod vending machine. Complete with all models of iPods. Just in case you need an iPod immediately and just can't stand in line, or you have that "must spend hundreds of dollars" impulse spending itch. :)

Sounds like you had a great day yesterday, and are gearing up for more of the same today.

I'm planning to head out your way in a couple of months (by train!).

LOL LOL LOL I first saw those vending machines at Zurich airport and remember thinking at the time - gee, these Swiss women are so all-so-fashionable-and-all that they even need a make-up fix...I had a 3-hour layover and couldn't leave the terminal, and I was staving! There were no cafes anywhere, only a water vending machine and the make-up one! :-S

Hilarious post, by the way! :-)

They have an EA emergency vending machine? Okay, may have to check out the emergency cosmetic vending capabilities of DC before relocating. I know that some of the Metro stops have great shops, but still - vending!

Will kick in $10 to the leukemia fund, even though I don't have a damn job right now. NO 19 year old kid should be dealing with that. Ever.

emergency Elizabeth Arden? What about those of us who use other brands? What if I have a Shiseido emergency? Will I be forced to use Elizabeth Arden. The horror!

Shoot, it's too bad 27 Dresses was so bad. I secretly wanted to see it--but since I've seen none of the Oscar movies yet, that would be wrong. I'd definitely lose my intellectual-snob cred if I skipped, say There Will Be Blood for a silly wedding movie.

Snort! Just picturing someone standing there at the machine, patiently feeding quarters and dollar bills into it... or leaving a note on it that says "this machine ate $24.50 and didn't give me my product. contact me at 555-1234 to give me my refund"!

Our vending machines? You're lucky if it's loaded with Cheetos. Union Square - lucky you. My son played his classical bass at that venue a few years back. Wish I could have been there.

I cant believe what a small world it is Rachel because Kate's brother is my little girls religious education teacher. Her brother is a wonderful teacher to the kids and they will miss him like crazy as he goes through his treatment. I know how hard chemo is because I have been there. I am in the process of making him a hat to keep him warm in the cold New England winter. I hope she raised lots of money in the fight against this terrible disease.

I'm glad I'm not the only one who thinks diamonds are more sparklely at tiffanys - I haven't managed to convince the dictator that I need one yet. I am trying really hard though.

I am, by no means, an expert of any kind, but I am currently reading a book about human nutrition and disease called The China Study (T. Colin Campbell). It's fascinating, and in it, the author talks about the link between animal protein intake and cancer (and, it is apparently a strong link).

The author (a well-renowned nutrition researcher) advocates a whole-foods, very low fat, plant-based diet - basically vegan, but without a lot of the highly processed foods you can often see vegans eating.

I don't know how this would apply to leukemia, but he talks about this kind of diet actually slowing or stopping the growth of cancer cells.

Just a thought you may want to pass on to your friend...

Four Weddings and a Funeral!

The Elizabeth Arden machines are such a weird idea! I took a pic of one at the airport in Dallas last month to show my mom - so weird, we don't have those at the Portland airport.

I am a straight gal, but Katherine Heigl is on my list of women I would make an exception for. I rarely see movies in the theater these days, so I usually get to hear a lot of reviews before a film hits DVD. Thanks for saving me from this one. Too bad you weren't around to save me from Bewitched :-p.

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